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Party back to back or one big one?

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Scrounger Sat 21-Sep-13 09:42:23

I know I sound like a party pooper but I find them a nightmare and are glad when they are over. They are really hard work, don't make it more difficult for yourself.

Scrounger Sat 21-Sep-13 09:41:32

I wouldn't have 60 children in a hall at one time, will most parents stay and supervise their own children or will they drop and run? I have DTs but haven't done a joint large party yet, the school they will go to has a one form entry. I have organised parties for DS (6yo now) and invited 20 of his class. I had to deal with illnesses, lost teeth etc

Bouncy obstacle course sounds a great idea (most remember that one) but having 60 kids attempting to go on it at the same time will be a nightmare, you will need adults to manage it the whole time to keep to set numbers on and stop anything that might injure children. You will be responsible for them, especially if some drop and run. You also need to make sure that children cannot leave the hall without their parent etc. One half hours is a good length but don't do it for 60 children, I would limit the numbers further, boys only and some of the girls that they specifically get on with.

Margetts Thu 19-Sep-13 17:07:54

We have always had a joint party. My DT are in the same class and for the first school party hired a hall and asked the whole class.
I would be tempted to have one big party and just have a large bottle of wine waiting for when you get home!!
At our school we buy joint presents, which everyone chips in £5. This means the children get one decent present instead of lots of little ones. If its organised properly you only buy one or two presents a year!
Good luck with the party

StinkyElfCheese Thu 19-Sep-13 13:33:28

We have booked the hall for the the 'set' time of 4 hours twins just started school, and both want to invite their class. I would also like to take the opertunity to meet some of the boys friends and parents

Shall I do 2 x 1 & 1/2 hour parties (one class at a time) or just have a made 1 1 1/2 party with 60+kids??

The hall is huge and we have a big bouncy obsticall course booked as well as plan other 'activities' for the tables colouring biscuit decorating etc.. and can rope in lots of adult help smile

what have you done?

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