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9.5 months - just sitting - no sign of crawling

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Starfish1980 Thu 20-Feb-14 13:52:55


My ID girls have been sitting for about 3/4 weeks now and are pretty stable though we had our first accident book entry at nursery yesterday as one just got bored/distracted and keeled over!

However there is no sign of crawling or any other movement.

I'm so pleased they can finally sit and play with each other I have pretty much failed to do any tummy time or such since they have become bottom-stable. Am I holding them back?

When did yours start crawling?

At this stage I just can't imagine them bending over and crawling off.

Oddly if you hold them up their legs are very strong and they like to 'stand'.

I'm not worried and part of me is dreading the next stage and the scrapes they will get into. However the 'oh are they not doing that yet then, well twins are a bit slower than single babies aren't they?' comments from some folk has made me think x

neversleepagain Thu 20-Feb-14 14:32:34

Were they early? Mine were 6 weeks early and behind on somethings and not on others.

Smiled at 12 weeks
Sat unaided at 9 months
Crawled at 12 months (within 10 minutes of each other)
DT2 walked at 14 months
DT1 walked at 16 months.

To be honest, I find it easier now that they can get around.

Starfish1980 Thu 20-Feb-14 14:43:46

Oh that is useful neversleepagain, mine smiled about 10/11 weeks and are about 2 weeks ahead of yours in the sitting but were 36.5 weeks when they were born so it's fairly similar. I can't seem them crawling for months odd that yours crawled at the same time!!

Margetts Thu 20-Feb-14 18:20:24

I can't remember when my DT started crawling but both were walking by their first birthday. I had a VTech baby walker which helped them get mobile, although the tunes it played drove me bonkers!!
I know quite a few singletons who weren't crawling by 9 months. Every child develops at there own rate, and I don't think being a twin holds them back.

Twicethehugs Thu 20-Feb-14 21:42:48

Mine are 13 months and have just started crawling but are skipping the commando crawling some babies do and are also trying to pull themselves up on bits of furniture. They hated tummy time until they could get on their tummies by themselves but always had strong legs and like standing while held. We had quite a long period of just sitting which I've enjoyed as they've been happy playing and it's meant I can leave the room to pop and do something without having to worry about them - enjoy the sitting stage!

ceeveebee Thu 20-Feb-14 21:50:36

My DTs were sitting at about 7 months, DS crawled at 10 months and DD at 11 months. DD walked at 13 months and DS at 17 months!!

Linguaphile Fri 21-Feb-14 19:17:18

Well, ours are 5.5 months, but as they were born at 38 weeks and are in the 50th percentile for weight, I imagine they've got an advantage over a lot of twins in that their actual age is closer to their original gestational age. They started sitting unaided two weeks ago (though they're still quite wobbly) and (to my terror) now seem to be making attempts at crawling. DT2 is thankfully less interested as she is fully mobile on her back--she can backwards-scoot (with foot steering!) across a room to her intended target and make changes in trajectory by rolling. DT1, however, is more interested in being on her tummy and is quite strong, so she's begun attempting to crawl by scooting up her knees and just shoving her front half forward in skydiver position... hasn't yet worked out the concept of needing to prop herself up with her arms in front, and I'm hoping she doesn't figure it out for a while yet as a crawler and a scooter at 6 months would be a nightmare. Honestly, both of them moving has made life quite hard as I can't really leave them alone on the other side of the room now lest someone get their head stuck under the TV cabinet... again. Seriously, DT2 has spotted some cables way back under there and makes a beeline for it every time she goes on the floor, then cries bloody murder when she gets stuck. Eek.

I vote count your blessings and enjoy it while it lasts--I wish immobility had lasted longer for us. sad It sounds like yours are within the perfectly normal spectrum of development, so I wouldn't worry!

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