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present for newborn twins - most useful/appreciated

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rainydaysandsundays Wed 29-May-13 15:53:33

appreciate that the early days with twins must be quite challenging - what could I give that would really be helpful and appreciated (apart from a spare set of boobs of course!)

looseleaf Wed 29-May-13 21:20:45

I only had 'singles' but imagine home cooked food would be even more amazing when you're flat out with twins !

And Bump

inneedofrain Wed 29-May-13 21:22:44

Breast feeding pillow found mine invaluable

Another bump

poorbuthappy Wed 29-May-13 21:25:59

Nappies and wet wipes.
Completely underestimated how many we would get through!

Ruby1080 Wed 29-May-13 22:07:28

Agree with both of the above answers.

Also, time. Offer to go round to do whatever's needed for x number of hours - be that washing, sterilising, cooking, or just rocking a baby or taking both babies out so the mum can nip in the shower.

Ruby1080 Wed 29-May-13 22:08:40

I meant to write "taking both babies out for a walk".

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 29-May-13 22:18:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AprilFoolishness Thu 30-May-13 12:52:00

Yes, oven-ready food (home cooked or decent ready meals), ideally that can be eaten one-handed, snacks etc

Nappies and wipes

A spare pair of hands, offers to take washing etc

If you really want to buy a Proper Present I woud suggest a couple of Lamaze toys like Freddie the Firefly which can be clipped onto pram/cot/carseats etc

FreeButtonBee Thu 30-May-13 19:55:07

Ewan the dream sheep
Small baby clothes - newborn drowned mine til they were about 2 months!
Sports cap water bottle

rainydaysandsundays Fri 31-May-13 01:06:18

can understand the food thing - i was always hungry when I had my singles. Does it make such a difference if you are not bf? she'd probably be run ragged from taking care of them but i suppose that the need for fuel is exponentially greater when you bf.
will look to take her some high calorie stuff!

toomuchpink Sun 02-Jun-13 20:55:26

Yes yes yes to the homecooked meals. Something tasty, warm, nutritious the couple can just reheat and eat without any fuss.
Hand cream (all the hand washing after nappy changes ruins your hands)
Baby towels with little hoods in them (assuming they don't have older ones)

ClairesTravellingCircus Sun 02-Jun-13 22:04:22

Second hand cream! My hands were raw from a combination of washing them before and after every nappy change, and double whammy of hormones I think.

Ponyboycurtis Sun 02-Jun-13 22:11:21

One of the best gifts I had was a personalised blanket for each one - it really touched me that my friend had gone to all that trouble & I used them every day, they are now packed away ready for when they are older.

I wasnt bothered about people bringing food/meals but it was lovely when visitors came & didnt expect to be entertained. Instead they just wanted to hold/look at the babies, keep me upto date with gossip & give me a chuckle.

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