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Thought I was expecting number 3, but it's 3 and 4!!

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stinkypants Mon 10-Feb-14 20:39:29

Am in shock!! 2 boys already , aged 3 and 5....
Very very pleased as thought might have a m/c with some bleeding, but 12 week scan today showed 2 healthy little things wriggling about.
How will we cope?!?!?!

MrsSteptoe Mon 10-Feb-14 20:41:01

No idea, but congratulations anyway!

BeckAndCall Mon 10-Feb-14 20:41:04

Double congratulations to you and your family! I have no idea how you'll cope, but I'm sure you will - it all starts with the happy attitude you're showing right now!

randomfemale Mon 10-Feb-14 20:43:25

oooooooooooh how exciting! You will cope. Your story so mirrors mine. I was 8 weeks pg, started to bleed heavily, GP suspected MC and I was sent to hospital for scan. Was told that not only was I was still PG but there were two little kidney beans on the screen. Enjoy, enjoy , enjoy [un mumsnetty hugs]

LettertoHermioneGranger Mon 10-Feb-14 20:46:09

Congratulations! Fabulous news. thanks

Not a mum of twins, but I've read around the board herethat spotting with twins is common, so happy for you to be having two healthy babies!

You'll cope. There will be challenges, twice the diapers, twice the everything, but you'll have twice the babies, twice the snuggles and love.

stinkypants Mon 10-Feb-14 20:47:20

Thank you!!! Am so excited and hoping I'm up to the task ahead. Told the boys and they were delighted.
It's strange isn't it, how there can be bleeding but all well... the sonographer (if that;s the word!) had no explanation.
Am wondering if this sickness will subside or not, whether it will go on beyond 12 weeks as it's double trouble!!

randomfemale Mon 10-Feb-14 20:55:18

Stinky twins are such a joy and I am sure your older DC will be delighted to be enthusiastic helpers. I only have my twins (now almost 16 yrs old). They have always had each other and are best friends. I am envy of you right now smile

stinkypants Mon 10-Feb-14 21:53:38

Aww - I do feel very blessed. That's lovely to think of them being best friends.

CakeForBreakfast Tue 11-Feb-14 15:22:33

Congratulations StinkyPants

I had exactly the same experience as you two and a half years ago. Went in for regular scan, Me, dh, and two kids squeezed into the scan room. Had had a teeny bit of spotting, awful awful sickness. And was told there were two in there!

So, its wonderful. Really great. I still grin to myself at how fantastic it is to have four children, a big rambling, noisy, playful family. And the twins are so sweet and mischievous, the cute level in the house raises the roof.

Many many congratulations again. Take good care of yourself. x

stinkypants Tue 11-Feb-14 20:17:53

Wow - that is such a similar story, and so lovely and reassuring to hear! It is all still sinking in at the moment but I am feeling very happy.
Hope husband gets his head round it soon, think he is finding the whole idea a bit difficult at the moment.
always loved the idea of a big family, and the picture you paint is gorgeous!
Thank you for your encouraging words.

MorningTimes Tue 11-Feb-14 20:28:56


We also found out after bleeding (very early though, at 5 weeks) & had two DC already. DD1 was only a year old and she was with us at the emergency scan. The twins are now 14 months and I am STILL shocked that we have twins. I think about that scan quite often.

You will cope. You sound positive and that will help, along with keeping a sense of humour. Even in our darkest moments (having all the children plus DH with the norovirus, for example!) we have still been able to see the comedy side of it.

The twins make me laugh every day, just watching them roaming around the house together, babbling and playing peekaboo with each other. Or wrestling on the floor together whilst laughing loudly. There are some lovey moments smile

2snugglets Tue 11-Feb-14 20:40:21

Your babies are so lucky to have each other and two older brothers smile

I'm a twin and it's like being born with a soul mate, thats the only way I can describe it really, I love my brother unconditionally and would do anything for him and I know he feels the sameway. smile

teenybash7 Tue 11-Feb-14 20:43:17

Reading this has just reminded me that I had spotting with my twins and assumed it was a miscarriage.

It wasn't and they're now heading for uni! Yes, it's hard work and I always say, 'Thank God it wasn't triplets...!'

Good luck and keep smiling - with two already at least you'll know how to do it!

HaveYouTriedARewardChart Tue 11-Feb-14 20:48:36

Congrats Stinky that's lovely news! See you over on the ttc #3 graduates thread sometime.

beachesandbuckets Mon 17-Feb-14 22:30:50

Same story here, 2 dcs (4 and 2 at the time) early scan as cramping/expected MC, two babies on scan!! They are now 6 months old and lovely. We have survived! Husband just coming around. Had perfect pregnancy, labour, still breastfeeding, it can be done, appreciate how lucky I am though and not trying to sound smug, was just terrified after being told all the horror stories. Any questions, please pm me. (ps. Soon you will never utter the phrase 'double the trouble again', its a phrase that every tom Dick and Harry will say to you when out and about and you'll begin to hate it!!!!). Good luck and massive congratulations x

bunnymother Mon 17-Feb-14 22:36:30

I also had bleeding at,what I now know was 4 weeks', and was in enormous shock at my 12 week scan to see I was having twins. When my ID twins were delivered, they told me that I had originally started w triplets, and that's probably what the bleeding was.

Back to you... Congratulations!

jellybeans Mon 17-Feb-14 22:44:22

Same story for me too with same age older kids. I had had a stillbirth just weeks earlier and when we found out we were so happy. I as scared and we needed a bigger house and car! Also meant I would stay a SAHM due to childcare etc but that was what I wanted anyway. I found it quite chaotic going from 2 to 4 but it was do able and amazing! I even went on to have a number 5! Def the last one though!

jellybeans Mon 17-Feb-14 22:46:04

Oh I had spotting too! Stopped about 14 weeks. It was a hemotoma in the womb alongside. All was well though. Many congrats btw smile

stinkypants Fri 21-Feb-14 07:54:43

Wow thank you for messages- so so good to hear you saying it is not just plain hard work! Already getting a bit fed up of negative comments said jokily . Glad to hear it can be done!
Definitely want to breast feed and did for both boys but already getting advice not to! ! So any tips beaches and buckets would be great. Not sure how to message on here, will have a look.
What I'm most worried about is giving them all enough attention. Boys pretty well behaved but think there could be issues if feel left out! Also we need to steal one of their bedrooms! !

littleomar Fri 21-Feb-14 10:27:00

Congratulations! We've got boys of 7 and 4 and twin girls 15 weeks. I've done half term on my own (DH working to big deadline so 15hr days all week) and it was surprisingly ok. I've let the housework slide but minimal shouting and wailing which is more important! Boys are very good at entertaining babies and themselves!

I'm still bfing both DTs. Partly luck - I avoided a c section and they were both a good weight, so easy to get established. Tandem fed in early days but they soon learned to be quick, and be patient! I recommend NCT multiples bfing course - twin births are so difficult to predict (timing/method) that it helps to be prepped for all scenarios.

Good luck!

stinkypants Fri 21-Feb-14 21:29:44

Oh that is really good to hear! Yep I can see the housework taking a big old slide!
I will look up the NCT courses, hadn't realised they did multiples.
Will definitely be having a c section after 2 previous ones but do hope it will not be too early.

beachesandbuckets Tue 25-Feb-14 22:32:15

Breastfeeding was do-able using a tandem feeding cushion that a friend lent me, its half circle shaped so each baby lies each side in rugby ball position. Would never do it out and about (one at a time then) but at home its great, allows hands free to surf web on moby (bought all xmas presents that way!), use remote for kids, even have wiped my 3year olds bum whilst feeding two!!!
However I understand that it can be quite difficult if you have had a c section as it can involve quite a bit of turning and twisting to get them both initially latched on - you may need ur Dh or a friend/relative to help in the early days (which may put you of the whole idea).
I also rang my local health visitor team for advice on how to cope, and had a lovely health visitor visit me at home with lots of tips and literature for coping with older dcs and twins, b'feeding etc etc.

stinkypants Sun 16-Mar-14 08:15:16

Really do want to breastfeed so will definitely get a cushion. I have one which may work but it isn't a twin one. I read somewhere to start feeding them one at a time for the first week or so until establish latching on so will be doing lots of experimenting!
Did you worry about them in pregnancy? Had midwife appt but she couldn't say for definite that there were 2 heartbeats. I can feel movement but no way of knowing if one or two. Seems a long time till next scan.

ThreeBeeOneGee Sun 16-Mar-14 08:28:18

This exact thing happened to me, except my boys were younger (4 and 2 when the twins were born). I did have to become very organised.

Wiggy29 Wed 02-Apr-14 19:27:31

Hi, just thought I'd say hello as I have dc1 (9) and dc2 (13 months) and found out today that we're exoecting3&4!

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