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Eleven week old twins... Evening crying

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Starfish1980 Wed 24-Jul-13 19:00:43

My twins have always been grumpy wee things, mainly due to suspected cows milk protein intolerance. They have been getting a little better but now every night between 5.30 and 8/8.30 bedtime ( after their feed) is a horror show of screaming. It is proper blood curdling stuff, often accompanied by their special noxious farts. They cry themselves into an exhausted frenzy, fall asleep then come back for another bout in a few minutes. We just can't wait to put them to bed for the night. Is this what is referred to as colic? Do they need an earlier bedtime and this is over tiredness? Once they are down they are not too bad.

nextphase Thu 25-Jul-13 18:39:20

It could be colic. What happens if you put them in the pushchair and go for a walk? Mine often calmed down if I took them outside? Not sure if the logistics of 2 would allow that tho!

Have you looked up baby massage techniques to release gasses? Might be worth a go??

Do they scrunch their legs up? If not, sounds like what I call the witching hours - small people and evenings don't seem to mix. Til mine were about 18 months, and older if they were tired, evenings can be very fraught.

toomuchpink Thu 25-Jul-13 21:10:26

Agree might be colic, might be just typical for that time of day. I always said I largely enjoyed my twins and toddler up til 3pm but the last hours of the day were sooo hard. If you are getting them to bed by half eight most days at nine weeks that's pretty good going. Baby massage, baths, some music, anything to distract them and get you through the time is worth trying. It is tough going, but they do get past it, just not quickly enough! Gina Ford's routine has a 20 min nap at 5pm, if I remember correctly, which I presume is intended to avoid overtiredness without affecting bed time sleep. I never implemented it though.

Starfish1980 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:51:45

Thank you xxxx sometines it is definitely their tummy trouble but most of the time it is just random screaming and they certainly wind each other up!! A walk sometimes works but often it seems that dummies and swaddling is the only solution. We put them to bed at 7.30pm tonight and they went down with minimum fuss once dummies and swaddles were in place. Maybe two hours of yelling and early bed is the solution for now, i just feel that we miss out on a huge chunk of the day just triaging their moods and they aren't getting enough to help them develop, just dummies. I started baby massage with my mum today which is positive.

TinaO99 Sat 27-Jul-13 20:21:16

starfish I have 9 week old twins and mine are exactly the same from around 6pm onwards, I've also brought bedtime forward to 7-7.15 now which has helped, I believe it's overtiredness as it doesn't seem to be colic!

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