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it might not be a good idea to give multiples the same initial...

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Ponders Sat 01-Jun-13 12:27:35

Moneybox on R4 with the triplet Ms K Richardsons

they had different middle names but even so their credit references, tax details etc got mixed up - partly because of an assumption that they were aliases of one person shock

HannahLaRouge Sat 01-Jun-13 12:39:23

Ha, I went to school with these girls, I always used to get their names mixed up smile I also know sisters (not triplets though) called Stacy, Stephanie and Sophie.

Ponders Sat 01-Jun-13 13:20:44

I know a family where the parents & all 3 kids begin with a K grin

it's same initial + same DOB that's the big problem. It wasn't an issue when they were born - it's the internet that does it, with being identified by your data & not your face/signature

MultipleMama Sat 01-Jun-13 16:34:47

My twins have the same initial and so does DH as one is named after him, middle name included. I won't name all my dc with same initials though!

harrygracejessica Sat 01-Jun-13 23:09:24

All 7 of us have different initials, was intended that way too.

Ponders Sat 01-Jun-13 23:21:30

there are 6 of us & 3 have the same initial - we didn't think it through at all blush

YDdraigGoch Sat 01-Jun-13 23:31:21

I have same 3 initials as my mother and we were always opening each other's letters when I lived at home.

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