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Triplets in same class?

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instantfamily Wed 20-Mar-13 20:43:40

You now make me wonder what it would have been like had they always been together Kate. smile

The cons are probably not so much to do with them being in one classroom as such but with circumstances - it would mean changing school again after only 2 school years and they have seen more changes than any 7-year-old should have.

It would also mean acquiring yet another language and probably loosing much of their hard-earned English. Sorry, I suppose I am drip-feeding. But for the purposes of this post I was just interested in the dynamics of three siblings being in the same class. As you say, I think it is all about character, and I feel like ours are doing well with the separation.

It's interesting that yours are sharing such different experiences.

KateShmate Wed 20-Mar-13 20:16:13

Hi smile
Just wondering what the cons are? Would they be big enough to sway your decision?
As you know, my DTriplets are 3, and starting School this September (Did I mention that?!?!) so just thought I'd put my view in.
Our girls have always been in the same class at Pre-school; half because we loved the Preschool, despite it having 1 class, and half because I wanted my girls to remain together and have the choice of playing together/with other friends.
It has worked really well for us, and I do think it has increased confidence levels in our 2 quiet girls. Some days they come home and talk about playing with each other all day, and most other days they come home and act as though they've been in different worlds for the whole morning - talking about what they played with their friends etc.
Because of their personalities, they do have very different friends and do socialise with friends who have similar personalities. We have 1 who is very outgoing, confident and cheeky, one who is pretty outgoing but can be reserved if she's in a new situation, and one who is utterly crazy at home, but in public is ridiculously shy, and is generally more reserved and quiet. Their friends all seem to be exactly the same as them!
It would be interesting to see what your girls think instant smile

instantfamily Tue 19-Mar-13 13:20:29

I haven't mentioned the cons yet, bella, and I haven't asked them. confused

I read too many of those "multiples have to be treated as individuals"-books when I was pregnant so they started their schooling in separate classes. And that has worked really well because they were close but not too close in my opinion.

bellabelly Tue 19-Mar-13 13:06:52

PS Love your user name!

bellabelly Tue 19-Mar-13 13:06:34

Have they ever been in the same class at their current school? Did you particularly want them to be split up?

I have twins, not triplets but our little local primary only has one class per year. My twin boys are doing fine in same class, have made friends with others, don't always work in the same group. It works really well for us at the moment BUT the class size is much bigger than you're talking about - 28 or 29 kids.

I think all the advantages you mention sound well worth going for it! Have you asked your girls what they think about the idea?

instantfamily Tue 19-Mar-13 12:59:11

I think once they go to local school, they will never have the option to split, or at most 2 in one class and 1 in another which I really wouldn't like.

There are several reasons for potentially moving them: money; then it would save me driving them to school, instead they would walk about 300m, they would integrate in the village that they live in instead of having friends that are all up to 30min drive away to play with.

harrygracejessica Tue 19-Mar-13 12:49:40

I only have twins but they are just starting lower school and will be staying together until they are a nuisance in class.

What's making you want to move them? Are they different characters to have different friends?

If it doesn't work out when they move up a year will there be an option to split them?

instantfamily Tue 19-Mar-13 11:36:07

Our girls are turning 7 and we are considering taking them out of their current school where they are in 3 parallel classes and putting them in a local school where they would be all together in one smaller class.

Has anyone had positive experience with such a move? I am just afraid of them being compared a lot and a weird dynamic where my children will be 3 out of 13 kids instead of 1 out of 20.

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