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Weaning and vomiting

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Twicethehugs Mon 02-Sep-13 09:36:44

That makes a lot more sense! Thanks again.

zoesmum2012 Sun 01-Sep-13 22:35:56

Yeah sorry smile soup like puree

Twicethehugs Sun 01-Sep-13 21:20:13

Thank you - tried the HV on Thursday but they were our and no-one rang me back. What do you mean by soap food, typo?

zoesmum2012 Sun 01-Sep-13 19:28:14

Hi don't know if this is anyhelp but my dd did that when weaning and when asked hv she said to give her puree like soap food insteed of finger/ mash and it worked did that for a month then started again she was fine good luck btw twin mums need a medal I think

Twicethehugs Sun 01-Sep-13 15:57:59

I'm planning on going to the g.p. tomorrow but as it's Sunday, any advice appreciated. We've been away and both twins were sick on 2 occasions (not just posseting) and 1 baby was sick once and the same one has just been sick again. I think at least one of the times we were away was a bug as I was sick too. But I think that for one baby it could be related to weaning ( neither were sick like this before we started on solids). They're having a mixture of mush and finger foods and the one that's been sick again has less interest esp in finger food. Both times recently she's had a toast finger, could this be the cause? The other twin is fine and happily playing while the sickly one has fallen asleep on my knee. they're 7 months old. Thanks.

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