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Sure this has been asked lots before, but pros v cons of csection v vag birth for twins?

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legallyblond Fri 05-Apr-13 10:56:09

Am yet to discus this with the consultant as its still early days (16 weeks)...

I have a 2.5yo DD who came out naturally. I was induced at 42 weeks, but only with the cervix softening thing, and labour was 8 hours. I had an episiotomy, but other than that, all fine.

I have heard horror stories of natural births (twin 1 fine then twin 2 spins and needs high forceps / c section) and c sections (bleeding, infections, terrible recovery, split muscles).... Helpful!

Any thoughts? A friend is further along than me with twins with the same consultant (she only ever seems to see registrars though) and she just keeps being told - whatever you want to do we'll support it (dependant on final positions of babies I suppose). Not ideal!

What are the pros/cons, especially as I've had one naturally....?

Bibblebo Sat 22-Jun-13 07:50:43

I am due DCDA twins in Oct/Nov. I have a three year olds who's natural labour ended in a forceps delivery which also always involves episiotomy. The recovery time was quite long for the stitches to completely heal and I always felt that they had sewn me up rather too tight.

I would really like to hear from somebody who has managed a vaginal birth having had a previous episiotomy. I have just been advised that if T1 is head down then vaginal delivery is the option to go for. He advised that they don't give you an episiotomy if you have had one already - I just wonder what they would do if you needed forceps? I supposes it might be a c section. Please let me know, anyone with experience of twins and previous episiotomy!

Picklemom Mon 01-Jul-13 00:35:30

I'm wondering if anyone's doctor discussed performing, or actually performed, an internal podalic version on twin 2? This means reaching into the womb, grabbing and turning the second twin, and pulling it out by its feet. This is how my twin #2 was delivered (following a standard vaginal delivery of twin #1). All of the doctors I consulted leading up to the delivery described this technique to me as if it were standard procedure, but I've never read anyone on mumsnet discussing it.

For the curious, epidurals were also standard for twin deliveries at that hospital, and the hospital in question was in the U.S.

Bibblebo Mon 01-Jul-13 20:19:11

I was advised to expect that method of turning twin #2 if necessary if I end up having a VB with T1 in Oct.

Can I ask, how did you find this procedure?
I remember feeling awful after I had a manual removal of placenta with DS1, it gave me the creeps and felt very invasive - perhaps it couldn't have been helped.. I am sure that they needed me out of theatre ASAP after my forceps delivery and everything but I hated the very thought of it after the event for some reason.

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