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D'ya ever wonder... Just wonder?

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MiniSoksMakeHardWork Sun 08-Dec-13 19:49:22

Evening ladies. Since we're at 999 now. Was feeling reflective tonight.

bubby64 Thu 06-Mar-14 17:23:13

Hi ladies
Trips - glad DD is ok, and if you manage to escape, can I come too??
Mama - well I hope now things have settled down a bit you can get some time to catch your breath and actually enjoy haveing your family all together, and you DBiL is lovely for trying to keep the peace.
Soks-I loved the cuddly stage, and also the hide and seek is very familiar.
Shabs- hope you are better
Chops- Wow! well done to your DS for the x-country
Just had another call from the agency, another nearby N/Home have contacted them, and also want to see me tomorrow for a senior nurse job. Its about 5miles further away, but the pay they are offering is better, I am going before the 2nd interview for the 1st job, as I want to see what the place is like before I have to make any decisions.! I can't believe that I am being *headhunted" like this, very good for my self esteem, which, tbh, has been at a very low ebb lately.
Meanwhile, J has come home v upset, as he apparently was pushed to the ground, and kicked and punched during lunch at school today. I have already had the head of year on the phone about it, and they are investigating tomorrow, but the Principle is already involved as it appears that the incident was caught on their CCTV, and a teacher got involved after witnessing it. This is an on-going thing between 2 local boys and J, and has been going on since primary, and J has not been al together innocent at times, it has got more physical. However, this time, at least, it looks like the other boys started things in an unprovoked attack, so I hope it gets sorted tomorrow.

MultipleMama Thu 06-Mar-14 18:17:38

I hope J is okay bubs! The cruelness of kids these days in unbelievable and scary. Unprovoked acts are even worse. I really do hope the school sort it out.

I hope things settle down too, I'm desperate to get a calm atmosphere back.

Currently sat on the children's ward (nothing wrong, honest!) in fancy dress with DH and the DC for World Book Day. About to head home in 15 minutes... once DS1 stops tantruming so we don't disturb much of their bedtime. It was great to talk to others.

shabbs Thu 06-Mar-14 21:10:38

Hope J is OK Bubbs. xx

Morning/Afternoon/Evening girls xx

so very tired.

triplets Thu 06-Mar-14 21:39:16

Evening girls and hello to my friend who I was getting worried about xx
DD says she still has the pain but its not so bad, she is eating ok and as rude as ever so can`t think there is too much wrong. Nearly set my new kitchen on fire tonight, oil too hot because I was trying to cook and talk on the phone at the same time! Got a headache too!
Bubbs so glad things are looking up for you, you deserve it smile
Mama did you dress up for WB Day, which character?
Where d`ya think Rubester is?

triplets Fri 07-Mar-14 05:59:31

Morning, woke up still headachey............lovely start to the day!
<<sits up in bed and waits for brew..........

shabbs Fri 07-Mar-14 07:21:56

Morning girls xx

MiniSoksMakeHardWork Fri 07-Mar-14 08:13:06

Morning lovelies.

Had a great night last night. Laughed and laughed so much. Miranda was great grin

Soooo tired this morning though. I'm too old to be out past 8pm midnight.

Bubs. Poor J.

Trips. Hope you are well.

Mama. I'm looking forward to Emily dressing up at the end of the month. Our school have chosen to give everyone plenty of time to get sorted lol.

<lays a trails of chocolates and nibbles for Rubes to find her way>

MultipleMama Fri 07-Mar-14 10:25:49

Even DH got involved with dressing up and had the eyes of some of the mamas on the ward <<glares>>.

Kvothe was dressed as his namesake; Kvothe (Name of the wind), A was dressed as Mrs Frisby (and the rats of nimh), the boys were dressed as Thing 1 & 2 (cat in the hat), a-team were dressed as Phil and Lil (rugrats movie storybook), DH was dressed as Aslan (Narnia) and I was a boring vampire from one of my favourite paranormal books (not twilight! grin ) K won 1st prize - know idea how properly because of how adorable he was talking about his name and book (went on for a good 5mins...)

Got a call this morning from PiL inviting us to dinner on Sunday when asked why the change she replied, "we are family. We fight passionately but we love unconditionally and I want to see my grandbabies!" Needless to say I was surprised but happy and the FiL added, "we are silly, old fools stuck in our ways. I not smoke around ill grandbaby - we come tomorrow and talk" shock DH is happy but weary, I'm just happy they are making a effort.

Hi, ladiees.

Trips, hope DD's chest pain goes soon it can be scary for her xx

MultipleMama Fri 07-Mar-14 19:12:28

Today has been exhausting, I just want to sleep but blueA is being extremely difficult. He has a therapist appt on Tuesday and I'm dreadingthe chaos.

triplets Sat 08-Mar-14 08:01:28

Good morning, the sun is shining..............and my bedroom window is filthy..............oh well.
Hope its nice where you are smile

shabbs Sat 08-Mar-14 08:25:37

Morning girls xx

Its freeeezing here Trips - grey skies etc etc. xx

triplets Sat 08-Mar-14 08:29:54

<< opens her filthy window and blows the sun northwards >>

bubby64 Sat 08-Mar-14 20:21:34

Mama-sounds as if you went to a lot of trouble! Glad inlaws now coming on board re changes.
Trips- hope nothing was damaged in kitchen, DD is obviously ok, if the attitude is in full force.
Shabs- Trying to shove the sun your way.
Hi Soks and Chops
Well, J doesn't deserve you lovely sympathy, turns out he did start the fight, and he lied about how bad the attack was to get the other boys in more troubleangry. CCTV revealed all! He ended up in isolation on Friday for lying, and we have to go up the school Tuesday to discuss how he can be helped with his attitude. I don't know what to do with him any moresad
Good news is that I got offered both jobs yesterdaygrin and I have to decide which one to take. 1st is nearer , is more senior position with a higher salary, but it includes on-call and the place is very old fashioned in both looks and attitude, 2nd is 5miles further away, not much I know, is a lower grade and salary, and includes 1 week of night every 6 weeks. but the place is georgeous! It's lovely and modern (only 3yrs old) and very forward thinking, including attitudes to care and technology, and the owner/manager has already said that when the new unit opens in several months, I would likely be up for promotion. I think I will go for the 2nd, and hope she keeps to her word.

triplets Sat 08-Mar-14 21:16:24

Naughty J! Tell him we are all shock You must have felt awful Bubbs, but....................congratulations on two job offers, great confidence booster....................seriously WELL DONE!
So, dragged dd to Canterbury today to look for dress for a wedding in 6 weeks time, she also wants a "prom" dress................sooooo American! Anyway how I didn`t throttle her I don`t know. She walked 3 paces behind me all the time, in and out of shops with barely a glance, "don`t like it/ its stupid/I want black/its too long/ its too short/ its got another colour on it/it will make me look fat (she`s size 8) etc etc etc. The only dress she really liked was a Goth style,laced bodice mini...............yes really cool for a wedding! Now Mama know you would have approved! In the end she came home with a £15 short black dress from H&M and actually looks sweet in it! I took her to a Mexican Cantina for lunch, which surprised her I think. She had nachos, I had spicy tortilla and a cold San Miguel..................a treat! She still is complaining of chest pain, so back to the docs next week if it doesn`t go away, I WORRY!

triplets Sun 09-Mar-14 07:36:25

Good morning ladies..............beautiful morning here smile

shabbs Sun 09-Mar-14 08:04:46

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Sun 09-Mar-14 09:15:24

morning girls x

beautiful morning here too. First run of the year without having to wear a jacket and base layers!

Naughty J! Hope the school can help a bit with him, bubby. The job sounds fab, and I think you have made the right choice.

dds and clothes are impossible. Mine was in court yesterday for a mock trial and worried all the way there about her hair, her face, her spots, her jacket. Exasperating!

Hope everyone has lovely days x

MultipleMama Sun 09-Mar-14 13:20:42

Can't stop busy day.

PiL are behaving - although blueA screamed if anyone but DH and I hold him, but we showed them on of our little tricks (lay him on the bed in spare bedroom, lights off, shine a torch on wall and he'll let you rub his tummy and feet) MiL spent an hour with him & Artie doing just that and then swapped over after a feed so FiL could do it. Afterwards they both had water fights outside with the other DC- completely ignoring us parents inc BiL grin. Still a little tense between DH & his parents but they are talking...

Also, admission letter came today. They have been accepted to the school we wanted!!! smilesmile

bubby64 Sun 09-Mar-14 16:53:19

Gorgeous day here in sunny Suffolk, got the grass mowed for the first time since last September, took the dogs for a long walk, and bought fresh bread to go with ham, cheese and spreads for lunch. Now have chicken roasting in the oven for tea. I have asked boys to clean out my conservatory where they built their model, and return it to its former pristine newly built state, (well, I can dreamgrin)

Chopstheduck Sun 09-Mar-14 17:30:18

brilliant news mama!

it's been gorgeous here too.

we let the twins down the park on their own for the first time, then followed them down after half an hour to check on them. They were playing footy with a couple of other lads so all was well. They we wandered down with them, past the field, fed the resident horses lots of grass then went to the pub for a couple of drinks. Idyllic summer days are on the way!

i did suggest mowing the lawn, but DH was dead set against it! I have swept the patio and cleaned the bbq though, and we cleaned the car yesterdya for the first time in about 6 months blush

Chopstheduck Sun 09-Mar-14 17:31:13

also, jsut twigged, mama, do u really have post on a sunday in Germany? shock

Not that it should surprise me <sigh>

MultipleMama Sun 09-Mar-14 18:07:10

Not by the post office. They're closed sunday too, except Berlin I think.

It was delivered by courier next day delivery. Came with induction pack and more paperwork including fee repayments... urgh.

triplets Sun 09-Mar-14 21:28:45

you have to pay for school?
Tonight I am feeling very very very very very angry with dk who has upset me BIG time...............

MultipleMama Sun 09-Mar-14 22:22:02

The DC will be going to International school which in Frankfurt are private funded.

Trips - hope you're okay! What's he done? X

MiniSoksMakeHardWork Mon 10-Mar-14 07:40:55

Morning ladies.

What's happened trips?

<sends out search party for rubes>

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