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NCT for twin pregnancy?

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SweetieTime Thu 08-Aug-13 20:27:30

I am currently expecting twins later in the year and loads of people have asked if we will be doing a NCT course. I don't know if it is as relevant for twins but maybe it could be a good network for new Mums going through the same things. I know the courses get booked up so don't want to miss out if they are useful and can be recommended for twin pregnancies. There is nothing on the NCT website either way.

Has anyone done NCT for a twin pregnancy and did you find it a useful experience?

charlieandlola Thu 08-Aug-13 20:30:43

I wouldn't recommend it, no.
I was the only "twin" mum and it was entirely geared to first time singleton mums who wanted no drugs and had useful supportive husbands/partners.
No mention of CS, SCBU, Twin to Twin, or anything "scary" that might disrupt the bubble of perfect motherhood.
You will feel shit if you have been and have even the smallest amount of medical intervention and it will leave you entirely unprepared for life as a twin mum, higher likelihood of prematurity/SCBU etc.
Find a twins club, if you really want support.
Good luck to you.

blondieminx Thu 08-Aug-13 20:32:41

The NCT has a section on twins and the antenatal class teachers will probably be able to tell you where the local twins groups are. I would really recommend NCT classes, 3.7 years on we are all still meeting up weekly! smile

I'm guessing you will already have found TAMBA ?

Congratulations, btw! smile

FreeButtonBee Thu 08-Aug-13 20:33:13

Yes! I did it- they covered c sections really well (did a mock up of who would be inthe room and what they would do to me) which was really useful as mine were breech.

I am still in touch with 4 out of 5 couples and probably meet them once a week, together or individually. For me, the biggest issue was becoming a mother, not having twins (although twins is pretty mind blowing!) so others in that position was really useful. They also live really near by which has been a big help.

I also joined a twins club but the people in it are a bit more obsessed with twin stuff plus are further away and none of them are bfing or are as wimpy as me (much more a Controlledd Crying crowd) so my NCT crowd suit my personality better. I would still recommend trying to find a twins group if you can, for the sales board if nothing else. You could save a fortune!

ceeveebee Thu 08-Aug-13 20:38:59

I did just a standard NCT course, and met a few really nice local women, we saw each other very regularly throughout maternity leave and still meet up every couple of weeks now (2 years later). Our NCT teacher put me in contact with other twin mums-to-be in the local area too.

We also did a one day TAMBA course and again managed to make some contacts. That gave me a lot more twin specific info.

Personally, I used the NCT course simply to make friends, and didn't mind that they weren't multiple mums - in fact I found it can be quite hard to arrange meet-ups with groups of twin mums as (1) nowhere has enough space for all the double buggies and (2) a lot trickier to align routines/nap times etc - my "singleton" friends tended to fit round me and (3) they could lend a hand whereas twin mums have their hands full already (totally selfish reasons...)

Do you have a local twins club?

schmee Thu 08-Aug-13 20:43:05

Another who says definitely find a twins club, but give the NCT classes a try. Motherhood was a really different experience for to the rest of my NCT group, but every has different experiences anyway.

My NCT leader was really good and included bits on c sections and drugs in a non judgemental way. I have experienced the other kind of NCT leader on a refresher course for my second pregnancy, so I understand where Charlieandlola is coming from. It might be worth phoning your local NCT branch to explain your concerns, as they may have different leaders with different approaches. They may also be able to put you with other twin mothers in your group. Certainly make your situation clear in the first session - you should be asked what you want to get out of the course. Also, I needed to insist to the NCT co-ordinator that I wanted to be on a course with people with an EDD four to five weeks later than mine (because term with twins is 35-36 weeks rather than 40). She was really reluctant but I'm glad I did because all the babies were born within 2 weeks of each other. Another twin mother missed her course because her babies were born at 31 weeks, before the course had started.

My NCT group met regularly from the outset, whereas man of the twin mothers from my hospital multiples antenatal group didn't feel up to meeting until the babies were older.

blondieminx Thu 08-Aug-13 20:43:33

charlieandlola congrats on your twins and I'm really sorry about that experience of classes sad, our teacher covered sections and drugs and as it happens 3 out of 8 couples babies arrived prematurely. One was in SCBU for a long time. Now he's the tallest/broadest kid in the group!

NCT is not all about vaginal birth with no drugs and extreme breast feeding grin. It is for meeting new parents going through the same baby stage as you, and for the support!

There are not many mums who have a wholly "perfect" start to new motherhood wink , everyone seems to have something whether it be complications during pregnancy/birth or a tricky start to dealing with a new baby!

SweetieTime Thu 08-Aug-13 21:04:49

Thanks for all the replies, it is good to have a mixture of experiences. I am thinking of the support network this would offer as this is my first pregnancy. Most of my RL friends have kids who are at school now so it would be nice to have my own circle of new Mums. I think there is a twins group at my local Mothercare and an online local FB group so I will look at those too.

I have checked TAMBA and there is a session called Practical Preparing for Parenting but it is about 20 miles from us. I am not sure I will meet parents that it will be practical to meet up with regularly. It is only £5 each so might be worth going along anyway for any tips and advice, and if we do meet people it would be an added bonus.

Schmee that is a good suggestion to give them a call and actually speak to them, not sure why I hadn't thought of this. I think I will ask about classes with a similar EDD to me as you mention.

andadietcoke Thu 08-Aug-13 22:55:17

We've done the NCT course and the TAMBA practical parenting seminar. The NCT course I did solely to meet local mums with babies of a similar age, and we both found it really useful. I told the leader in advance that the hospital had recommended an epidural if I have a natural birth so they wouldn't be too preachy. What actually happened was that one of the other dads was an anaesthetist and he did the epidural bit so there was limited opportunity for scaremongering! I found the breast feeding bit okay - just applied a filter to everything I heard and accepted it might not apply to me. On our course Saturday was about the birth, but Sunday was more about what to do after they arrive - nappies, practical coping techniques etc

The TAMBA one was useful - lots of practical advice but I haven't stayed in touch with anyone as we were so geographically disparate. There was more stuff about what to expect if they're premature, and what equipment to buy etc.

If you have any questions about either feel free to ask - we've done them both within the last month or so!

KnackeredCow Fri 09-Aug-13 20:33:02

I did NCT classes and have met weekly with the other mums ever since. Their support has been invaluable, and it really helped me get out and about in the early days.

In fact I had an emergency c-section at 34+6 due to severe pre-eclampsia. One of the other ladies had an emergency c-section at 32+5 due to severe pre-eclampsia just 3 days later. We were both in hospital at the same time (and visited each other grin for moral support). Our babies were also in SCBU at the same time. The mutual support was so important, especially with the bumpy start!

Our NCT class did cover c-sections, epidurals, interventions, assisted deliveries and inductions etc.

I am also a member of a twins club but we meet more infrequently and so the friendships are taking much longer to grow. Twins club is quite formal but I meet with my NCT friends in cafes and parks and we spend a lot of time just relaxing or going on days out.

DH has also become friends with the NCT dads too.

SweetieTime Fri 09-Aug-13 21:44:07

I have spoken to DH about doing the NCT, I thought he might be reluctant, but he said he would be up for it. So I think I am going to make further enquiries. There is one showing on the NCT page that is very local to me and fits well with my dates.

The info does also say it covers c-sections etc, but if they seem to be glossing over those bit I will speak up or ask for more info at the end of the session.

VegPatchLurker Fri 09-Aug-13 21:48:07

I met my best friend at NCT class. There were only 2 couples there - us (having twins) and them. Was brill and covered all eventualities.

KnackeredCow Fri 09-Aug-13 22:28:40

Our NCT teacher asked us to set the agenda. Unfortunately, I probably didn't ask the questions I needed to. The one I missed was: "what happens and how do you cope if you have a prem baby?". 60% of twins, according to NICE are born before 37 weeks (term). That's what NCT missed. Also, I booked on a course due to finish when I was 36 weeks exactly. It was a 7 session course over 9 weeks (two week break over Christmas). I delivered at 34+6 missing the last two sessions. I would advise, with twins, to try to book on one that completes by the time you're 32 weeks.

andadietcoke Fri 09-Aug-13 23:32:33

We covered c-sections a fair bit including discussion about 'natural c-sections' which was a new concept to me!

SweetieTime Sat 10-Aug-13 08:02:39

The course I am looking at is 4 x 3 hour Sunday afternoon sessions. The last session would be when I will be 35+5. I suppose this will be cutting it a bit fine but it might be worth the risk as I am wanting it more for the new Mum network than anything else.

KnackeredCow Sat 10-Aug-13 17:06:49

Is there a course that takes place over more weeks or finishes earlier? If you say delivered at 34 weeks (and I really hope you don't) you'd only get to two sessions. That wouldn't give much time to get to know the other parents. I managed 5 sessions, the last being the day I was 34 weeks. Those took place over 7 weeks so I had loads of time to get to know the others on the course. I think that helped. To be honest though, a lot will depend on who's in your class and sometimes it's just luck.

Cornwall73 Sat 10-Aug-13 20:50:26

I agree that the best thing would be to talk to the course leader about dates and what they would cover/tailor to a twin pg. They seem to differ from area to area.

I didn't bother doing ours as a friend had done our local one 9 mths before and described it as very much geared towards couples in early 30s expecting their first singletons with a big emphasis on med-free natural birth and birth feeding. I would have also struggled to get DH to commit to a long course as his job takes him away occasionally or has to deal with short deadlines. I have done several TAMBA courses (breast feeding and parenting multiples) and our own hospital multiples ante-natal class which I found were tailored to our needs and what we needed. At our NHS class there were a few younger couples who had also done NCT and were full of ideas of water births, no meds etc.. yet had to then understand how multiples are cared for and delivered at our hospital (you can labour in a room all you like but they will encourage an epidural and you will deliver in theatre in case twin 2 turns for example and there has to be further intervention). Everything is negotiable with the consultant of course and depends on your pg to date but I did overhear them say that they had wasted their money on NCT and it was an expensive way to make friends.

Our twin club is quite good and they buddy you up with another twin mum and have monthly meet ups.

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