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BrassicaBabe Thu 21-Nov-13 13:24:04

Help. My two are driving me bonkers. And they save this behavior for me.

It's pretty constant, but cries from my knee level of "Carry!" just don't stop. And it doesn't mean "cuddle". They want picking up and for me to be standing up. So when I'm busy, making breakfast etc it's impossible. But they are 2.6 now so even when I've got time I don't want to "carry". They are heavy. But for me to sit down when one on my lap doesn't meet whatever need is going on.

Any one got any ideas a)why this is a need and b)what I can do to deal with it?


HappyAsASandboy Thu 21-Nov-13 13:35:27

I have similar issues, though only with one of my twins (thank god).

If I am too busy to stop and sit down to cuddle, then I will squat down give a quick cuddle and then get back up and carry on. If I relent and pick her up, then I get no peace as she expects me to pick her up each time.

I think the primary need behind my DDs 'need' for carrying is that she wants to see what I'm doing. I have a step stool from ikea, and if I bring it over to wherever I am working, then she'll stand on it and watch. The other reason for a carry is to reach something on a shelf behind me hmm

Balaboosta Mon 25-Nov-13 06:43:22

It's a thing twins do. Mine did it... Sorry no advice only sympathy!

Linguaphile Mon 25-Nov-13 10:05:13

No advice on getting it to stop, but maybe an ergonomic toddler baby carrier would help you to cope? I've heard good things about carriers like the Boba 3G, which have the design and padding for carting around a toddler without killing your back. Apparently you can do a front/back tandem carry as well, which might help to at least have hands free?

BrassicaBabe Tue 26-Nov-13 13:44:58

Hi. Sorry for the radio silence. You guys know how it is smile The only down time I get is at work.
Ok. Somewhat comforted. grin It's not just my two. And it doesn't seem to mean that they are emotionally stunted.
I'll have a google around for those toddler carriers.

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