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D'ya ever wonder why we ALWAYS miss the 1,000 message thingeymebob???

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shabbatheGreek Fri 03-May-13 09:08:02

<<shuffles across to a new thread>>

shabbatheGreek Mon 06-May-13 07:44:49

Morning girls xx

rubyrubyruby Mon 06-May-13 08:02:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbatheGreek Mon 06-May-13 08:18:43

Thanks love xx

MultipleMama Mon 06-May-13 08:56:41

Morning, ladies. How is everyone? X

Sokmonsta Mon 06-May-13 10:21:40

Trips and Shabs, so sorry you are having a tough time at the moment. Fingers crossed its short lived and everyone is home and care is sorted soon. Shabs - it's awful that you have to keep on at people to get the right support but we found the same with my aunt (ms). Even now she is in a care home, we still have to get onto them for basic things like a hair cut or to change her catheter! Be cross with them. The impact will stick and they will remember that there are family involved so are less likely to let things slide. My aunt's care home admitted most families drop their relatives off and visit once a year if they're lucky so it was hard for them when we started asking questions such as 'what has aunt done this week' and so on. They weren't used to filling in their day books as no one looked at them!

Mama. I hope rest and fluids are still helping. Counting down the days until you escape! Hopefully it will continue with the sunny weather and you can rest in the garden while the dc roam.

It's a lovely sunny day here and I'm doing housework this morning. Hopefully off to a BBQ this afternoon though. If not I shall be out tidying the garden while the babies roam. Bigs are at nana and Grandad's for the day.

MultipleMama Mon 06-May-13 10:55:34

I escaped my hospital bed today, sat in canteen garden enjoying some normal food. Going on a drip at noon to give ne a "kickstart" when I go home tomorrow.

DF is staying in the spare room for a couple weeks to help while I'm on bed rest. I'm loving this weather!

Enjoy your day, everyone smile

shabbatheGreek Mon 06-May-13 10:56:12

Thank you Sok....its scary because my parents have always 'done' things for us. They were the ones that organised everything for us when Gareth & Matthew died....I didn't have the first clue what to do and they just 'did it.' At our local hospital A & E I was suprised to find that I know the sister there. She is an old 'playground' friend....her daughter was at the same primary school as my boys. She was amazing when Matt died.

Last time we were in A & E she came rushing round the corner organising everything and stopped dead in her tracks. She hugged me and we talked for a while - then she turned up in Dads cubicle. My Mum was so impressed that we knew each other grin she kept checking on Dad and gave us loads of great advice.

I have spoken to her about the Social worker situation and she is fuming on our behalf. She also said make sure both my brother and myself are there on Tuesday. Gave me great advice and said to contact her asap if I need any help with anything.

She looked at my Dad and said 'Oh my word you must be Matts grandad you are like 'peas in a pod' - you have got the same eyes.' My Dad grinned and said 'he was a belter - the light of my life - I miss him you know.'

<<sigh>> I HAVE TO GET A GRIP....<<repeats over and over to herself>> I REALLY DO HAVE TO GET A GRIP.

bubby64 Mon 06-May-13 21:41:27

Oh my God, off line for a few days and missed so much!!
Mama - fingers crossed yor fluid levels increase and everything is ok, and when you get home, do what your told and stick with the bed rest.
Shabs- That's disgusting about the SS referral, but doesn't surprise me, I had to kick up a huge fuss last year to get care started for my mum. Make sure you and bro are there and kick up a fuss. Give 'em hell girl!.
Trips- Glad Dh is home, sorry he is being a dk. Funny how you miss the kids, isn't it, you would think we would all be glad of the break, but I missed the boys like mad last time they were away for a vouple of days. Also sorry about your friend, dementia is a shit disease.angry
Soks- Go Jen! whoop whoop!! Now the fun begins again grin
Chops and Ruby - Hi smile <<waves madly>>
As for us, DH really pissed off as having trouble with the pontiac engine, and we missed going on our favorite classic car run yesterday. We went along to where they were on display at the end, all along the seafront at Felixstow. Beautiful afternoon and I caught the sun a bit.
I have bought M a cheap bike off EBay, to try and encourage him to exercise more, and am looking for one for J now, both their old bikes are now too small for them.
FiL came today and stayed for lunch, then took boys off to the cinema to see Iron Man 3 this afternoon, they got back at 7pm, and dh and I had some "us" time for the first time in ages.wink

triplets Mon 06-May-13 22:27:52

Evening ladies, feeling out of touch with you...............what a day it has been. Weather has been fab, I was fed up this morning so I took myself off for a peddle along the beach. I had forgotten it was the big Brocante on the green, hundreds of stalls selling everything from cakes to plants etc. Managed to buy nothing, though there was some nice chairs I liked, came home and dk was cross because th nurse hadn`t turned up. Then this pm my phone kept going, it was my friend from the hospital. It was sooo upsetting as she just was not talking sense poor thing. I asked her to let me speak to the nurse. She told me they were having a difficult time with her, she is in an orthopaedic ward, they can`t cope with her dementia. She said the SS are coming tomorrow to asess her and she might be sent home. She can`t weight bear for another 8 days, she really can`t look after herself. I hate to think of her going into a home but she needs 24 hour care, she isn`t safe on her own. Her bloody daughter wants shooting, she hasn`t even bothered to phone up and ask after her mother. Its such a sad situation. Shabs good luck tomorrow with SS, it shouldn`t have to be such a battle. Boys got home from the DOE w/end, smelly and shattered.........but they did it! Feel very proud of them! Right time to sleep, hope you get home tomorrow Mama...................night all xx

shabbatheGreek Tue 07-May-13 00:53:36

Second night struggling to sleep. Thanks for all your messages and help - I appreicate everybodys input so much xxx

shabbatheGreek Tue 07-May-13 06:42:58

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Tue 07-May-13 10:14:23


Shabba I hope you got some sleep.

Trips. Hope your friend gets the care she needs. You are being a better sister than her own by the sound of it. But they say you can't pick your family!

Mama - hope you escape today. Fingers crossed.

Good morning to chops and anyone else I've missed. Hope you are having lovely sunny days.

MultipleMama Tue 07-May-13 12:50:06

Afternoon everyone. I'm home and lounging in the garden while DF is planting flowers in DD's little space. I have 3 little ones covered in dirt and water. What a sight haha.

Sorry, I'm not replying individually, too tired. Hope you're getting some sleep Shabs and trips hope things improve with your friend!

Will be offline for a whole. Going to concentrate on sleeping and resting smile

triplets Tue 07-May-13 17:15:13

Glad you are home Mama, no fun being in hospital! Had a phone call from Ireland this morning, my friends daughter. She is not coming over. Poor poor Hella. Social Services are seeing her today, it is very sad. Shabs my lovely..........think of you often struggling through each day, wish there was more I could do xx

triplets Tue 07-May-13 22:53:48

Awfully quiet here..............can I tempt you with my homemade flapjacks......

shabbatheGreek Tue 07-May-13 22:59:26

Cheese scones might do the trick Trips grin

All I can say about today had to parents told Social Worker that they were doing fine and didnt need any help because their family were looking after them..........Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh!! My Mum also told me 'I KNEW WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY, YOU NEED TO STOP INTERFERING YOUNG LADY' because I said I would sort out their prescriptions has rung SW and said he has been conned by our parents!!!

Beyond tired but wide awake if that makes any sense xxx

triplets Tue 07-May-13 23:38:52

<<weighs out sr flour, butter and mature cheddar, looks for rolling pin.....uses empty gin bottle instead, pops in oven and sets timer for 15 mins>>

shabbatheGreek Tue 07-May-13 23:47:37

grin xx

Sokmonsta Wed 08-May-13 06:13:50

Morning. <snaffles cheese scone>

Oh Shabs!

triplets Wed 08-May-13 06:48:47

Morning all, birds are in full throttle which is what they`ll get if they keep waking me up at 5am!

shabbatheGreek Wed 08-May-13 06:50:55

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Wed 08-May-13 09:57:26

morning girls x

great to see you are back home mama.

<<thinks shabs really needed the gin rather than the scones!!>>

well done to your boys, Trips! My dts did their first cub camp last weekend and loved it. Came home with a ton of muddy clothes, and the washing machine packed in. Then the steam generator iron packed in! Repairman not til tomo for wash machine and iron prob delivered next week sometime. Great excuse to go clothes shopping...grin

triplets Wed 08-May-13 22:05:54

Where is everyone these days................awful quiet.......BOO grin

MultipleMama Wed 08-May-13 22:06:40

I was woken up at 9.30pm by DH dancing around the bedroom singing "I am the one and only" with DTS1 falling asleep on his shoulder and DTS2 sat in the cot staring. Both went down without feeding - first time ever!

About to have a mug of cocoa with DH before catching up on more zzz.

I'll have one of those flapjack if there's any left, trips!

Hope everyone is well smile xx

triplets Wed 08-May-13 22:16:51

Forgot to say SS did not show up at the hospital, what a surprise. They are now talking of moving her again, it could be to Deal hosp, or Herne Bay or Faversham....................nightmare for her.sad
DK has an apt at the same hosp she is in tomorrow so hopefully I`ll get to see her. He is being a right idiot, the drains had just about stopped draining over the w/end, as he starts to feel better he is up and pottering. So today one o the bottles has almost filled so I will be very surprised if they remove the drains tomorrow as he hopes. At 5pm he was in the garden moving plants, he slipped and just managed to stop himself ending up on the deck...................driving me insane!

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