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D'ya ever wonder why we ALWAYS miss the 1,000 message thingeymebob???

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shabbatheGreek Fri 03-May-13 09:08:02

<<shuffles across to a new thread>>

triplets Wed 08-May-13 22:18:18

<<passes plate and is glad an extra batch was made today>>

shabbatheGreek Wed 08-May-13 22:50:24

SS are useless, the NHS (in our area) is crumbling and being stuck together with fookin' is driving me insane - AND Im putting the entire blame for this on shiny faced cameron and Ian Dickhead Smith.....wether it is their faults or NOT. Was just going to apologise to everybody but decided not to!!!! We need a revolution...and I would be happy to front it with a massive banner!

Our local hospital - fantastic place are making 500 staff redundant - 20 of which are going to be doctors.....<<tries to stop the swearing>>. Have told my Dad that if they have a protest march against NHS cuts in our area me and him are going on it - even if I have to push him in a bleedin' wheelchair.................................<<and breathe>>

shabbatheGreek Wed 08-May-13 22:51:22

...........and,you know what my Dads reply was when I was ranting to him?


triplets Wed 08-May-13 23:04:07

<<Trips rummages in shed and finds soap box for Shabs >>

shabbatheGreek Wed 08-May-13 23:13:48

Oh ta love grin - Every last little thing is getting right on my 'Bernies' as the mighty Chellester calls them!!! I want to shout from the rooftops about everything.

<<takes another one of her 'stupid tablets' and tries to calm down>>

triplets Wed 08-May-13 23:23:21

<<Trips kneels to give Shabs a hug and to tell her how bloody proud of her she is >>

shabbatheGreek Wed 08-May-13 23:24:46

<<snotty cries>> Thanks Trips - cant remember the last time anybody said that to me......xxxxx

triplets Wed 08-May-13 23:47:45

We met through the saddest way............our boys have given us a special friendship for life.........very precious xxx

shabbatheGreek Wed 08-May-13 23:50:06

precious indeed my friend smile

Trips - where did we put our Faliraki tassels? <<snigger>>

rubyrubyruby Thu 09-May-13 00:03:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbatheGreek Thu 09-May-13 00:19:23

OK rubester - now if you could just find my flip flops for me as well - thats me packed and ready!!! xx

rubyrubyruby Thu 09-May-13 06:48:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbatheGreek Thu 09-May-13 07:34:35

Morning girls xx

LOL @ Rubester!! x

bubby64 Thu 09-May-13 22:48:25

Evening All
Shabs -(((hugs))) swear, scream and protest away, my love, do whatever you need to do.
Trips - your DH is being a bit of an idiot, and well done to your boys. Has Hellas daughter been in touch with either you or her yet?
Mama- lol at your dh, but you must continue to rest.
Rubes- nice to see you darling.
Chops and Soks- how are you both?
Bloody annoyed today, physio rang me at 10am, and said they were moving my 2.30 appointment to 11.30am. I said I couldn't get there for the new time as I had no transport until 1pm. They have now given me a new appointment for 2 weeks time!! Physio once a fortnight is bad enough, once a month is all but uselessangry
Now sitting here sufferIng with 2 farting dogs, my own fault as I gave them their worming tablets today.blush

shabbatheGreek Fri 10-May-13 06:42:42

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Fri 10-May-13 08:12:31

Morning. So, so tired. Zzz zzz zzz zzz.

Jennifer had a really, really bad night. Screaming an awful, ear piercingly agonising scream through the night. Every time it took a good half and hour or so to settle her back to sleep.

It's becoming a regular thing and I've noticed it's worse when she's had a day where she's been more active. We were putting it down to over tiredness but she still has 2, 2 hour naps during the day and eats really, really well so I'm not convinced. All I know is between her and then James getting up from 4 I'm bloody shattered and very, very grumpy today. And desperately trying not to be as its dh's weekend on this weekend so I've got no chance of a lie-in to give me a boost. Early night tonight methinks.

Sorry to be so self-centred as I know there are bigger worries here, and I do really feel for all of you and wish your worries would bugger off and leave you to enjoy your time with friends and family in peace.

shabbatheGreek Fri 10-May-13 09:21:40

Its Matts 21st remember day (anniversary) today....21 bloody years since I last saw him - hope he is causing havoc wherever he is.....just like he did here for almost 8 years. Miss you Matt - you crazy lad xx

rubyrubyruby Fri 10-May-13 10:32:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sokmonsta Fri 10-May-13 13:40:08

Oh Shabs sad xxx

MultipleMama Fri 10-May-13 16:32:07

Massive hugs, Shabs flowers
sok, hope you manage to find a few hours sleep at least! I hope Jen settles, it's not nice not knowing what's causing it.
bubby I'm resting and sleeping, promise. I know how you feel, the NHS are annoying! Got my letter through for my eyes earliest appt (first avaliable) was 39 days! Phoned them up, explained and I'm in for 31st May instead. 39 days my ass!

It's only been a few days since I've been home and I'm getting restless, so I've decided to break out the sewing machine and finally get round to decorating the dc's jackets.

Chopstheduck Fri 10-May-13 17:39:16

Big hugs shabs xxxx flowers

wt a nightmare bubby!

Soks, I wonder if her joints are getting sore? Ds1 complains of sore joints at night sometimes because of his hypermobility and you mentioned it happens on active days.

Trips, hope ur dk and friend are both doing ok?

I am tired, and glad it is friday!

Sokmonsta Fri 10-May-13 20:12:54

I can't believe they've done that with your appt bubs. Get onto someone as its not going to help your recovery.

Actually, I've said I can't believe it but this was my experience today;

I had a letter moving Jennifer's 10.00 ophthalmology appointment to 11:30. So I rang to ask if they had changed Joshua's appointment on the same day - letters usually come in the same envelope as they are twins.

Joshua's appointment is at 9:45 and hasn't changed. Emily has one on the same day at 10:30 (booked in after the hospital gave me the wrong date and put me down as a non-antendee) and hasn't changed. Jennifer's 10:00 HAS changed to 11:30. They're 15 minute appointments. I've been told to take all 3 in at the same time. The mind boggles. Unless they have just theoretically moved Jennifer's appointment to accommodate Emily's.

The only other thing I can think of is Emily and Joshua's appointments are likely to be more complex that Jennifer's as I know Emily is due an eye test this time round. Joshua's is also more likely to be more involved as his eyes are worsening, but unless our optician has informed the hospital it's unlikely they already know, and he would have told me if he had done.

Sokmonsta Fri 10-May-13 20:15:53

Chops I wondered that too. So I asked my gp when I was there today. She put it down to over tiredness. But Jennifer still slept a good amount during the day, although was twitchy.

Tonight she has gone down ok. A few wails but if it is a joint thing, she has been less active today as she's been in the pushchair/car mostly from 8:30-2:00, then a little roaming time where she mostly laid on the floor and cushions playing with some soft toys. But she has been happy not doing anything if you follow me.

triplets Fri 10-May-13 23:12:38

Evening ladies...............Shabs <<<hug hug hug>> I looked on my calendar and saw it is today and just cannot get my head around 21 years. It will be 19 years for Matthew on the 2nd June sad Bloody awful painful years.
Sorry I was awol y/day........was soooooooo tired last night and felt abit low. Dk went back to the hosp y/day to be checked over by the surgeon. He is very very concerned with the amount of swelling around the surgery site, he thinks its one of two things, the repair has gone already or there is a large blood clot. So urgent scan to be arranged then God knows! He asked him if he has been resting and of course he lied. I am really fed up with his attitude, he wants to get back to normal but by rushing it he only sets himself back. We are supposed to be going to the IOW three weeks on Sunday...........supposed to besad Whilst we were at the hosp I popped along to see Hella, poor Hella. She is sooooo confused as to why she is there, its very sad. Still no sign of SS or her daughter. Well TGIF I am tired.......very tired. xx

shabbatheGreek Sat 11-May-13 08:04:21

Morning girls xx

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