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Twins routine

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littleomar Tue 03-Dec-13 16:30:23

I have 4 week old twins plus a 3yo and 6 yo. I'm not really a routine person but it would help to have some structure to plan what to do between feeds. At the moment my days just go feed, nappy, school run, repeat until wine bedtime.

Can anyone recommend routines that have worked or books about the practical side of things? I'm EBFing so it needs to be a flexible routine not rigid timings.


Linguaphile Thu 05-Dec-13 00:00:53

Well, I just loosely followed the Gina Ford twins one, picking things here and there, and it a has made our days nicely structured whilst still being flexible. Our babies have even begun sleeping through the night at 3 months without having to do any sleep training. I've also heard positive things about the book 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins' (it's more flexible than Gina, so you wouldn't have to as much adapting to get flexibility).

ceeveebee Thu 05-Dec-13 00:06:04

I also followed gina ford loosely. The main thingI ignored were making them sleep in cots (they slept in th pram while I was out otherwise I would have gone stir crazy!). My two sleep through the night (with a dream feed) from 12 weeks and have done ever since - they're now 2 yo.

Cheerymum Thu 05-Dec-13 00:14:53

My twins are 11 weeks and I have an almost 3 year old. Also EBF. I am nudging them toward a Gina Ford type pattern of structured feeds and naps, though adapted to fit our day.
I do feeds at 7am, 10.45, 2.30, 5 and 8 pm, often a bit clustery 8-9.30, a dream feed at 11ish and usually 1 night feed. The 7am and 5pm feeds are the most fixed, as that gives me a clear run at getting us up (and to nursery on the days DD1 goes), and also a clear run at dinner/bath/bed. I don't bath the babies every day, only when my DH is home OR DD1 is being unusually cooperative.
Nap wise, the babies have a fixed nap 12-2.15, and short naps as required either side.
Am lucky that so far these two are very calm and seem to need quite a bit of sleep!
Hope that helps!

Swanhilda Thu 05-Dec-13 21:37:21

My routine was based round the idea that I needed some time off in the middle of the day!. So I tried to make sure the afternoon nap was the priority, and that it was after lunch, sort of. And ended up by 6 months with a very clear 2 hour break from twin company! It helped that school was round the corner, so I could get them up at 3pm to get to school by 3.15. My twins continued to nap until they were 2 and half years. It was bliss. But they only did that because I NEVER EVER took them out after lunch, or expected them to sleep in the buggy when I was out and about after six months. It was nice for older child too, as after lunch was always pottering time rather than activity time.

Four weeks is pretty little though to worry. SO much changed over next few weeks months that I wouldn't do more than just concentrate on being happy and surviving. I think sleep is a priority for everyone, however it is achieved and the more they sleep the better tempered they will be, however that sleep is facilitated, rocking, self settling, slings, buggies etc. I wouldn't get hung up on cot settling at this stage at all. Did find Gina's idea of baby needing to sleep at least every two hours helpful though as a guide. Otherwise I wouldn't pay any attention to her till they are a bit older.
You shouldn't have to manage completely alone either, you need to find support of human cuddlers and chatters, rather than just relying on routines, they can only do so much to save time or support you.

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