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26 weeks pregnant, scan showed babies are on the 'big side'

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beachesandbuckets Wed 15-May-13 21:22:20

Both are a good size. My other 2 dcs were both 10ib'ers and overdue. Was tested both times for gestational diabetes and came back negative. I think I just eat a lot when I am pregnant!

The registrar who I saw yesterday said that two large babies cld increase the risk of them coming early as the body is tricked to thinking that they are further along than they are, plus the womb can't hold onto them for as long.

Is this nonsense, or has anyone experienced a premature labour due to having bigger twin babies?

DragonTwins Wed 15-May-13 22:17:18

Congratulations first of all!
Mine were pretty big- 7lb8 and 7lb15. That didn't stop them staying cosy inside for 39 weeks grin Eventually I was induced because of risk of womb rupture.
Nobody really seemed to be worried about their size- from the beginning each of them was slightly above average sigleton. But I am 6'1 and my husband 6'4, so I suppose it looked natural for us to have big babies smile

00poppy00 Fri 17-May-13 20:24:52

hi, at every scan my two were off the chat height, length and head circumfrance, i was convinced they would be early. doctor told me there was no more room but they found some!! i was nearly 39weeks and they were a modest and 7lb.... good luck and congrats

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