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Encouragement needed please from those who've ebf twins with an older DC as wel....

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legallyblond Sat 14-Sep-13 20:17:11

Excuse typos in advance... On my phone.

DTs are 4 days old... Born by elcs at 37+3 - twin 1 6lb2, twin 2 5lb3... I have a 2.11 yo DD who I ebf and carried on bf until she was 2.

Positives are both twins have good latch and my milk is nicely in. Also, I've cracked tandem feeding!

In hospital, because of twin 2's weight, they did blood sugar testing and she kept on being a bit low, so I reluctantly agreed to formula top ups, mainly to get discharged!

Now we're home, the MW has been once and both twins had lost 5% of birth weight... Apparently not too bad. She suggested I get pumping to boost supply and then replace (from tomorrow) formula with my milk. I did tis but have decided to replace the formula with my milk already... I'm getting loads of milk and it seems totally insane to be giving formula when there's stacks of bm in the fridge!!!!!

Tbh, I'm loathing the expressing and concept of "topping up" three hourly feeds with a sippy cup. It takes up so much time and anyway, they're feeding in demand way more than three hourly.....

MW coming again tomorrow and I'm dreading the weighing...

I can do this right? Surely I just feed them both on demand ideally at the same time as much as poss?

Am feeling very very overwhelmed and teary generally. It just seems like I have no time for sleep (unlike with a singleton - i'd just bring DD into bed and feed her while co sleeping if it got bad) and no time for DD sad

Is this do able? Does it get better?

beachesandbuckets Thu 19-Sep-13 22:40:10

Best to draw a line under it now, and take from the experience that your gut instinct is usually correct. The early days are hard enough as it is (speaking as someone only 6 weeks in, what do I know?!).

I must admit I nearly binned ebf after my second batch of mastitis in two weeks (plus antibiotics) esp as never got it ebf older dcs (for a year each) but have been clear now for a fortnight so hope I can continue. I think the latch can sometimes go squewy with twins when trying to get and keep them both on. Are you using a feeding cushion LB?

sara11272 Thu 19-Sep-13 22:50:24

It gets better!! Congratulations on your new DTs and well done on your progress to date, sounds like you're doing great.

I had DTDs when DS was 20months - it was mayhem in the beginning (and for a good while after!) -and it is hard bfing while an older one is demanding your attention, but it can be done.

I introduced one bottle a month so by 6 months they were entirely on bottles. Til then lots of picture books to hand so your Dd can sit with you while you're feeding and you can look at a book together, also, random made up games (cuddly toys racing in daddy's slippers?!) - anything you can think of so older DC is occupied for a bit while you feed.

Lots of luck and please believe me when I say it gets better at regular intervals's little steps rather than great leaps but it does get easier!!

Bibblebo Fri 20-Sep-13 11:46:47

Watching with interest as I'm 31 weeks with Tg's and have a 3yo whom I ebf for 2.5yrs. The weighing in sounds an awfully nerve racking experience on top of having brand new twins. I would smile politely and get on with my plan unless I felt truely concerned. I remember the 'alarm' being raised so many times and totally unnecessarily when I had DS1 - it really interfered with me being able to just get on and do what I needed to and caused me unnecessary anxiety.I cannot believe that with all the evidence that a baby's still forming gut cannot digest cow proteins and that BM has both proven and yet to be understood benefits from its components in the forming of the gut that formula is being pushed to a mother who is actually doing well with breast feeding??!! Wow! Sounds as if you are doing an amazing job! Oh the things I'd like to say but won't!!
Just well done OP. xx

legallyblond Fri 20-Sep-13 12:10:35

Thanks Bibble.... In hindsight it was bemusing.... But it shook me at the time and I needed to get out of hospital, so focused on that. Water under the bridge now, but I felt v vulnerable... All ok now though! Just got to work up to managing the school runs alone next week.... Eek!

Bibblebo Fri 20-Sep-13 12:44:21

Would love to hear how the school runs go with the three of them!
I'll be doing those soon and keep running through my head the logistics of even getting out of the front door - esp as I have yet to move house (currently in a 1 bed flat) - how will it be if I live on the ground floor, first floor etc etc.. I just can't imagine it! I may start a thread on this and see how people get on with it all!
Wishing you all the best Legally! smile

Twicethehugs Fri 20-Sep-13 13:42:25

Fantastic to hear your babies are gaining weight well, I remember the relief of this. Well done!

beachesandbuckets Sun 22-Sep-13 18:36:33

I started a thread on school runs (google mumsnet school run 4 dcs) had loads of helpful tips. Was completely bewildered about how I was going to cope and its be FINE. In fact I prefer the order and routine of school/pre school days more than weekends as everyone is up and out and I can then relax at 9.30 rather than spending all morning playing catch up. Just a shame the babies won't sleep at the same time at moment so I could have siestas at the same time as them!

rednellie Sun 22-Sep-13 18:52:57

Argh, sorry legally, I totally missed this thread and remembered uoyr threads when you were pregnant. Congratulations! So exciting. I'm just sorry I didny see this when you were struggling. I'm still bf my twins at 18months and have about older DD. Dt2 lost 11% of his body weight and my midwife didn't bat an eyelid. They were amazing and within days we were all fine. Just having people around me who truly understood .bf helped so much.

Anyway congratulations again and glad things are working out.

Linguaphile Tue 24-Sep-13 12:52:53

Oh man, Legally, I could have written this myself. It's a huge confidence knock to have all the weigh-ins and blood tests, isn't it?? I'm still struggling to wean them off the formula and build up my supply--they throw fits to high heaven if they don't get the full amount, so I'm having trouble keeping up. Tandem works really well, but they still seem to get hungry after about 1.5 hours instead of three, and after 2 feeds every 1.5 hours my supply is gone and I end up having to use formula. Aargh!!

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