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Breastfeeding twins, both at one or one at a time?

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Bibblebo Thu 08-Aug-13 14:11:03

I breastfed my son for two and a half years so have experience. Now expecting twins and plan to EBF them. I have bought (begrudgingly) the Gina Ford twins book and find the feeding routine looks sensible (one at a time and on a tight schedule). It doesn't look as if with this routine either would have long enough on the breast though. I'd love to hear your breastfeeding multiples experiences smile

Eskarina Tue 03-Sep-13 13:30:44

My twins are 11 weeks and I'm bf them. I do a mix of tandem and single feeding when at home. Usually start a feed with them both latched on then when they finish I burp them and put them back on separately as I'm not convinced that their latch is great when tandem feeding so at least they get some time on their own, but the one not feeding has at least had some milk.

ShesADreamer Sun 08-Sep-13 02:36:20

Fab thread! So good to hear everyone's experiences.
My non-id boys are now 6.5 months. No new advice as such but wanted to add lovely things specifically about bfing twins:

Tandem feeding really helped the littler twin get to grips with bfing in the early days as his brother would get a good let down going so he didn't have to work so hard. Really helped him gain the necessary weight to get going himself.

When you feed both in the rugby hold they are looking straight at each other. They really seemed to bond because of this and started interacting much earlier than my two bottle feeding friends' twins of the same age. They are still now much more affectionate and chatty (babbly) with each other. (It will all even out as they get older but it's very sweet to see when they're so small).

Bfing meant I had my hands free to do things with DD(3) and DS(11). zimmy has eloquently described how useful this can be! DD and I could still do crafts/read books etc. I don't think I could have done this with bottle feeding.

Once feeding is established, the ease of bfing - esp for night feeds - is something you'll be doubly grateful for.

You really can scoff all the cake your heart desires and the baby weight will melt off!

Disclaimer: It was hugely demanding in the early weeks and, with multiples, I think you need an element of luck for it to work for all of you. while it's lovely, none of it will matter in a couple of years time so if bfing gets scuppered by hospital stay etc there are still so many fantastic things about twins.

Bigbird01 Sat 05-Oct-13 23:08:32

I had to FF, EBF to start with, but once my milk production picked up I tandem fed my two at every feed and kept going until just before their first birthday.
I had a very good twin feeding pillow (the EZ2 feed foam one from twins uk) which I took with me everywhere. Ok I never fed them in coffee shops, but I did go to plenty of baby and toddler groups, soft plays, friends houses etc - anywhere that was breast feeding friendly really. I always fed them on the same side as I had the nursery set up so that I could sit between their cots and lift them onto the pillow. It did have a slight drawback that my right boob was noticeably bigger than my left for a year as my son was a very hungry boy! smile
I fed them both on demand of the first so I quickly got to a point where I had a clear 3 hours between feeds. So much better than the first few weeks of hell, when I seemed to be feeding, expressing or sterilising bottles constantly!
The other advantage of tandem feeding is that you don't get half way through one feed and get the other screaming until they are purple waiting for you to finish. If one finished quicker than the other they were more than happy to have a little cuddle and a snooze by my side.

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