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MammyShirl Fri 12-Mar-04 22:10:16

Hello I started a couple of threads on here re my sil. she was book in to have c-sec at 38 weeks next wed but they decided to take the babies out today because of her high blood pressure. i am so happy to say they are well except one of the babies is in neonatal on a drip but doing fine. she wants to try and breastfeed but cant right now. they weighed 5 ozs and 6.2 ozs, i cant beleive how far out the estimated weights can be, they estimated 7 ozs?!?! anyway thought id let you know. hopefully she will be up for some visitors by sunday. wish her luck!

Hulababy Fri 12-Mar-04 22:12:07

Glad to hear all is well and congratulations on becoming a new auntie

coppertop Fri 12-Mar-04 22:17:43

Congratulations to your SIL. Bet you can't wait to see them. Has she decided on names yet?

CountessDracula Fri 12-Mar-04 22:19:34

Congratulations x 2!

josiejump Fri 12-Mar-04 22:47:13

Excellent news! You're right about the estimated weight thing- a very imprecise science it seems to me. Hope you get to see the babies soon.

MammyShirl Fri 12-Mar-04 22:59:00

im bursting to see them, my dh has already warned me to not be over enthusiastic and take over when i get there... just see me entering room rolling sleeves up and saying, "right! now this is the best way... babies just love... i'll show you..." - im not bossy really - just love babies. i will stay quiet though and not advise unless she asks of course. that whole period of firt becoming a parent is so wonderful, i really enjoyed experiencing it with dh and working it out for ourselves. it was a real learning period and if you got it wrong now and then, it didnt matter as its your baby!... ahhh im getting broody and i've not even seen little george and finn. anyone know how long she can expect to stay in hospital?

josiejump Fri 12-Mar-04 23:02:22

I had to stay 5 days after both my c-sections, and although it seems a drag, I think it was about the right length of time. How long do they think the little one will have to stay in neonatal?

MammyShirl Fri 12-Mar-04 23:08:55

my dh spoke to bil - you know what men are like, they just get the basic facts and nothing else. i was jumping up and down like a nutter telling him to ask questions in between being hushed at...
i've been praying for them before they where even conceived (ivf) so ill continue praying for the little one in neo care, i dont know much about neonatal care - fingers crossed he will be out soon. must be awful for sil alone with only one of them... and for the babies as they are used to being next to each other awwww! i

throckenholt Sat 13-Mar-04 06:54:34

mine were a bit smaller borna bit earlier - I stayed in a week. I would guess she will be there at least a few days because of the c-sectoin.

survivour Sat 13-Mar-04 11:22:04

Congratulations to your SIL, mammyshirl. Is the ozs thing right? you don't mean Lbs, do you? That would make them less than half a Lb!!!! Good luck to them all, my heart baby was born 6 weeks early, and we had alot of problems, I discharged myself on day 4 after my 3rd c-section, but my son left hospital at 7 weeks old. But he was 7.7Lbs/3.38kgs, at 34 weeks, because of my diabetes.

MammyShirl Sat 13-Mar-04 20:04:22

sorry i was supposed to say 5 lbs and 6.2 lbs - ooops!

heard a bit more today, my sil lost alot of blood and they are giving her morphine for the pain - bless her.

she saw the second twin for the first time today, a whole day later. that must of been hard for her! he is still in neonatal care, they are worried about his digestion and sugar in his blood? anyone know this?

this must make it so much harder for her as she was one twin by her side and she is breastfeeding him so they are bonding all the time but the other poor little thing is in neonatal. i really feel for her.

anyone else have to go through this, when they where reunited with the second, did it all click into place?

i just want to know 2nd twin is ok - its horrible not knowing anything, we dont want to bother them so we are waiting by the phone for news.

throckenholt Sun 14-Mar-04 08:20:06

my smaller twin was tube fed every hour for a while because he had low blood sugar - does that sound similar ? It is not a big problem.

collision Sun 14-Mar-04 08:35:08

Oh thank goodness you meant lbs and not ounces!! My heart was in my mouth when you said how small they were! Love the names too!! Hope all is well!

Paula71 Sun 14-Mar-04 19:49:38

Mammyshirl say good luck to your SIL, it is very hard work but worth it - so very worth it! Those are good weights, how are they doing now?

I had a c-section after developing pre-eclampsia and was in hospital (not counting the two days of trying to induce labour) for 7 days. It felt like forever! But that was because I was trying to breastfeed and the midwives wanted to make sure I had got the hang of it (I hadn't and gave up but that is another topic!)

It is fantastic your SIL has such an enthusiastic um SIL! She'll appreciate it!

MammyShirl Sun 14-Mar-04 21:47:25

thank you for your lovely emails.
throckenholt - sounds the same, how long did your little one have to be tube fed?

i went to see them all today, she looked so happy but was very tired and weak. one of the boys was with her, i went to visit the smaller one in neonatal, he was not as small as i imagined but it breaks your heart to see him lying there with tubes... so delicate but they are both gorgeous! i know the little one will be ok but nothing anyone says can make my sil feel better, she needs to see it. i hope sometime this week he will leave neonatal. it would be awful to have to go home with one and leave him there. be so hard for her to visit as she does not drive (nor do i. fingers crossed this week both twins will be reunited.

newbymum Sun 14-Mar-04 22:33:30

CONGRATULATIONS glad to hear all is well! Babys are good weights to, hope everything goes well with the breastfeeding I love it i found it a real bonding session but it was hard in the begining and that was only with one so hope every thing goes well for mum oh CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

MammyShirl Mon 22-Mar-04 20:51:08


mum and babies are home and well and she is still breastfeeding, they are a week and 3 days old - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
i have only since them once, its killing me the wait. i hope she is not waiting for things to settle down before she has visitors as it will take months!!!!!!!!!!!!

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