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D'ya ever wonder why we ALWAYS miss the 1,000 message thingeymebob???

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shabbatheGreek Fri 03-May-13 09:08:02

<<shuffles across to a new thread>>

Chopstheduck Mon 15-Jul-13 09:58:08

Wow, James is looking very handsome and so grown up! My Jack wants to learn the snare drum for the BB band, he is eligible to join now he is a senior, must look into that again.

shabs that is lovely! I hope my kids are like that for me when I grow old smile

I am melting! Fecking heat. It was lovely over the weekend,pub lunch with Jack (others were at parties), lazing in the garden. It is NOT lovely running in it!

MultipleMama Mon 15-Jul-13 10:41:48

Shabs, your parents sound brilliant. I hope my kids do things for me when I'm older!

I'd like to say

MultipleMama Mon 15-Jul-13 10:46:39

Stupid bloody phone sending before I'm finished. I hate touch screen.

Anyways... I'd like to say I'm relaxing but I decided to have fun time with the twins in the garden. I have a plastic sheet on the grass and I'm going to regret this later but I've let them loose with paint not only have they decided to attack the dog with purple hands but attack my bump. All 4 of us are getting covered in paint. The dog has taken refuge in the consevretry haha.

Chopstheduck Mon 15-Jul-13 10:57:52

Oh i remember doing that with toddlers, mama - so much fun! Though once, dt2 decided to do it with a tin of blue emulsion - not so much fun! took me two hours with a jet wash to get it off the patio. hmm

MultipleMama Mon 15-Jul-13 12:08:05

They find they like covering each other in paint and making the other laugh.

DD did the same thing! We were painting some furniture for her nursery outside she pushed over the pot and yellow paint went all over the decking. DH almost cried haha.

Sokmonsta Mon 15-Jul-13 12:55:14

Grumpy twins. Packed them off for a rare afternoon nap. They're suffering the heat the poor things. It's been hot here from the word go!

Then it's a speed tidy ready for picking Emily and our neighbours girl coming round for tea. Can't believe my little munchkin is finishing reception already. A whole year whizzing by. She is not going to enjoy the extra homework that has been set!

MultipleMama Mon 15-Jul-13 13:59:16

Sok, I know how that feels, the afternoon sun has made them slightly cranky so I've washed them in the pool in the playpen in the shade. Dom is asleep and Deiter is fighting it lol.

They grow so fast don't they?! Can't believe L starts school soon with uniforms and everything!

Gunna use this quiet time to wash off this paint and take a nap myself!

Sokmonsta Mon 15-Jul-13 20:31:43

Mama hope you had a lovely nap.

Time does fly so fast. This time last year I had teeny babies and now I've got a chatty, toddling, climbing boy and an interested, mischievous, climbing girl.

Today Joshua climbed on the toy box onto the soda, then tried to climb over the back of the sofa to get outside! Both twins climbed on another toy and were sticking a suction Homer Simpson to the tv. Jennifer tried to squeeze through the tiniest gap to get behind the sofa and outside. It's been crazy!

I only didn't want them outside as Emily had a friend over. With sand, water and chalk everywhere! Tomorrow I may take them to the park if its cool enough. If not ill brave James and the twins in the paddling pool in the back garden. If I fill it first thing, it will be warm enough by afternoon. And the boys do so enjoy water.

shabbatheGreek Mon 15-Jul-13 22:20:02

My Dad had an horrendous fall today. Their living room door is very very old and has a thick glass panel in the middle. Its not safety glass - door probably is about 50 years old. He went to go into the kitchen and stood on one of his shoelaces....ended up falling through the glass panel and put his arm up as he fell. His arm looks like it has a massive shark bite in it and is stitched from top to bottom. He banged his head but didnt cut it.

The carer turned up just as it happened and a neighbour alerted myself and my brother. We were in A & E for about 6 hours but they have sent him home. Other than being in pain with the stitches he is well. My poor Mum was in the middle of a massive panic attack when I arrived about 10 minutes later.

I cant stop thinking what if he hadnt put his arm up. He certainly has a Guardian angel looking out for him.

Terrible, awful day xx

rubyrubyruby Mon 15-Jul-13 22:48:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sokmonsta Mon 15-Jul-13 22:56:48

Oh Shabs. Hugs. Hope your dad is ok.

bubby64 Mon 15-Jul-13 23:23:16

Hi All, been away a while and so much happening.
Mama- exciting news about the move. I get to sample a lot of german food and drink, as I work for Bosch, and the German "associates" (employees to you and me!) are always bringing stuff back with them. I also get offered Hungarian, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and all manner of other foreign delicacies, no wonder I'm overweight!
Soks- its great they are assessing your James, I hope you get some answers.
Shabs- glad to here Tom seems happy about the 6th form collage, and lol about uour dad and mum getting tipsy, also, their carer seems lovely.
Trips - Your James looks so grown up, you must be so proud.
Chops/ Rubes, your holidays are getting closer, must be exciting.
We have been realky busy, been to car shows both ladt and this weekend, trying to get garden sorted, and also ihave started my 2nd oncall job, which has actually been quite calm and quiet. I have also been offered som AdHoc work by BUPA locally, doing forklift medicals, its 6 days at good rates over the next 3 weeks, which will help with the flipping car bill, as it cost over £100 just for the parts, However, its now fixed and has passed its MOT and has been taxed, so legal and on the road againsmile
Saw the consultant last week as well, she is happy with the improvement with my ankle, but has said I'm doing a bit too muchblush .Finally, it was my darling mums 80th birthday last week, I had just finished icing her cake when I got a call from DHs work to say he had cut his hand badly with a hook knife and needed to go to A+Econfused 3 hours and 4 stiches later, after tendons and nerves being checked, we got back and straight to mums for a little party. She was quite bright but totally in denial she is 80grin grin . We, my big bro and the carers shared the cake, and had a nice afternoon, but it has left her a little more muddled since then.
Has also been very hot here, above 30 today.

bubby64 Mon 15-Jul-13 23:25:54

oh Shabs, X posted! your dads arm makes DHs hand look like chicken feed! and there he is, saying he has a "hurty hand" << yes, he is a big baby!grin grin >>

shabbatheGreek Mon 15-Jul-13 23:34:02

Dont worry about X post Bubbs.....all men are big softies smile

I am exhausted...but not tired!!! Starving but not hungry! Just sat here with it all spinning around in my head. They x rayed Dads arm and found a bone that had been broken many years ago but had no treatment to it and it had healed hmm Quizzed my Dad and said it was probably a Rugby League injury that he had done in his 20's.....think my Dad is made of bloody steel!!!

triplets Tue 16-Jul-13 00:31:09

oh no Shabs, after such a lovely day y/day, poor thing. Give him a kiss on the cheek from me xx

Chopstheduck Tue 16-Jul-13 06:44:27

Morning girls x

Blimey, shabs! Hope he is less sore today x

Bubby glad your ankle is healing well, but DO get that rest! And hope you dh is better soon.

Jack had his year 6 leaver's play last night, was very good. Busy week really with different things every evening, roll on Friday when the boys break up! DD doesn't finish until next weds <heh heh heh! grin>

shabbatheGreek Tue 16-Jul-13 06:51:22

Morning girls xx

rubyrubyruby Tue 16-Jul-13 06:56:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chopstheduck Tue 16-Jul-13 07:00:06

ruby, I'm getting all excited for you, god knows wht I will be like when ours is that close grin

14 more sleeps!

bubby64 Tue 16-Jul-13 08:43:29

Right! DS s both tell me this morning they have to dress tomorrow as a character from one of the eras they have learned about in history this year, which gives a choice of Aztecs, Medieval, WW2. They don't want the easier options, "find us something today please Mum". Ahhhhggggh!! Plus, they have both promised their classes strawberries, and want to pick them this pm. I have 2 meetings at work today on my supposed day off, and , again, don't know how I will fit everything inconfused
They finish school next Tuesday, what a stupid day!

Sokmonsta Tue 16-Jul-13 10:13:08

Oh no bubs! I dread my dc doing that too. I'd go for the aztec loin cloth. Would be very cool in this heat wink

Have changed our bedding this morning. Have also discovered why we've been so damn hot at night. The bloody duvet is one of those pop together ones. And both bits are still popped together! Needless to say I've soon changed it for the lightest weight (dh changed bedding last few times, we're not that grotty lol).

HS volunteer has taken babies to park. Garden is out of bounds as i put weed and feed down last night. So making the most of baby free time and cleaning!

MultipleMama Tue 16-Jul-13 12:16:45

Oh bubby! I'm sure you'll be like superwoman!

Shabs, thank God it was his arm and not his head! Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Ruby - have a lovely holiday!

Woke up this morning to a bunch of roses and a note saying "we're half way there. I love you!" Also woke up to a clean house. Had so much fun painting yesterday that I'm letting them go crazy again today. A really hates warm weather and is currently sat in the shade doing her own paintings.

Can't believe I'm 20 weeks today! So happy.

triplets Tue 16-Jul-13 16:50:57

Ruby.............are you going to send us a virtual pc? I hope you have an awesome time and love it as much as I do. I would be off at a drop of a hat!!

shabbatheGreek Wed 17-Jul-13 06:20:38

Morning girls xx

Have a blast Rubester xx grin

rubyrubyruby Wed 17-Jul-13 07:35:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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