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Buggies for twins: Nipper V3 or Mountain Buggy Duet

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EeeekItsTwins Wed 08-Jan-14 10:12:14

Hi, I'm expecting twins and trying to work out which buggy to get. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either the nipper or MB duet (looked to the BJCM too but ruled it out for various reasons).

I live in a city and use buses during the week, so need one that's not tooooo wide. I thought I'd like the MB best, but when I looked at both I'm getting tempted by the nipper, though it is wider and longer.

Neither of the buggies (or any other double) will fit in our car boot - that's a different problem, but it means I can't choose one based on boot space.

I know most people love the nipper, but would be great to here from anyone who's used both, or who have used the nipper in a city - is it too wide?


littlegreendragon13 Wed 08-Jan-14 11:46:20

We've got the MB Duet- our twins aren't due until March but I've been testing it out with DS (19 months) and my nephew (12 months) and it's been great. Fits through all doors, really easy to get up curbs, easy adjustable straps. Not taken it 'off road' but copes happily with a rough canal tow path etc. Booth boys are tall for their ages so it's been good to see that they fit comfortably in it too so the narrowness doesn't mean the babies will grow out of it which I had been a little concerned about.

The only drawback I've found so far is that access to the storage under the seats is a little restricted by a couple of straps but other than that I love it, and some of the issue with access is due to my inability to bend down easily at the moment (29 weeks pregnant now), ha! Anyway, it's miles better than our Britax B-smart which feels like such a tank now if I try to take it out anywhere smile Hope that helps!

EeeekItsTwins Wed 08-Jan-14 17:12:01

Thanks, sounds like it's pretty good. It doesn't feel too heavy with two one year olds then? Is it still easy to push?

DigestivesAndPhiladelphia Wed 08-Jan-14 19:30:50

I've got the duet for one year old twins. It's the fourth buggy so far & I wish I'd bought it straight away!

It's lovely to be able to fit through every doorway and into lifts. The only downside really is that the accessories are expensive. You will need the storm cover, for windy days as well as rainy ones - there isn't a lot of side protection from wind if you don't have a cover on. The sleeping bags are also brilliant for making it cosy & we use sheepskin liners in summer.

It is lovely to push - I had the bjcm before and that feels much heavier.

The straps are also quick & easy to adjust. This is helpful when you have babies wearing thick snowsuits or if they want to sit up and you have to loosen the straps.

My twins have started poking each other and fighting a bit when we are out but I think they would probably do that in most doubles!

It also does well off-road. I've dragged it across beaches and across muddy fields.

EeeekItsTwins Thu 09-Jan-14 10:45:26

Thanks for the replies - I'm veering towards the Duet again!

I liked the lightness of the nipper and prefer the style of seats (though not how much they lean backwards), but the fact the MB is narrower and still nice to push is making me tempted to go for it. In terms of accessories I think I'd only need a storm cover, as I have foot muffs and sheepskins already, and I think I can also secure in cocoons using the D-rings (I have one P&T cocoon already).

Thanks for your help!

littlegreendragon13 Thu 09-Jan-14 11:29:27

As DigestivesAndPhiladelphia says it's easy to push and doesn't feel too heavy, I love it! Glad the straps are easy to adjust too as the plan is to have DS and a twin in it while they're tiny and carry/wrap the other twin until DS is bigger and walking longer distances.

Right about the accessories being expensive though, yikes! Going to get some generic cosy toes I think, or possibly make my own if I can find some zips long enough. Do sheepskins really work to keep them cool? Never got one for DS but was very tempted in his first summer as he got quite sweaty in the buggy at times!

DigestivesAndPhiladelphia, I'm an ID twin myself and my mum says we used to beat each other up in our double buggy all the time! :D

DigestivesAndPhiladelphia Thu 09-Jan-14 12:45:47

LittleGreen - It sounds like you will have the same age gap between your twins & DS as I have between DD & my twins (she was 21 months when they were born). If you are thinking of getting a buggy board, the lascal mini fits nicely.

The wrist strap on the handle is also perfect now that DD is bigger. I told her it is a 'big sister handle' and she will walk beside the pushchair holding onto it instead of holding my hand. This means we don't need to use the board so much now. I am glad to hear it isn't just my twins who fight in the buggy! How exciting for you to have twins when you are one smile That must make it feel even more special.

littlegreendragon13 Thu 09-Jan-14 15:28:45

That's a great idea about the wrist strap, thanks Digestives! smile I thought the lascal mini board would fit according to the website but it's good to hear that it really does.

Yes, DS will be just over 21 months if we make it to 38 weeks (hope hope!) smile Having 3 under 2 will be mad but I can't wait! It is weird to be having twins- as we're identical it never occurred to me I would have twins myself! Mine are DCDA though so unlikely to be identical, will be fun to find out though!

SoonToBeSix Thu 09-Jan-14 17:09:36

Why did you rule out the baby jogger it would be my preference.

EeeekItsTwins Thu 09-Jan-14 20:10:00

I've had a single baby jogger and thought it was fantastic, but a few things put me off the double. It's quite a bit wider than the other two, and that's a big thing for me. Also it didn't seem as easy to push (the single is amazing to push, so was surprised), probably because of the smaller wheels. The seats aren't that supportive to be using from birth and do sag a bit when properly upright for an older child.

None of these things are huge issues in themselves, but just meant I personally preferred the other buggies.

rowrowroar Thu 09-Jan-14 21:22:00

I've found this really interesting! For my DS1 we had a single bjcm and also a nipper. We do lots of walking in the fells and have managed to take the nipper everywhere - we've been really impressed with how robust it has been. I've walked regularly with a friend who has a single mountain buggy and whilst it is great, I've always felt that it does nothing more than the nipper but cost twice as much. We also loved the convenience of the bjcm round town and felt lucky to have been able to have both (two generous sets of grandparents fighting over who would buy what!).
When we found out we were expecting again, knowing that DS1 would only be 19 months, we rushed into buying a bjcm double as planned that he would go one side and the new baby in the carrycot on the other. Plus it was an ebay bargain. We ruled out the double nipper as felt that we wouldn't be able to do the same level of walking with any double pushchair (stiles, narrow gates etc.) so wanted the convenience and ease of the city mini - it is very manoeuvrable and folds so easily, plus it is light.
Our plans were somewhat scuppered when we realised we were having twins (due end Feb - littlegreendragon13 we're due similar times and will have very similar age gaps!) and now I wish we'd waited before buying anything! Somebody has very generously given us a T3 Triple Jogger, which is a double off roader with a toddler seat attached! It looks amazing and I'm sure we will get use out of it. However, it's very big and bulky and at the moment, I feel as though I need a degree to work out how it fits together! I'm thinking we'll get good use from the double bjcm, maybe with one baby and DS1 in pushchair and other baby in a sling, or DS1 on reins as he begins to walk more. Maybe both babies will be small enough to share carrycot initially...lots of playing it by ear I think!
Anyway, to get back to original question - I haven't really looked into the MB too much but I am a huge nipper fan. I think that they are very reasonable priced for the quality of pushchair so if it were a choice just between the two, I would definitely go for the nipper.
Good luck!

iScout Fri 10-Jan-14 14:59:43

We've got both the mountain buggy and nipper.

We've found the nipper to be slightly better as it's far lighter when we do have to carry it anywhere and pushes really well one handed. I was quite impressed that I managed to fit the nipper in the back of the ford fiesta.

I find the straps on the mountain buggy get in the way when trying to strap the twins in and I really struggle to carry as it quite heavy. I also find I need to use quite a bit of force to steer the buggy.

The majority of the mums at towns club all have the nipper after buying various other double to start with. I think the new nipper will soon be compatible with car seats and carry cots.

I now very rarely use the mountain buggy and when people ask which I'd buy again it would definitely be the nipper.

Cornwall73 Wed 29-Jan-14 15:39:43

We have 5.5mths twins and have the MB Duet. It's excellent as we have no car and I use London buses and overground to get around. It's sturdy and has a great shopping bag underneath. The main thing for me was its width which means I can get through doors including our kitchen door! I didn't want a tandem as they look so long.

We got it on gumtree, it was a year old and not used much. £400 including accessories, so shop around if you don't mind second hand.

KnackeredCow Sun 23-Feb-14 21:27:50

Avoid the BJCM if you are a bus user. There are a few up for sale in at my local twins' club because they don't fit down the narrower aisle of the new buses that are on the road in my city (I think the operator is First).

Both Nippers and MBs seem to fit fine though.

Can't personally comment as I have a tandem for public transport / city use and in the car, and a Nipper for walking the dog (that I haven't braved on public transport). The Nipper is beautiful to push, but I am so fed up of flat tyres.

I sometimes convert my tandem to single mode, and put the other twin in a sling.

KnackeredCow Sun 23-Feb-14 21:29:32

My tandem isn't long at all - it sits on a single chassis, but now my twins are 12 months, it's heavy.

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