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D'ya ever wonder how long the sun will last...?

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Sokmonsta Wed 14-Aug-13 06:58:34

Morning! Since its a sunny day here I thought I'd say sunny hellos. Unless of course anyone else has beat me to it and I've missed the new thread.

MultipleMama Tue 12-Nov-13 21:21:03

Oh god, the newborn days are in full swing. Artie has been a right miserable guts today. She hated being picked up today so we left her in the bouncer by his incubator. Apollo's transfusion went well - though his heart stopped again but was back quickly enough. Now we'll wait and see if he needs another one. We have a few friends and my cousin offering help plus my dad and Sunday housekeeper. Pacing myself promise.

Bubs - 5 gloves!! Holy cow. I love garlic like an Italian but that... Also, hope your mum settles in okay xx

Trips - I usually love weather like this but not with newborns and outdoorsy toddlers!

triplets Tue 12-Nov-13 23:03:19

grin giggling at 5 gloves grin just imagine fingers sticking out of the meatballs...............funny Mama!

Very very tired tonight, trying desperately to be nice to dd who lives in her landfill room, I give up asking her to keep it tidy, bless her though she is sat sewing for a textile project.........
Night night, sleep well x

Chopstheduck Wed 13-Nov-13 07:34:45

morning ladies

glad the transfusion went ok for Apollo, mama. xx

Hope today goes well, Bubby. I wish our neigbour's dog only barked during the day!

DD is def well into that horrid teenage stage. Give her an inch and she takes a mile, and keeps trying to be clever and has an answer for everything. God sometimes I swear I want to slap her! blush She keeps being very crude online, and is on her second facebook ban. Apparently it is 'funny' and everyone does it, and I am overreacting. I don't get what is funny about going on about gangbanging and threesomes.

Then the latest was posting about wanting to snog her friend. DD's friend is in a (gay) relationship with a girl two years older who has an eating disorder and self harms. dd has a bf. It all seems soo fucking complicated these days. The older girl is pansexual apparently, which I think means forming relationships purely on the basis of personality and not looks or gender. Isn't that bisexual?? No wonder dd gets confused(!)

They are only 13 ffs sad I find it all rather depressing. Too much too young.

DS1 thankfully is still lovely atm, and doing soo well at senior school. Made heaps of nice new friends, and is so much happier. Please don't let him turn into a horrid teenager too! I'm desperately hoping it is more of a girl/dd personality thing!

Regarding food tech, I absolutely refuse to follow school recipes! It's such a struggle these days with the rising costs of food to eat healthy and decent quality food, I can't bear to give dd things like chicken breasts and her to bring them home only fit for the bin. We 'adapt' school recipes into something edible and so far the teacher has been very impressed with dd's cooking grin

I don't actually think the garlic sounds too bad though! Depends if it's cooked slow and long enough to mellow it a bit. DD brought home a chicken curry recipe that had curry powder and chicken STOCK in it. Who the hell puts oxo in a curry???? And they teach the kids to cremate the chicken before any spices go anywhere near it. It practically bounced when it came home, nothing I could do about that.

shabbatheGreek Wed 13-Nov-13 07:38:44

Morning girls xx

MultipleMama Wed 13-Nov-13 10:02:42

Chops - There is nothing funny joking about things like that. Yes, you can joke about things - I do, but never would I do it in a crude manner online. I don't think you're overreacting.

Bisexual is someone who dates male and female gender. A pansexul is someone dates someone regardless of what gender they were born with. For example; transgender. And to get complicated an Asexual is a person who is not interested in or does not desire sexual activity, either within or outside of a relationship. I could list many more and confuse you haha.

The only cooking I did food tech was desserts and I was shocking. Luckily, having kids changed that haha.

A crisp, chilly day. So sat in the bay window with a good book and a sleeping Artie passed out in the sling. Any plans today, ladies? smile

Chopstheduck Wed 13-Nov-13 10:12:42

Oh thank you so much for clarifying that mama! I will have to explain that to dd, I don't think has it quite right.

Glad you don't think i am overeacting neither. I just wish I could get through to dd. I can't seem to find the words to explain why it is wrong. I've told her that it is on there forever, etc, future consequences. But it's more than that, I feel it is wrong from almost a feminist standpoint but I can't quite put it into words!

MultipleMama Wed 13-Nov-13 11:18:54

I think I can understand where you're coming from. Anyone can have access to the internet i.e future employers and even though you can delete posts the damage could have already been done. What may be funny to her and her friend could be seen as insensitve and rude to someone else reading which could lead to someone thinking that of your dd, as a person. And if she's following a crowd or doing it because her friends think it's funny then she'll get lump in with them. And it's not nice on you to witness. Hopefully, for your sanity, she grows out of it soon grin. It may be a passing phase.

MultipleMama Wed 13-Nov-13 16:50:45

Just found out our German next door neighbour has a bee farm! After my FIL mentioned that my son loved honey. We know have an agreement. He will make us a few jars of honey in exchange for a few jars of my Russian Grandmother's raspberry preserve and that we come visit his farm. Oh and just had the word that all rooms minus the nurseries and ours are fully decorated and now just need us to fill it with furniture! smile

I was hesitant about moving to Germany but now I'm ready for a new adventure and cannot wait to explore with DH.

bubby64 Wed 13-Nov-13 19:24:23

Chops - I totally understand your reservations re the facebook chat. My 2 also keep going on about threesomes etc, but this is verbally amongst their friends, not on social media, if fact, both are disillusioned with facebook atm, as they both suffered some cyber-bullying, they havent been on for a while now.
Mama -It sounds as if they have the decorating of your house well under control, how lovely it will be to move in with it all ready for you! I metioned to dh earlier this year about us getting a bee hive, but J is terrified of bee's and wasps. so that idea went down the spoutgrinHope Apollo has had a good day.
Trips - I am trying to ignore the boys rooms, but at least they cleaned their fishtanks out last weekend.
The spicy meatballs were nice! He had added a bit too much cumin, but there than that, yes, very nice, He only added 1 clove to the meatballs, and 1 to the tomato sauce (which was actually lovely!) This was enough, i think, any more would have overpowered them. I just cooked some pasta and tea was sortedgrin!
Mum was moved into her home today, so it was a bit stressful, but she liked her room, in which DB1 had already hung her pictures and put out her photos and some of her ornaments. Mum actually said it was nice to be "home". The staff were lovely, and one of the other residents relatives happened to be there, and she was really praising the staff and saying how well her grandmother was looked after, which was reassuring. And just before I left her, one of the homes resident cats had settled down on mums lap!

shabbatheGreek Wed 13-Nov-13 21:21:58

Awww Bubby - hope your Mum is soon settled and happy. Such a worry when the people we have always relied on to be the strong ones, the providers, the 'sorter outers,' quite simply get old and sometimes poorly. sad My parents ill health has 'floored' me - haven't felt this sad since I lost my two precious boys.

I like the cat settling with your Mum xxx

Chopstheduck Thu 14-Nov-13 07:24:49

Aw Bubby that does sound lovely. I love the cat thing too, it def sounds like you have found her a lovely homely place.

shabbatheGreek Thu 14-Nov-13 08:09:09

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Thu 14-Nov-13 08:37:21

Morning ladies. Sorry not been around properly for a couple of days, felt like death warmed up. Dh had to come home from work early Tuesday so I could go to bed. Felt better yesterday morning so plodded through until dh finished work, cooked tea and went to bed again. Think I've worked out what it was now. Very gross and far tmi. But fingers crossed I'm over the worst. Just feel achey and a little fluey so off to gp later to check no harm done.

Mama. I hope Apollo is doing well. Sounds like artemis is settling into family life nicely!

Bubs. Glad you've found a lovely home for your mum. It makes it so much easier to visit if you like the place as well.

Trips. Hope the teens are behaving now. I have a nearly 14 year old niece who I think is a bit naive at times. It's sweet and endearing, but I worry that she will suddenly find herself in a world she doesn't much understand. Of course, I could be the one being naive and she might be discussing all these things, just not in a public forum. She wants to join the police so I have had a chat with her in the past about how things she puts online could be seen in the future by employers, and how they may not always be seen in a positive light. I'm still careful now about what I put online about work as it could come back and bite dh on the bum. Although I did have to laugh yesterday as they were doing a live exercise (has to be treated as if it were an actual incident) and dh asked me to ring and try and get through to him. I shouldn't have been able to but somehow I managed to speak to him directly. Big, big whoops. A lot of very red faces in debrief apparently.

Sokmonsta Thu 14-Nov-13 08:38:48

Chops even! Sorry, not reading properly.

Trips - I was the teen with a tip as a room blush mt idea of tidying was to shove everything under the bed. I have got better, I promise. But I now put it down to my perfectionist streak as things get messy until I can find the home they need to be in, rather than just any space that happens to be away c

MultipleMama Thu 14-Nov-13 10:32:37

It's official, K has a cold. So DH and I swapping up the routine so I'll be staying in the parent room with Artie until it goes. Breastfed him before school and left him some in storage for mornings/bedtimes while I'm away, along with the twins.

Apollo is doing a little better, he only had 6 Bradys yesterday. Still sedated slightly but hoping to take him off on Monday smile

Chopstheduck Thu 14-Nov-13 11:27:46

I think the problem is that they can do all the talk, but she really isn't ready for any of that. Found out from ds that she finished with her bf a couple of days ago. He seemed a really nice lad, but he seemed to be very full on right from the off and she wasn't ready for any of that. I'm glad she had the strength and sense to stop it though, quite proud of her for that. We were chatting about it all last week, and she seemed like she wanted to finish it but was worried about the repercussions at school as they do have to see each other a fair bit.

Well done, Apollo, keep fighting! xx

Hope you are feeling better soon Soks xx

Dd's room is almost permanently a tip. I was actually fairly tidy as a child, though only because my parents refused to let me be messy. Then when I moved out, I was absolutely disgusting. Piles of mess everywhere, mould growing in cups. I lived in a caravan on a holiday park while I worked a season in catering, long hours spent either working or partying, tidying up or cleaning def wasn't a priority! Was such fun though grin

MultipleMama Thu 14-Nov-13 11:51:59

My room used to be tip; first it was piles of clean clothes that I'll put away "later", then mucky clothes and then random mess. I'd do a big clean at the end of month though. Dad would threaten to stop my trust funds if I didn't and at 13 that was the end of the world. At 15 all that changed when I met DH and got my first major crush.

Never had the pleasure of living alone went straight from my parents to DH. Quite glad though or I probably would have a hoarder with 30 dogs instead of cats.

Chops - It's good that she has a head of her shoulders like that and not afraid to do what's best for her when boys are concerned. Mature of her to do that.

shabbatheGreek Fri 15-Nov-13 08:48:00

Morning girls xx

Tom had his Presentation night last night. Picked up a folder with all his certificates in. I found it so touching to see all his year, no longer little kids, march across the stage, so confident, and pick up the sheets of paper they had worked so hard to get. Must admit I felt a bit teary!!....''

Sokmonsta Fri 15-Nov-13 10:41:57

Aargh! Arse and fecking government emoloyer! That will be all! Dashing round getting ready for a night away - no children!!! Back after some laughs with Micky Flanagan I'm sure.

triplets Fri 15-Nov-13 15:17:01

and I`m off to Wembley.............England da da da England

shabbatheGreek Fri 15-Nov-13 16:22:13

Hope its warmer Darn Sarf than it is here 'ooop Norff' or you will be freezing your bits off Trips!! Enjoy and lets hope they win!!

Chopstheduck Fri 15-Nov-13 17:20:36

oh trips, only half hour from me!

It is fecking freezing too, wrap up well!

MultipleMama Fri 15-Nov-13 21:02:43

So someone sent me a link to another Katie Hopkins interview, this one with Peaches Geldof. Oh, that woman makes me mad. I don't like the label, I've never associated with it but I guess I am a "AP" mum because I do all of the 7 B's. Katie reminds me of Leonard's (big bang theory) mother. So unattached!

Anyway... just came on to say I may not be on as much as Apollo has developed ARDS from the Sepsis, so it's all a whirlwind and exhausting xx

bubby64 Fri 15-Nov-13 22:44:06

Thoughts are with you Mama- spend your time and energy on your lityle boy, dont worry about us.♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

bubby64 Fri 15-Nov-13 22:52:29

Trips- hope you had a good dvening, and havent turned into a human popsicle.
Shabs- Those little sheets of paper are just so important, you have every right to be proud of your lad.
House of pestilence here, got a call from school this lunchtime to say J had been very sick, then M came home coughing like mad and with a temp, now I have very sore throat and feel crap. Dare not visit mum like this, so been trying to sort out her flat instead. I didnt realise how muvh tat she had tucked away there, and this is not helped by the way she has lately "tidied" everything away, I have to check every box, book, magazine etc for things that have been tucked inside them.

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