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Twins born in Summer 2013 Club

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Jamie6 Sat 07-Sep-13 23:55:46

Evening ladies,

I wonder if anyone can help me. My best friend is having twins in 3 days at 34 weeks. I have brought the initial presents but I am thinking of sending a present and a card with approx6/7 lines every month for the first year. Present wise I think am sorted from a carrot cake celebrating the first month to a music box for the twins to vodka for celebrating the 12 month however I am struggling with the cards. I have been told month 3/4 is the hardest as all the offers of help has dried up but if you could give snipets/advice for each month what would it be?

Thanks in advance xxx

Ps I live the opposite end of the uk literally so this is my idea of supporting

Rowan1204 Thu 05-Sep-13 18:46:21

I'll join in!
We know each other already a little, beaches.
My boys are 16 weeks now, born mid May at 32 weeks.

I can sympathise with the expressing! I have switched to bottles now and found the expressing hard. They were so teeny and just didnt take to the breast. So expressed and bottle fed for a while until i nearly lost the plot!
A happier bunch now!
I also have a 4 yr old ds too who has just started reception.
All a bit stressful with that but looking forward to some twin time next week when he is doing full days.
Trying to get the twins sleeping a bit longer at night as they are still going fours hours or so.
Overall, quite enjoying twin motherhood, but i do have a bit of an easier setup as dh is self employed so around alot to help snd also takes turns with night shifts.
I think the fact is we now have minimal time to ourselves and that's the bit i find hard. Not much time to just watch a programme from start to finish in one go, eat dinner in peace or even pee in peace for that matter!
Andadietcoke i do feel for you stuck in hospital. I was infor a week and boys were in almost three weeks. Its tough. But it won't be long until it seems forever ago. X

beachesandbuckets Tue 03-Sep-13 21:40:02


Eskarina - any tips for introducing a bottle, have never used them and a bit intimidated about getting right the water temp, mm etc...?

Went to docs today about the mastitis and got my second batch of penicillin in the space of 3 weeks, boo. Feel feverish with it so didn't want to hesitate.

Yes, today and tonight has been better than yesterday, hope that this doesn't mean tomorrow will be hell again. Dt2 still unsettled at dinner tho and had to put her in the baby bjorn whilst I cooked and ate dinner, pretty difficult and depressing.

Andadietcoke. Sounds a very stressful situation. Any idea when you may get out. I was in hospital for about 10 days with my ds when he was 3 and it was ruddy awful, so hot, food disgusting, cabin fever. Hope your Mum is bringing some decent food in? Well done for managing to express and feed how you want to. My dh is a teacher too and went back to work today (he got last wk off as paternity but had to work most of it to prepare for term start, typical).

andadietcoke Tue 03-Sep-13 15:31:31

I'm a few weeks behind - had twin girls last Thursday and am still stuck in hospital because of my blood pressure - getting very frustrated with it all, especially as DH is a teacher and 'isn't allowed' the first week back after the school holidays as paternity leave so is back at work, despite 'sleeping' on a chair in my room at the hospital at night. My mum is coming in during the day but am utterly miserable and very teary - just want to go home.

The babies were in NICU for a few days after birth and I haven't been able to get them to latch on at all, so am expressing and topping up with formula as needed - probably about 75% breast milk per feed at the moment.

I'm sure I'll be asking for lots of help over the next few weeks - thank you in advance wink

Eskarina Tue 03-Sep-13 13:34:25

I'll join you. My boys were born mid June so are 11 weeks now. Also have dd who was 2 last week. Actually quite sad I can no longer legitimately milk the sympathy of having 3 children under 2!

I'm breastfeeding too, but introduced a bedtime bottle of formula at about 8 weeks as they were feeding non stop from 4-10pm and I couldn't cope.

Sorry you had such a difficult day yesterday. Do you find though that the next day after an awful one is generally better, even if just by comparison. Do see someone about the mastitis if you haven't already. I had it mildly with dd and that was bad enough.

beachesandbuckets Tue 03-Sep-13 07:05:32

Know that there are various groups on Multiples but would be interested in swapping support with those who have had twins and more this Summer and dealing with newborns.

I have two older dcs (boy 5, girl 3) and had twin girls (non identical) at end of July.

Had a rubbish day yesterday, mastisis so feeling dreadful, dt2 wanted constant feeding all evening and was screaming/colicy, haven't had many meals this week without one or both of them crying or wanting to be picked up, and no sleep for month catching up on me. Am breastfeeding them both too, and felt I shld introduce mixed feeding so can get some help. Felt well and truly cheesed off by end of day.

Anyone else out there...

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