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Pram options for newborn twins & toddler

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justhayley Sun 01-Dec-13 09:21:12

Hi it's early days yet but I'm starting to look into my options.

I'm expecting twins in July & have a DS that will be 2.3y. At the moment he still falls asleep in the buggy, he's also tiny for his age(was a 35 weeker) & although loves to walk won't be able to walk on every outing we go on.

I'm not keen on the buggy boards for him.

My friend is also in the same position although her DS a little younger when the twins arrive. She's gone for a normal double buggy, and plans to have the twins sharing 1 carrycot for a few months then have DS on the board. (her DS is a fair bit bigger than mine)

Can twins share a carrycot?
Also thinking if I got a
Double I could use a sling for 1 of the newborns. Although I had a one with DS and I hated it, found it a nightmare on my back and I was so uncomfortably hot. Had DS in April so with July babies I cant image having 1 sticking to me.

Apart from the Valco are there any other 3 seaters around?

Or if I got an icandy or bugaboo double is there a toddler seat that could attach?

Thank you x

stargirl1701 Sun 01-Dec-13 09:23:14

What type of sling did you use?

justhayley Sun 01-Dec-13 09:24:28

A baby Bjorn

stargirl1701 Sun 01-Dec-13 09:27:15

I would recommend using a different sling or carrier. Try a stretchy wrap like a Moby initially - or Close Caboo if you don't fancy wrapping. After 6 months an Ergo carrier would be fab.

Baby Bjorns don't work well for the vast majority of people. They may also be bad for the baby as they don't maintain a 'happy hips' position.

Artandco Sun 01-Dec-13 09:29:40

I would get an bugaboo donkey. You can then get a bugaboo board and add a twoo seat on it. Not nap able but with 3 you might find it easier to head home for naps anyway so you don't carry half your house!

You can prob carrycot share for 3 months depending on size and put their heads either end with feet together so they aren't breathing in each others face and more space that way. In the summer you can just lay a light blanket over their middle

Take a look at the beco Gemini or the boba slings. Both you can either use for babies or toddler.

A friend had the valco and sold very quickly as said it was so top heavy and unsteerable.

Artandco Sun 01-Dec-13 09:32:22

A baby bjorn is prob the worse and most uncomfortable sling btw so anything else a great improvement. I could only use for 2 months before too uncomfortable but with the boba I could still carry 4 year old if needed ( and did 2 months ago when he was sound asleep at midnight getting off a plane but 2 year old was happily running around)

EarlGreyCuppa Sun 01-Dec-13 09:39:53

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this (I'm a newbie here, so apologies in advance)... Have you had a look at the Twinsclub website? They often discuss pushchairs and have many many suggestions.

(I only had twins so can't help advise on twins+, sorry)

justhayley Sun 01-Dec-13 10:23:58

Thanks all will have a look. I love the donkey although my DS maybe to small for the twoo seat - would have to test that out.

Has anyone used this?
Apart from it looking super ugly the toddler seat would suit DS more

justhayley Sun 01-Dec-13 10:28:20

Hiya thanks all. Will look at all options.

Has anyone used this
Ugly big thing but toddler seat looks more suitable for DS.

Love the donkey with twoo but would have to test DS on that he may be to small.

Havnt heard anything good about baby bjorns so good to know other options are better, mine put me off all slings / carriers!

SoonToBeSix Sun 01-Dec-13 13:27:42

My twins are due in March my ds will be 19 months . I will be using a baby jogger city double with an x rider buggy board from amazon. It has a seat and a harness.

Artandco Sun 01-Dec-13 14:54:47

I would think by June/ July your ds will be big enough for the twoo.

We only have 2 children but small gap (16 months). And eldest was standing on board fine at 18 months. We used the bugaboo cameleon so same board but no twoo seat. Now they are older and youngest is 2.3 now like your son will be and only uses buggy if raining hard or sick. But his brother at that age would just stand on board in raincoat and I could hold umbrella over both of us.

The good thing about bugaboo is the easy steering and the board clips on and off easy which is handy for on bus etc.

Your son will change a lot and be a lot more capable by June. At the moment he's obv under 2 and at that age lots of things happen in development each month. I would choose a few potential options but buy last min if possible incase things change. Also if you go for something like he twoo start before babies using the board with empty pram so he gets used to it.

legallyblond Sun 01-Dec-13 19:18:32

I recommend the Bugaboo Donkey as well. We have it with 11 week old twins plus 3 yo DD. it's perfect for us. Tbh, I expect your DS would be fine on the buggy board. By 2.3 they're down to one nap a day, so wouldn't be napping in the buggy provided you're at home for, say, the 2 hours round nap time. And then lots drop the day time nap altogether from 2.6.

I put both twins in the same carry cot for a while so that I could clip off and carry that carry cot into things like DD's ballet and gym classes, preschool drop offs etc. Mine were good sizes (6lbs and 5 lbs born at 37 weeks) but they were too big for sharing the (very slim!) donkey carry cot by 8 weeks.

I am still carrying both (separstely!!) in the close caboo sling and it doesn't hurt my back at all...

I would get the bugaboo donkey and either have DS in the buggy board or have him in a seat and twins sharing a carry cot then in a sling for three months. Your DS will def be ok on the board by 2.6 and you'll almost certainly be dropping his nap by them so not riding in the pushchair will be immensely helpful to you (to avoid late afternoon drifting off to sleep)... We had to avoid buggy or car part 3pm for about a month until DD got out of the nap habit! If she did drop off it was a 9pm bedtime... Noo!

Good luck - twins plus toddler is mental but great!

Shosha1 Sun 01-Dec-13 19:37:27

Not a twin Mum, but I was a CM often with three under 3, and I had a Britax bdual for the younger and a buggy pod for the older child

LalaDipsey Sun 01-Dec-13 21:49:17

Dd was 2.5 when my twins were born. I got a Donkey and a Kidsit for her to sit on which has worked amazingly well. DTs are 2 next month and we still use the whole contraption! Kidsit is fab for after preschool, and now school as she couldn't walk the whole way. I also carried a sling (Ergo is supposed to be good as mentioned earlier, for me I love my Manduca), and still do sometimes pop my smaller twin on my back when dd is tired and she gets into the buggy. The Bugaboo Donkey was expensive but well worth it - it has been my unquestionably best twin purchase. Good luck - it's a wonderful and mad world wine

smokeybacon Wed 04-Dec-13 20:05:42

I would recommend an abc adventure buggy. Double with a toddle seat on top. When I had my twins ds was 18 months and it was great. Meant I could chat to ds as we walked. It's still in use minus toddler seat now and twins now 3. Look on eBay as they are pricey new and you have to import from NZ. But I cannot recommend them highly enough!!

KateShmate Tue 10-Dec-13 20:05:26

Agreed with smokeybacon - the ABC adventure buggy is the answer!
Just commented on another thread with the same suggestion. The double buggy itself is a lovely 3 wheeler, super easy buggy to push; you then get the seat for the top and it basically sits on the handlebar facing you. When DS wants to walk, it's no issue smile And once he's bigger and doesn't want to walk anymore, you just take the seat off and you have the lovely double again - it's actually really handy to keep for older toddlers incase they're poorly, or you're going on a really long walk etc.
Again, as smokey said, have a look on eBay because you can get some brilliant deals. We had ours imported from New Zealand for our triplets and it was sooo worth it - is just such a brilliant buggy!

Eating43 Thu 12-Dec-13 20:32:51

Another plug for ABC adventure buggy with toddler seat, they are great and I couldn't have got out much in the early days without it. Also now my first is nearly 3 she often just sits on the footrest bit for short journeys so you don't need the toddler seat.. That works because it's so robust. It's a bugger to fit in the car though, I ended up with a maclaren twin for the car as well.

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