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To not bother with a christening and tips for DTD

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lamprey42 Sun 19-Jan-14 21:59:47

You don't say how old they are but i'm guessing very small. Sounds like you're doing great but I wouldn't worry about anything other than feeding them etc and looking after yourself. If you're up to seeing people but can't get out let them come round but get them to make the tea or do something for you in house.

The bf shouldn't hurt so it might be worth seeking out some support. Tamba have a peer bf scheme so there might be one near you. I'd try a pump before you buy - Nct rent them - i hired a hospital grade double from them and it was v cheap.

Good luck. It does get easier. Mine are fourteen months now and no idea how they got so big!

thepiggotupandslowlywalkedaway Sun 19-Jan-14 19:53:02

If it helps to know, I didn't get my DS Christened until he was 8 months old - I just didn't get round to it. He was so big by then I had to unpick the arms of his robe so they went over his enormous chubster wrists! He wasn't the oldest child there either, not by a long chalk. Our church 'does' them in batches, and there was one tiny baby, DS and then a couple of children who looked about three and four.

If you really don't want to Christen them, then don't. If it's just that it's all too much to think about right now then perhaps leave it a while and see if you feel more positive about the idea when things settle down. It does sound like a rollercoaster for you at the moment.

I'm afraid I can't help with the feeding and sleeping - I'm expecting my two to arrive in April sometime and have all this to come.

I hope you're able to get some time and care for yourself as well.

Madlizzy Sun 19-Jan-14 19:28:23

Sounds like your babies are very new, so a big congratulations. I'll start with your first item. Your family and friends can just bloody well wait. You've just given birth to twins, you're knackered, sore and don't need the hassle, so tell them to do one. You can just say "I am very tired, feeding isn't established and I'm just not up to it all yet, I will let you know when I am" and repeat. A christening doesn't need to happen just yet, if at all.

Sleeping 2.5 hours at a time is normal, and tag team waking is normal with multiples, but they will learn to sleep through each other's crying. A breastfeeding counsellor will be able to help you with your latch, making feeding less painful and more efficient.

Your older children will get used to the babies being here. It's hard on all the family when a new baby comes along, never mind two or more. You can spend time with them when the babies are asleep, even if it's just 5 minutes to read a book. Reassure them constantly and tell them that they needed just as much attention when they were babies and it's normal, but as the babies get bigger, they'll find them more interesting and you'll have a little more time to spend with them. As for the summer break, why can't you go? If there's no way, don't feel guilty. They'll still have a fantastic time with their dad. Yes, they'll miss you, but I doubt very much that they'll resent you for it.

Finally, make sure that you're looking after yourself as much as you can, eating enough, drinking enough and resting whenever you get the slightest opportunity. Oh, and it will get a bit easier, I promise! My triplets are nearly 15, my eldest son is now 21 and I'm still here and (relatively) sane.

SpagBogs Sun 19-Jan-14 19:18:48

WIBU not to christen the DTD it been quiet stressful so many friends and family have been demanding to see the DTD. They don't really like being transported and it quiet difficult as their pushchairs has not arrived yet so I am currently using a moby sling twin which they hate. So many people are expecting to meet up for a coffee and get professorial pictures but I do not know how to tell them I have not got time.

I also need some advice on the DTD they will not sleep for more than 2.5 hours resulting in them screaming waking each other up constantly. I am also currently BF both of them very painful bit i will try and continue till they're 8 months, but one of the DTD won't latch properly and we are both getting stressed out by it so I am thinking of investing in the medela double breast pump. This will be the first time using a breast pump if i decided to buy it so if anyone has bought it can you tell me if it worth it.

Sorry this is long but no.3. After the DTD my older DC have got very upset over this they have not bonded with them yet and refuse to take pictures with them. I tried to make it exciting for them such as suggesting names and helping me shop for the DTD. Before the DTD we had a very close relationship and i would bond with my DC every day but now I have not got the time. I had booked a summer break for the DC they were very exited but I think i let them down as I can not go with them now and it will just be DH and DC.

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