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Julie2083 Fri 08-Nov-13 13:47:38

I was hoping to get some advice regarding childcare; I am currently eight and a half months pregnant with twins. At the moment I am planning to return to work at the beginning of November next year and have given my employers this as an approximate return date. This made me think about childcare options for my return- at the moment I would both want and need to return to work.
We live and work in Dundee but are not from the area. My mother in law has kindly offered to help out a couple of days a week – she lives in Aberdeen- which will be a great help. At the moment we hope she will be able to help out two days a week.
For the remaining 3 days therefore we will need to book them into a childminders (preferably). I am little bit worried as I hear it is difficult enough to get one place let alone two places – they say start looking early and am concerned that most childminders are not able to have more than one child under one (they will be just under one).
Having looked online there is various views but was hoping any twin parents/childminders may be able to offer some advice? It seems odd to be worrying about it given they are not even here yet but am a little bit worried.

Twicethehugs Fri 08-Nov-13 15:25:46

Wow, you're very organised to be planning so far ahead! I'll be going back to work in jan/ feb and have recently been looking into childcare - have gone for a nursery having looked around a few ( which varied enormously) and not having anyone recommend a child minder to me. I think it's a personal decision and although it's probably good to think about in advance, you might not know exactly what you want for your babies until you've got to know them. I know there are different adult:child ratios depending on age and found that there were more places that took children from one. Your local council (online) probably has lists of childcare providers. I also looked at ofsted reports for places I was interested in. Good luck with your decision and yor babies when they arrive.

HappyAsASandboy Fri 08-Nov-13 15:35:04

I think you're being very sensible thinking about this early, particularly if you would prefer a child minder over a nursery.

I would start by finding your nearest Children's Centre (sometimes called a Sure Start Centre (assuming you have them in Scotland). They will have a contact for a child are coordinator in your area, who will know the local childminders, may know a bit about availability, and can point you towards a few to talk to.

Also ask people for recommendations - maybe your local twins club will have members leaving a childminder in September 2014 to go to school?! Long shot, but you never know! A twins club may also prove to be a great support over the coming months.

I use a nursery rather than a childminder. It's easier to get two places, and I liked that they'd be mixed with lots of other children. I thought at a child minders it would be two of them, an one or two others, so the siblings would dominate the dynamic. I like that they have each other for support at nursery, yet can make their own friends from a big group.

Good luck with your birth, and eventually with your child care choices smile

Mandy21 Fri 08-Nov-13 22:46:04

I think the general rule is that a childminder cannot have 2 babies less than 12 monghs but I believe (happyto be corrected) that they can go through a relatively straight forward process to apply for an exception for twins. I think you're right to start looking now. good luck!

ceeveebee Fri 08-Nov-13 22:52:26

We found that a nanny was actually cheaper than either nursery or childminders x 2 around here - although I know that rates vary wildly across the country. Would that be something you'd consider?

RedPencils Fri 08-Nov-13 22:52:54

Mine went to nursery as I couldn't find a childminder who would take them both as babies. Well done for thinking so far ahead though, find space for two babies can be difficult.

BigGlasses Wed 13-Nov-13 23:47:48

I used a nursery, and the a Childminder but have gone back to a nursery. I find a nursery worked better for us. I found the Childminder through word of mouth, but it was tricky finding someone with spaces for 2 at the same time. Its also tricky trying to sort this gs out in time, as people don't want to commit too soon, but also if you leave it too late they have no spaces!
Congrats on your twins. I have 2 boys, and live about 12 miles from Dundee. Are you going to ninewells?

legallyblond Thu 14-Nov-13 20:26:16

We have an older DD and 2 month old twins. If we do childcare (hopefully DH will be a SAHD) we plan to get a nanny to come to the house. This works out as cheaper for us than two nursery places... Also, we had a part time nanny come to the house from when DD was two and we felt most comfortable with that (she took her to playgroups on both days for social interaction etc). Might you consider that? We felt that there was a lot to be said for one on one (well, one on two for twins!) care and DD being in the home, eg, there was no mad dash morning rush - we left DD have a chilled breakfast with the nanny in the mornings in her jammies!

beachesandbuckets Thu 14-Nov-13 22:52:00

LB, how did you find your nanny? What with my twins, and two before and after school clubs for my older dcs, it may be worth it for me. Isn't it horribly expensive, as you have to pay their tax, NI, holidays etc? FWIT my cm will be charging £36 each twin and before/after school club will be £10 each for older kids (daily rates for all).

rednellie Sun 17-Nov-13 08:43:22

Once we'd done all the sums for nursery for our 3 for two days a week a nanny came out slightly cheaper and WAY more convenient. No dropping off, getting them dressed in the am. She turns up at half 7 and I hand them over. And she'll come when they're ill. I never ever thought I'd be the sort of person to have one, but it's worked out sooo well.

rednellie Sun 17-Nov-13 08:43:55

Oh and I found our nanny on

LEDundeeAngusFife Mon 18-Nov-13 09:33:23

Hi Julie,

I can't help with advice on having twins, but am the Local Editor in the Dundee area, so might be able to help with finding childcare. Give me a shout on the local boards here. I can ask on Twitter and FB for you - we have a few nurseries and childcare providers following us.

BrassicaBabe Wed 20-Nov-13 08:56:47

Another vote here for a nanny with twins. She has been an absolute star and a total life saver! I love the fact that she comes to the house rather than us having to take them to a nursery/minder. We found her via, gumtree and an advert in the paper. We had a heap of applications and interviewed a bunch so I can't remember which source she eventually came from.

(Oh, and don't get me started on the quality of the applications from some. Text speak as standard and signing off with kisses!! Grrrr)

Good luck!

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