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Weaning -six month old twins taking to it differently plus crying whilst eating!

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Starfish1980 Wed 20-Nov-13 16:57:07

My girls have been sampling purees for a few weeks now, they are not yet able to bring food to mouth themselves so not had any finger food as yet.

They both have a lunch and tea and are still on four milk feeds a day.

They are both big lasses, 91st and 98th centile.

However they both cry when eating their solids,particularly their lunch. No tears, just sort of shrieky sobbing. They still open their mouth and eat but look so unhappy whilst doing it.......

Any ideas why??

Also the bigger twin seems to be moving at a slower pace than her sister, she struggles with texture and things just race through her nappy wise. I feel sorry for both of them as , typical twins, everything is a compromise. I want to feed them the same meals at the same time to try and cling to some kind of routine.

Any advice of your experiences very welcome

AryaofhouseSnark Wed 20-Nov-13 22:43:27

Are they overly hungry, tired or teething ? It's so hard at that age because they do get tired and hungry so quickly.
I think at that stage I carried on with milk feeds as before weaning and just gave them a bit of what we were having to rub in to their hair or throw on the floor. It wasn't always finger food, just a small amount slopped on to the high chair tray.
Sounds like a waste of time and a lot of mess, but for us it was stress and worry free, we didn't have to worry about how much they ate and we managed to keep a routine.
I could eat at the same time and they just played with their food, which is all they need to do at that age. They will get all their nutrients from milk. Even if they can't pick things up and get it to their mouths, they can squish it and will develop hand eye coordination from that alone.

Starfish1980 Wed 20-Nov-13 23:12:50

That is a good point. I have started to feed them mush before milk at lunch- I shall swap that back around. They have been falling asleep whilst having their milk following their solids....they are only ever awake for two hours and nap for 30 mins at a time. They have also been gnawing at their hands for three months but no signs of teeth yet, despite oceans of dribble. I think I am getting too het up about the quantity they are eating, getting them onto protein etc. thanks xxxxxx

Cheeka Thu 21-Nov-13 07:54:04

Although my twins are pretty good eaters now (8mths, started solids at 6mths) they did go through phases of crying at mealtimes while eating... I am giving them purées but also finger foods which they LOVE. In fact,I noticed once they are grabbing a chunk of food, they quieten down and are content to nibble and play. It took a while for them to master the skills to pick the food up and maintain their hold but they've seemed to have cracked it-so much so that I'm thinking of moving onto BLW. So second the idea of giving them food to play with and also I give them a milk feed approx 1hr before their solids...

Starfish1980 Thu 21-Nov-13 10:05:57

Thank you, i definitely want them to play with food and am encouraging it by leaving bits of crumpet etc on their trays. The books are so confusing about milk, i will do the milk one hour before thing. It is hard to fit everything in as they sleep so much in a morning!!!!

BrassicaBabe Thu 21-Nov-13 11:03:06

Jees, I remember weaning (my twins are 2.6). It was constant feeding of one sort of another; milk, breakfast, milk (10ish?) dinner (1130ish), sleep, milk, tea, milk, milk bed!

No peals of wisdom from me. Hang in there. It gets easier smile

AryaofhouseSnark Thu 21-Nov-13 11:52:53

Yes it is bloody hard to start off with, like Brassica says it will get easier. It won't be long before they are running around whining for biscuits wink

Starfish1980 Thu 21-Nov-13 17:35:55

I long for the day when they can actually say they are hungry!!!

thegirlinthesassyspace Thu 28-Nov-13 15:22:48

I found the same! I think because it was a new experience plus they always seemed to be a bit small to be comfortable in their highchairs. Once I changed highchairs- I now use the easytoclean basic Ikea ones - they seemed happier. Also like someone else said, give them a bit of finger food to hold while u spoonfeed, they might be cross at not being able to exert their independence. I realized this was the case with one of mine, while her sister basically cried because she was having to wait for her next spoonful. I found it extremely stressful, as I worried about how much they were eating and we're they getting enough etc,, before I have to abandon the meal each time. They may go through phases like refusing the spoon altogether, or only eating it if it comes out of an ellas kitchen packet, and stuff like frustrating. :-/ They are 1 now a and although I find preparing meals hard workstill it's much easier for sure. 6 months on and you'll probably have a range of meals you know will work and be enjoyed. Although you may be doing a fair bit of spoonfeedbig still they'll be able to nibble toast etc while youre preparing stuff, and handle their own beaker of water, I can even sit and eat WITH my girls nowadays!mmuch

thegirlinthesassyspace Thu 28-Nov-13 15:46:00

Oops meant to write, that once they are more happy about meals you can try having a meal (I usually use ellas kitchen for this and something easy like a banana) out in a cafe with good highchairs, I often find putting them both slightly facing the window so they are enthralled by the world going by, and I rarely have a problem feeding them , so I do this if I want to break up the day. If you are near enough to local shps, cafes etc you might it helps a bit.

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