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Bugaboo-which one to buy with twins plus toddler?

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chocolatedrops31 Wed 01-Jan-14 13:03:56

Hi all, I am looking to buy the bugaboo donkey (despite the cost!!) after seeing rave reviews on here. However I'm not sure whether to get the twin or the duo. I'm due with twins next month and also have a 2 year old. I will get a buggy board but also want the flexibility of being able to put him my 2 year old in the buggy if I go out with just him and 1 twin or have 1 twin in a sling. It's not clear from the descriptions of the 'twin' whether I could have 2 children of different ages in it, and the 'duo' only comes with 1 carry cot.
Any advice much appreciated! Thank you smile

MrsFassbender77 Wed 01-Jan-14 13:11:02

Don't waste your money on bugaboo. You can get buggy boards to fit many other twin buggies.
There are cheaper, lighter and better quality alternatives to bugaboo. You'll be paying for the name and show.

chocolatedrops31 Wed 01-Jan-14 14:24:14

Thanks-anything in particular you'd recommend?

MaccaPaccaismyNemesis Wed 01-Jan-14 14:27:10

I like bugaboos generally, but I think the Donkey looks quite wide and bulky, though it is quite flexible and I like how it adapts. Have you got a kiddicare near you? They have quite a good range to play with.

Clargo55 Wed 01-Jan-14 14:31:41

The Icandy peach blossom looks good. Can get nearly new ones on eBay for a more reasonable price.

FreeButtonBee Wed 01-Jan-14 14:37:26

I have twins and LOVE my bugaboo donkey. If you get the twin, then you can convert it into one carry cot and one ordinary seat (although I wouldn't want to be switching every other day!) rather than having two carrycots all the time.

A friend with an I candy says her twins actually hate it because when they are v small, they really can't see much. I think it's better for siblings where the older one pops in and out of the bottom seat.

The donkey is fairly big but turns on a dime, pushes so easily, goes up and down kerbs easily. Downsides, the basket isn't massive, the rain covers are pretty tight to get on and it is quite heavy. But having used a maclaren twin for 7 weeks, I was despaeate to get back to the donkey.

Linguaphile Wed 01-Jan-14 15:22:57

I absolutely love my donkey--it's the thing that has meant I can get out every day with my twins. Got it on gumtree for half the price of a new one! Don't worry about the size. I don't have a car and take public transport everywhere, and I never have a problem. It's deceptively small, looks big only because it's designed with the seats/cots sitting right over the wheels instead of in from them. It has the footprint of a wheelchair, which is dead handy as almost all places are handicap accessible these days.

I'd get the twin version as you're having twins--the duo only comes with one carrycot. You can certainly have two kids of different ages, though! The frame for the carrycot and the seat are one and the same--you just switch which 'attachment' you want spending on who is going to ride. You can always buy the duo used (more common than twin!) and just buy an extra carrycot base and apron to convert it to a twin when you need to. That's what I did.

We nearly got the iCandy but decided against it in the end when a friend said that her twins grew out of it height-wise at 9 months! Plus, I love having both twins able to face me in the carrycots. Makes walks lovely and interactive. smile

Artandco Wed 01-Jan-14 15:29:19

I would get the twin donkey. It's one of the easiest twin prams to push with a board on. The board folds up or into basket easily if you want it out of the way. With the one wheel on board it doesn't stick out as far so easier to walk with

If out and 2 year old really is tired there's no reason e can't just sit in the carrycot part. The twins might fit feet to feet in one carrycot also for a few weeks.

Also most twins are slightly smaller that singles so you will want to lay down properly. You want them to be able to fall asleep in if out and leave in without worrying they are scrunched up in a seat too old for them. Also then you get them to sleep in whenever as just go out with eldest for a walk

Do look on ebay though as some come up and are a few hundred cheaper

Artandco Wed 01-Jan-14 15:31:29

There are a few on eBay atm for £350-500

chocolatedrops31 Wed 01-Jan-14 16:45:11

Thanks all that's really very helpful. Will look on eBay now.

Bodeccia Sat 04-Jan-14 13:47:04

Hi all,

Can I continue this conversation? I'm having such a dilemma about buggies at the moment and have a similar situation to the OP

I've just been to have a play with both the donkey (that sounds weird) and the 360 nipper that have both been recommended on various threads on MN, but with a £1000 price tag difference. My dd1 will be 23 months when the twins arrive, and I would prefer a side by side rather than a tandem.

The donkey seemed a little narrow, especially the carry cot (I was planning on putting dts in one carry cot, and give dd1 a seat). Is that because i was looking at a the duo, not the twin version?

Also, was surprised you had to take the seats off to fold it down - seems a faff. I was expecting to be blown away by the donkey, but I wasn't really. It is definitely light and easy to move.

The 360 nipper seemed just as light and easy to push/turn as the donkey, and dd1 seemed to like the seats (didn't want to get out of it which is unlike her). It will mean using a sling with the buggy - did anyone else here do that?

It might just come down to the price tag in the end, but my dad has offered to help out with buggy and isn't phased by spending over a grand, unlike me.

Any advice appreciated smile

Artandco Sat 04-Jan-14 14:32:28

Bodiecca- I would prob go for the nipper. The faff of folding which sorting out 3 little ones is a pain. Also means if you fly anywhere in the next 3 years you don't have to buy another as they only accept one piece folds at plane door. The new nipper is one of the narrowest side by sides

DigestivesAndPhiladelphia Mon 06-Jan-14 11:00:44

The mountain buggy duet is great - it fits through every doorway. I use it with a lascal buggy board for my toddler and I can walk behind the buggy board comfortably.

The only downside is that there isn't anything to separate the twins now that they are sitting up. Since they turned one, they have started fighting while they are out in the puschair. Leaning over and snatching each other's hats off, poking in the eye, a bit of biting! shock I'm not sure if the Nipper has more of separation between them or not.

SpagBogs Sun 19-Jan-14 19:28:59

I have ordered the Bugaboo donkey for my 5wo twins it still has not come yethmm so i am currently using the moby sling twin. I ordered the bugaboo donkey twin I have heard amazing things but have not had a chance to judge it. There is a board I wish i knew about it earlier.

Slebmum Mon 20-Jan-14 09:48:20


I don't think you will be able to put them side by side in any buggy carry cot. Mine were tiny 31 weekers and they could, maybe, have fitted 'top and tail' in the donkey carry cots for a couple of weeks but no longer. the Donkey carry cots are great though, we used them instead of moses baskets too.

LalaDipsey Mon 27-Jan-14 14:39:41

I love my Bugaboo Donkey it is my best twin purchase smile DD was 2.5 when my twins were born so I also bought a Kid-Sit from Kiddicare which is like a buggy board but meant she can sit rather than stand. My twins are now 2 and I still use it at least twice a day, DD still uses the kid-sit on the school run as she's tired. I love that I can see the twins. It is light, fits in any doorway a wheelchair does and is push-able with one hand. Sometimes I sling one twin and dd goes in, this happened more often when she was younger and less so now, but its always an option.
Best bit of advice I was given is that you always have to compromise on something with a twin buggy so choose what you won't compromise on. I decided I couldn't compromise on them being parent facing, however having lived with the Donkey for 2 years I can't remember what the compromise with it was!
You can fold it with the seats on if they face away from you. Luckily as I moved to driving a very old and battered Seat Alhambra I don't collapse it - I just hoof it up into the boot as it is. Very easy!

iclaudius Mon 27-Jan-14 14:42:16

No twins but do have a donkey for baby and toddler - it's been a godsend!

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