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D'ya ever wonder how long the sun will last...?

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Sokmonsta Wed 14-Aug-13 06:58:34

Morning! Since its a sunny day here I thought I'd say sunny hellos. Unless of course anyone else has beat me to it and I've missed the new thread.

Chopstheduck Wed 14-Aug-13 07:06:55

Hey soks!

It's been very sunny here! Hopefully I will bring some back with me at the weekend.

Thanks for the pm smile

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 07:16:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbatheGreek Wed 14-Aug-13 07:17:51

Up t'Norff I wonder 'D'ya ever wonder if they sun will ever appear!!!' grin

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Wed 14-Aug-13 07:18:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sokmonsta Wed 14-Aug-13 07:19:55

Oh Shabs! We've had a couple of overcast days. Woke up today to a glorious one. Sending sunny vibes your way (but only if you share).

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 07:21:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbatheGreek Wed 14-Aug-13 07:25:04

Just had a look at our weather forecast - its currently 12 degrees, grey, cloudy and I am debating about putting the heating on!!! So we have dropped roughly 30 degrees since we were in Greece last week!!!!!!! I DID have a lovely suntan grin

Chopstheduck Wed 14-Aug-13 08:32:29

It was 42 in Greece?? shock

It was only 3C higher in Death Valley!

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 08:37:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cheerymum Wed 14-Aug-13 08:41:53

Thanks for the new thread Soks. Am off for a scan this am as on of my twins wasn't growing so well last time. Hoping to come home again, not be kept in for a C section! Bit tense! But the sun is lovely and am looking forward to joining all you multiple mamas sooner or later with actual twins on the outside world rather than the inside!
All being well I'll be on the beach with my dd tomorrow!

shabbatheGreek Wed 14-Aug-13 08:51:05

Yep Chops shock I remember the day well LOL - 1st August I woke up very early. Went out of the apartment door and was instantly sweating LOL. Our average temperature was in the high 30's and it hardly changes at night. Sun is up about 5 and doesn't go down until at least 9pm. Was so hot but wonderful. I know it is hot when the staff and locals are sweating!!! When it got to around lunch time everybody was trying to find shade.

We have been to Rhodes the last two weeks in October. It is still around the 70's (thats in old 'money') but they get a lot of rain at night - which means you have to sit in the bar and shelter grin

Luckily we have air conditioning in the apartment.

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 10:37:55

Ruby - <<bottom lips wobbles>>
Sok - Hope Josh is okay! Hope the sun lasts too!
Shabs - I miss being up t'Norff. I miss being around those who speak the same!
Chops - You enjoying your finals days on hol?

Packing my bag and waiting for my dad to pick me up. Want to give my chaos creators big hugs!I want to eat, relax, and sleep in that order!

Weather is lovely here too so may sleep on back deck with my afghan.

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 10:42:28

I think the newbie on the old threat posted to get on the 1000 post craze and Trips got the ladt word haha!

Oh and Morning, Trips! smile

shabbatheGreek Wed 14-Aug-13 10:56:55

MN is a weird place!!! Mystery 'last minute' newbie doesn't even have multiples hmm Ah well - nowt as queer as folks!!

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 11:38:53

She wants to be where the cool kids are haha.

That reminds me... have watched Queer as Folk in a while. I will rectify that tonight!

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 11:46:26

And OMG I miss hearing the words nowt and owt. I asked the nurse yesterday to 'put t'wood in t'oil' and she looked at me like I was crazy!

... totally random whiney post!

bubby64 Wed 14-Aug-13 12:05:01

Morning All, just popping on to say thanks to Soks for the new thread. Just bought myself mobility buggy off ebay, worked out cheaper than keep hiring one, and, hopefulky, I'll be able to sell it next year when ankle is fully healed. R keeps singing [[ this]] whenever I get on itsmile

bubby64 Wed 14-Aug-13 12:11:02

Try that link again link

triplets Wed 14-Aug-13 12:29:46

Afternoon all.........well I would eat my b/fast and lunch in my lovely garden if it wasn`t for the scaffolders next door...........4 of them in their 20`s, no shirts....all good lookers.....the language! tut tut..............oh if I was only 30 years younger grin

shabbatheGreek Wed 14-Aug-13 12:45:02

PMSL <<packs her spotty hankie on the end of a stick and heads off darn Sarf>>

triplets Wed 14-Aug-13 15:32:04

<<Trips gets out z bed, cleans up her des res shed for Shabs, sends kids up the shop for apple juice and Monster Munch, sorts out spare dressing gown and flip flops as knows her friend will be travelling light>>

shabbatheGreek Wed 14-Aug-13 15:44:50

LMFWAO......oh aye I always travel light Trips grin

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 20:41:30

I love, love, love coconut. DH made me some lovely Vegan Carrot Soup with Coconut for dinner, it was heaven in my mouth. And coconut pumpkin pie for dessert. I love my DH when he cooks me food!

rubyrubyruby Wed 14-Aug-13 20:53:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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