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Hospital bag--what was/is in yours?

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Cornwall73 Fri 12-Jul-13 21:33:24

Nope totally understandable! Given the heat forecast this weekend I have decided I want my body back! I want to be able to bend again!!! And lie on a bed or sofa how I want without being worried that I am squashing them or my lungs are scrunched up and I cannot breathe.

We have given ourselves until the 31 July to get everything ready, having some work done to the house (decorating externally and new carpets on the stairs) so just in the home straight now. As from the 1st Aug they can come whenever they like!

Linguaphile Fri 12-Jul-13 19:33:04

Yeah, I heard that stat too! Was a bit of a kick up the backside to get myself sorted! Is it horrible that I hope they'll come a little early so I don't have to be pregnant anymore?

Cornwall73 Fri 12-Jul-13 15:54:02

By the way the consultant warned that babies have their own agenda and up to 60% of non id twins arrive before the booked date so don't get too hung up on dates!

twinteresting Fri 12-Jul-13 15:44:56


Cornwall73 Fri 12-Jul-13 15:26:41

Hullo, no it's the list the twin midwife gave us but it wouldn't surprise me if she had cross checked it with the Tamba one. I must admit that it is good to have an 'end date', I would have loved to hold on until September 1st but that wasn't going to happen given that ill be 40 wks on the 2nd Sept. our hospital policy is to induce or csection by 38 wks with non id twins and cause I had discussed birth options with the midwife and the perinatal team (because of my anxiety and a touch of ante natal depression) the consultant was more than happy to accept our request.

Packed the bags yesterday, very scary and making it very real!!!!

Linguaphile Fri 12-Jul-13 12:39:20

Thanks, Cornwall--was that the TAMBA list? I think that's what I eventually ended up looking at.

Really surprised you're already booked in for your section! I accidentally missed my appt last week confused, so I might be behind there. I'm still debating about a section or an induction, but feels like 37+4 would be quite a good date because it's the 1st of September and we can squeeze under the age barrier for school!

Congrats on having such lovely healthy babies! I do worry that the tiny baby stuff will be too small for ours as we're both quite long people, so am mostly buying newborn stuff.

Twicethehugs Thu 11-Jul-13 17:03:46

Your OH may need to take some snacks in too (not that I'm food obsessed at all !)

Cornwall73 Thu 11-Jul-13 11:33:05

Hi! We went to our hospital antenatal class and got given this list:

•Maternity notes
•Books, magazines if being induced

•Old nightdress/t-shirt to give birth in
•Flip flops/easy shoes
•Lip balm
•Bottle of water/sport drink
•High energy snacks
•Food for birth partner
•Hair band
•Phone Charger

Post Natal:
•Maternity pads
•Old/disposable knickers
•Dressing gown
•Nightdress/PJs with front opening for BF
•BF bras
•Breast pads

•Cotton wool
•Sunflower oil (good for skin and removing first poos!)
•Baby blanket
•Hat x2
•Vests x10
•Baby grows x10

Going Home:
•Car seats
•Change of clothes for mum

The MW did say that if having a section to add a couple of more nighties/PJs in case there is a longer stay and your first pair gets very messy. Also a plastic bag/s to put dirty clothing in. At our hospital partners are encouraged to stay overnight as each bed in a bay of four has a reclining chair so they need a change of clothes/toiletries too.

I'll take a couple of vests and baby grows up to 5lb but the rest of the clothes will be newborn/up to 7.5lb. At my scan yesterday (32+2) they were already an estimated 4lb 12oz and 4lb 6oz. I have a section booked for the 15th August (37+3) if they don't make an appearance earlier.

HighVoltage Wed 10-Jul-13 08:39:58

Great snacks to take (if you like) would be prunes or dried apricots as they are great for energy, iron and most importantly make first bowel movements much easier.

Make sure any drinks aren't too acidic as I was guzzling orange juice with DS1 only to find out it was causing him tummy trouble. Apple juice, mango juice, most banana-based smoothies better.

I also took my favourite herbal tea and a big cup that could take cold and hot drinks as the thimbles of Nhs tea don't really cut it (and would rather avoid caffeine).

My most ridiculous and optional additions to your toiletries would be waterproof mascara and tinted moisturiser - if you wear any make up normally and you're there for a few days.

Good luck - exciting getting the bag packed! Oh, and think about breast feeding friendly clothes (shirts that open, vests you can pull up/down) to lay out at home otherwise if you do need OH to bring more clothes to you you might end up wearing v odd combinations (I speak from experience).

(Tried to post just now and think it failed, apols if dupe.)

MultipleMama Tue 09-Jul-13 21:41:12

Twice I had snacks too, hospitals need to have a better Vegetarian system.

Twicethehugs Tue 09-Jul-13 12:51:16

The hospital I went to had a list e.g. We had to take towels for babies in too. It really depends how long you and the babies are in for after birth which you won't know til after they're born! I agree just take the stuff you'll need for the first day (separate bag for you and babies makes it easier to find stuff), then get someone to bring/buy other things you need. I had quite a few snacks which I was glad of as it seemed hard to get decent vegetarian food in the hospital and I was really hungry after the birth. All the best x

andadietcoke Tue 09-Jul-13 07:51:50

I've bought all 'tiny baby' up to 7lb stuff - should I get some bigger ones too?

Otherwise your bag looks very much like mine. I've also got a small pack of size 0 nappies, lucozade, sweets, ear plugs/eye mask (in case I end up going in early), and kindle/iPad etc. blankets for the babies will stay in the car with the car seats, but I've got little cardigans as well in case this is the only summer we get!!

neversleepagain Mon 08-Jul-13 22:51:33

For the babies I took (up to 7lbs) vests and sleepsuits from mothercare.

Vests - 4 each
Sleepsuits - 4 each
Hats - 2 each

chesticles Mon 08-Jul-13 22:35:22

Yup, total smile. If the babies are small they can go in the tiny vest & babygrow each, and if they need changed (eg if they are sick on the clothes, or a nappy leaks) then you can put them in the bigger stuff. If they are a bit bigger they can go in the bigger stuff, and there is still a spare set for each. In the 1st 24 hours they'll not get through much stuff. The hospital has socks/hats etc you can borrow if need be, but normally hospitals are so warm they'll not need socks if they have footed sleepsuits.

MultipleMama Mon 08-Jul-13 22:35:08

I took;

Babies -
4 x Newborn vests.
4 x Newborn Sleep suits.
2 x Tiny vests.
2 x Tiny suits.
2 x Coats (born in cold English Sept)
2 x Scratch mits & hats.
4 x Gdiapers + disposables.
2 x blankets.
Then wipes, cream etc.

Me -
1 x pillow.
1 x slippers.
1 x 10 maternity pads.
2 x 3 pack full briefs in black.
1 x nursing bra.
1 x vest and shorts PJs.
Trousers and t-shirt to go home in.

Linguaphile Mon 08-Jul-13 21:57:37

That's total, right? Not per baby? Good tips about extra bag at home!

chesticles Mon 08-Jul-13 21:48:04

I think you probably have too many baby clothes. I would takes 4 x vests and 4x babygrows, in newborn size, and maybe 2x vest and 2x baby grow in tiny size. And 2hats and 2sets on scratch its. The rest I would leave at home andask your dh to take in 24hours after birth. Otherwise you'll end up with a massive bag that you can't fine anything in. If you have all the other bits in a bag prepacked at home he can easily take it in for you. He can also take all your labour bits home. I had far too much stuff with me and on the ward with 2cribs beside the bed there was no room to move!
Congratulations. Enjoy your babies when they arrive

HappyAsASandboy Mon 08-Jul-13 21:27:25

You've got lots of things I didn't take, but we're all different grin

Extras I think you should think about:

Sports cap bottle for drinking out of lying down/reclined
Squash to add flavour to the terrible room temp water in your jug
Biscuits/Pringles to stave off the hunger between stodgy meals
Big pants in two sizes up from tesco or similar (instead of scratchy disposables). Get black and you can wash them and wear them for a few years months post birth too.
A notepad and pen for writing stuff down when your brain won't remember it
Phone charger
Spare pillow in a bright pillow case to help you be comfortable in bed (bright case so don't forget to take it home)

Linguaphile Mon 08-Jul-13 21:20:22

Just putting together my bags, so I'd love to know what went into yours and what you actually needed/didn't need. Particularly curious about clothes for the babies--exactly how many of each thing in each size did you pack?

I feel so out of it with my bags and am not sure what I do/don't need! Here's what I've got so far, so can you tell me what's superfluous and what I need more of? I'm 30 weeks, so it'll be warm out when they're born.

For the babies:

- Babygrows (all plain white and secondhand, with feet without hand protectors): 3 in tiny baby, 4 in newborn
- Vests/bodysuits: 5 colourful ones in tiny with short sleeves, 3 plain white in tiny without sleeves, 3 plain white newborn with long sleeves
- 2 little sleeveless summer rompers in tiny
- 3 hats (stupid packs of 3 and 5 everywhere are killing me!)
- 4 pairs scratch mittens
- 2 sleep gowns in newborn
- 5-pack of newborn socks
- 1 pack of newborn nappies
- 1 pack of wipes
- 1 small bag of cotton wool
- 1 pack of eco-friendly nappy bags
- 3 bamboo swaddle blankets (the muslin aiden & anais kind)
- double breast pump
- 2 sets going home babygrows, 1 set tiny baby, 1 set in newborn

For me:
- 24 pack of thick maternity towels
- 1 tube nipple cream
- 1 deep v-neck maternity/nursing nightie
- 1 old black nightie for birth
- 30 pack of breast pads
- 10 disposable pairs of maternity briefs
- 2 nursing vests
- 1 pair comfy yoga pants
- 1 comfy shorts/t-shirt set
- 1 pair flip-flops
- 1 towel
- toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush/paste, lotion)
- 1 comfy maxi dress

What do you guys think? Any suggestions for alterations would be much appreciated!

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