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Buggy for twin toddlers

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sammisatt Sat 16-Mar-13 09:32:16


My twins turned two in January and I feel the Baby City Jogger Select or whatever it's called, whilst brilliant when they were babies, is no longer suitable now. It feels massively heavy especially as it's a tandem buggy plus they are able to climb out of the straps when they are having their various buggy meltdowns.

Any suggestions on what to get? I want to be able to use public transport (possibly The Tube) I'm thinking may be a double McClaren or a single McClaren with a buggy board?

I don't want to spend more than a hundred quid on it second hand as hopefully the nightmare that is twins in buggies will be over soon although the twin mums I've spoken to say it'll be another 18months until we can all stroll down the road. Sigh.

minkembra Sat 16-Mar-13 11:39:00

I loved my out and about double nipper. it was light, flexible, very manoueverable and easy to fold.

Don't know what it would be like on tube. goes up steps well. excellent over rough terrain. have found a few doors it did not fit through but not many although i think it is wider then some others.

Walking with twins brings a whole new set of joys (buy reins!) so a good buggy is worth it!

rattling Wed 20-Mar-13 22:45:40

I hated the double nipper (as it wasn't my much loved twin baby pram), but it really was the only thing I could push once they got a bit bigger. I borrowed a double Maclaren from nursery once when I had a flat tyre (boys were 2.5?) and it felt like I was carrying them home. We gave up the buggy last summer, so just over 3? And only managed that by using lots more buses, they still don't walk so reliably that we can go long distances and know we'll get home with no-one needing carried.

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