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Sleeping arrangements for new born twins

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chocolatedrops31 Sun 08-Dec-13 10:34:13

I'm expecting twins in feb and was wondering what sleeping arrangements people used for first few months before transfer into a cot? Do they share 1 Moses basket or have one each? Or should they go straight into a cot-but then they can't be in same room as me during naps? Any advice much appreciated!

HighVoltage Sun 08-Dec-13 14:17:56

We did separate Moses baskets in our room at first - were too big to share plus I read there is some danger of overheating.

Then at about 2.5 months they moved into the cot together in our room.

Now at 6 months they definitely need their own cot each but am trying to figure out how to do it with v small rooms (fingers crossed moving in the new year).

For naps they often slept in their bouncy chairs (baby bjorn ones are brilliant).

IwannaSleep Sun 08-Dec-13 14:32:55

We had a cot downstairs for naps and a cot in our roo for night time. No Moses baskets. Slept them side by side until about 5 months when we put them into their Ian room in separate cots. They are now 7 months and I have actually put them back into the same cot due to frequent wakings and they are very settled together again. It's all trial and error :-)

heritagewarrior Sun 08-Dec-13 14:46:19

Mine were in separate Moses baskets on stands for naps downstairs in the day, and then in the same Moses baskets side by side in one cot bed in our room at night. This got them used to the feel of the cot and it was then not to difficult to transfer them into two separate cots in their own room at about 4 months.

Thevelveteenrabbit Sun 08-Dec-13 14:54:19

Side by side in cot in our room until about 8 months and then own cots in own room. When they were tiny they slept downstairs on bouncy chairs that laid flat, can't remember when they started going upstairs for naps.

NomDeClavier Sun 08-Dec-13 15:04:19

Congratulations smile You can get Moses baskets designed for twins. I always recommended co-bedding at least to start with but it does depend on space and you do need to take their shared body warmth into account.

As you'll need 2 cots in the future anyway they could always share one cot in your room and another cot somewhere else until you put both cots into their own room(s).

neversleepagain Sun 08-Dec-13 16:37:23

We had one cot upstairs and one downstairs. Mine co-bedded until 6 weeks but I found them disturbing each other so put them in separate cots in our bedroom at 6 weeks. Mine had all sleep (day and night time) upstairs from then. They went into their own bedroom at 7 months.

They will happily sleep in a travel cot together if we go away or visit friends for the day.

chocolatedrops31 Sun 08-Dec-13 17:50:24

Thank you all-v helpful! We currently have a travel cot and a normal cot for our 2 year old- I'm reluctant to buy 2 more cots (1 for downstairs and 1 for upstairs) because I think by the time the twins will be unable to share one cot, our 2 year old will be in a bed. I think therefore we will buy 1 more cot for them to share at night and they can sleep together in the travel cot during the day..let me know if you think that's unworkable! Thanks smile

neversleepagain Sun 08-Dec-13 18:40:30

That arrangement would work. I would just be aware that it will be a big transition for your two year old to suddenly have two siblings and taking his cot from him to give to the new babies may cause some confusion/upset.

Good luck and congratulations.

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