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Weight gain in twin pregnancy.

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Franykins Tue 04-Jun-13 09:47:15

Hi all I'm 14+4 weeks pregnant with twins (my first pregnancy) I am very happy and excited but was just wondering about weight gain. I was a size 14/16 when I fell and still fit into most of my (stretchy) clothes, however, I have put on about 10lbs and look massive! I'm just wondering how much I should have put on and what others put on. I'm not seeing my midwife until next Friday (14th) and have my first consultant appointment on Monday (10th) but have no idea what will be discussed. I know I'm going to get big but am I starting off on the wrong foot? I lost just over 2 stone before I fell and was hoping to lose more but we conceived v quickly (one proper cycle after coming off the pill) I am trying to eat healthily but am having the odd treat.

Just after a little reassurance really.

Linguaphile Sat 29-Jun-13 20:24:04

I actually worry the opposite way! The tracker says I'm underweight since I've only gained 16lbs and am 28 weeks. Not for lack of trying, though! I was on the low end to begin with at 6'0 and 9st 11 and was throwing up until 20 weeks, so I've desperately been trying to catch up. The midwife said they were just perfect at my last appt at 24 weeks, but a month is a long time and I haven't gained much since then (even tho they're both very active). Going in on Monday for my 28 week appt, so will hopefully hear that all's well! My mum carried small, so hoping it's just genetics.

Any tips for gaining?

Cornwall73 Sat 29-Jun-13 20:34:10

Linguaphile, I have gained 11-12kg throughout and are nearly 31 wks. I too worry that I'm not putting on as much as I should(I am carrying quite small and neat) but at the 28 weeks scan they were both growing at the rate of singletons! DH says they are eating me from the inside. I have shared my concerns with the midwife and she said that as long as the babies are good weight it does not matter if I don't put on much weight myself.

SweetieTime Sun 30-Jun-13 08:58:20

I am 14 wks and so far have only gained 1 pound, I didn't get much sickness (only sick twice) and have eaten pretty normally apart from going off sweet stuff like chocolate. I asked the twins consultant what was normal and she wasn't worried as both babies are measuring a week ahead so they are obviously getting what they need.

BabiesAreLikeBuses Sun 30-Jun-13 21:42:39

Linguaphile i added cheese to everything!
I gained 4 st, most of it steadily but a full stone between 36 weeks and birth at 38.5
I was small to start with and loved gaining weight - it's the only time it's socially acceptable and i viewed it as every bit i put on gave mine a better chance of being born at a decent weight, i tookmy eating for 3 very seriously!

VegPatchLurker Sun 30-Jun-13 21:46:10

I was 13 st when I got pg with twins. Had pre eclampsia and was 21 st the day before they were born. Lost 3 st 'overnight', and was back to 12 st and a half by their 1 st birthday.

Starfish1980 Wed 10-Jul-13 17:17:47

I was overweight when i became pregnant and became huge. I was really nervous that i would be left with two or three stones extra to lose on top of my extra four stone to start with. My twins weren't especially massive...6lb each but a week or two after delivery i was back to my pre pregnancy weight.... The twins must have eaten every extra little bit!! Im still left with a loose c section tum and i am under physio to reduce the gap in seperated stomach muscles

Franykins Mon 15-Jul-13 11:03:25

Seems my wewight gain was all to begin with as in the last 6ish weeks I had only put on 5 lbs. Had my midwife on Friday and total gain is 1 stone 1lb and she was happy with that saying its a good gain for 20 weeks. I still look huge though and have had my first 'you look full term comment' yesterday whilst we were out buying a new car!

Queenmarigold Fri 19-Jul-13 22:42:07

I had gained 3 st by about week 30. 2 st fell off straight away, the next st took about 4 months. Didn't do anything special, just went back to eating normally. Which isn't particularly healthy for me!

HappyAsASandboy Mon 05-Aug-13 03:52:32

I am 5' 7" and weighed 73kg the week I conceived (just happened to have a GP registering appointment that week and was weighed!) and 86kg at the pre-OP appointment two day before my CS.

I was 73kg again at my 6 week check, despite eating 5 big meals a day (Breastfeeding is the best weightloss mechanism ever!).

Try not to stress about weight gain. Just eat sensible to satisfy hungry (don't binge and excuse it as eating for three) and you'll be fine smile

AdoraBell Mon 05-Aug-13 04:05:47

I actually lost weight weight, sorry not trying to brag. I was overweight when I became pregnant and couldn't eat much for the first 4 months, so they used up my fat reserves. Once I could eat it was only small amounts and at the 6 week post natal check up I weighed less than at the start. I did resist people's attempts almost force feed me because I was 'eating for 3'hmm

I don't think there is a normal when it comes to pregnancy, as long as you don't gain too much more than whatever the average is then you probably shouldn't worry about it. See what they say at your appointments. As for how big you get in terms of the bump, I was so big my OH, 6 foot with fairly long arms, couldn't put his arms around me, and that was all babiesgrin

Congrats and good luck with your appointments.

AdoraBell Mon 05-Aug-13 04:11:06

Missed your post about the "you look full term" ignore people who make comments. Unless it was a Dr or midwife how would they know what full term looks like? I know someone who becomes huge very early on with each pregnancy then appears not the gain anymore weight at all and another who didn't even look pregnant when she gave birth at full term.

twinteresting Wed 21-Aug-13 17:46:59


andadietcoke Thu 22-Aug-13 23:00:31

I'd put on 42lbs at my 36w appt. I was horrified but the mw said she was happy with that (I was overweight to start with). Saying that though, one of the babies measured 8lb2oz on the same day so I'm hoping a lot of it is baby/fluid/extra blood/placenta etc!

Linguaphile Fri 23-Aug-13 09:54:32

I'm 36+2 and am clocking in almost exactly 2 stone heavier, and 10 of those pounds have all come on in the last 3 weeks. Really happy with that, as I've had real trouble gaining weight and am thrilled to finally be sitting on the bottom line of that weight tracker. I'm 6'0 and started out at 9st. 11, and because I was sick until 22 weeks, I lost weight I didn't know I had available to lose. Now that the babies have gotten so low, I'm finally able to eat a bit more, so I've been shovelling in the high calorie food (nuts, yogurt, cheese, etc) for all I'm worth! I think it's going straight to the babies, though, because I look a bit like I've swallowed a basketball. :/

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