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19 months and it's suddenly got a lot harder! Sleep help please!!!

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Moggie1 Mon 24-Jun-13 20:23:12

Hi all

We thought we had sleeping sussed until we went to France for a week. My twins never settled and, since returning, sleep patterns have got much worse. They used to settle before 7, but we battle to get the more feisty one down for 7.30 now. When she is put down, she cries and cries (and screams!) for up to half an hour.

Often, she makes herself sick. I cannot cope with cry it out and always feel an urge to rush in, so my hubbie takes on the responsibility and reassures the little treasure every five or seven minutes.

Do you have any tips on a recommended routine or how to bring the sleeptime forward to 7? Anything you can recommend would be appreciated, we feel as though this is a massive retrograde step and need to reclaim so life before it is all sucked out of us!

Many thanks x

PollyPlummer Mon 24-Jun-13 22:17:10

Do you think it could be the light evenings. It has effected us every year so far. My 2 are nearly 3 and still don't settle down at night because their body clocks are all out.
We have a black out blind in their bedroom, which does help.
We have a very relaxed bed time, and give them a good chance to un wind before they go to bed. With lots of time for a cuddle and stories.
We also give them a chance to burn off lots of energy in the afternoon so they are worn out.
Do they share a bedroom ?

TheTripletDiaries Tue 25-Jun-13 22:01:21

We seem to have the same problem with one of our triplets. They are 18 months and he has suddenly become very clingy and difficult to settle at bedtime. I have found that changing their naps from from 2 day to 1 has made a difference though. They have the same amount of sleep but over lunch time instead of morning/afternoon. Then I have a whole afternoon to wear them out and fingers crossed things have been much better. Hope you find something that works soon!

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