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When one or both twins are ill....

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toomuchpink Sun 03-Mar-13 21:03:42 is just really hard isn't it? I cannot give the comfort I want, because my time is so divided between three (I have a DD1 aged four and DTs 18mths). I am doing my best in terms of maintaining hygiene, but I fear it is far from ideal. And all the time I am worrying about how I am going to manage if I get it, or DD1 gets it as well.
Any advice anyone. Or do you just put your head down and hope you will emerge the other side?

confusedmuch Sun 03-Mar-13 23:11:45

didn't want to read and run. Can you send DD1 to family or friend to stay for a couple of days so she doesn't get ill, otherwise she will just have to be important big sis and help? You don't say what's up?

I have had this with only two really poorly kids and only just about managed but when I get it too or when one of the dcs has to go into hospital then I must call in back-up. Are you a single parent? Do you have help? You could get help from homestart (I did and they were great), it won't be immediate but if you get it set up then you will have a volunteer a couple of hours a week and if they are good then that is someone else you can call on in future if things get really tough and family and friends can't help. I also got a nanny to come in a morning or two a week and I know this isn't always affordable but if you can manage at all then at least that means there is someone else who knows the kids and can help when emergencies crop up.

As for the rest, one tip I got given was buy fleecey blankets for puke sessions - quickly washed and dried for re-use! Any sort of white noise might just help the twins be a bit more settled. Lots of fluid for everyone in bottles or sippy cups so they don't get spilled or knocked over and can be drunk lying down. Flat lemonade for upset tummies. Soup and toast for revival. Plastic gloves for speed hygiene. dettol spray and wipes. And I have been known to give up and let my eldest sleep in the shower cubicle or the bath with a bunch of pillows and blankets when the repeat vomiting has gotten to be too much and he is totally worn out. I have also taken a blanket and pillow through to the kids rooms when they are ill so I can try and nap on the floor between crises.

If you can get help, ask, people won't mind, even if it is just to drop off supplies to you. GPs can come to the house and see the kids there if you can't get to the surgery. Kids are tough and they won't really remember much of being ill, maybe once the twins are on the mend you can hang out with them on the couch and watch a bit of tv and cuddle but meantime sounds like you will just have to get through the busy bit.

Good luck.

toomuchpink Fri 08-Mar-13 20:24:08

Thanks for replying. All good advice. I am glad to say I am not a single parent. Hats off to those who are.

KateShmate Fri 08-Mar-13 20:31:43

There is no doubt about it, it really is just so hard.
My DTriplets are 3.5 now, but if one of them gets ill then I can guarantee that the other 2 will follow.
Normally it's a vicious circle because #1 is poorly, #2 is coming down with it and #3 is fine. Then a few days later #1 is getting over it, #2 is really poorly and #3 is coming down with it. Few days later #1 fine, #2 getting over it and #3 really poorly....
So #1 is ridiculously bored with being stuck in the house with 2 poorly sisters!
No advice, apart from bringing duvets and cuddlies downstairs, and letting them watch endless DVD's or Cbeebies to help with the poorliness. It's not nice sad

ceeveebee Fri 08-Mar-13 20:36:45

Oh dear, my DTs had two weeks of tag team vomiting and diarrhoea followed by ear infections, it was not fun. In afraid they spent a lot of time in their bouncy chairs in front of the TV with big bibs on and splash mats underneath. The second week PILs were coming to stay anyway so they did lots of cuddling as well. Is there anyone that can come and stay to help out?

DW123 Fri 08-Mar-13 21:48:28

Either DTs, DH or me has had something most weeks since Christmas. Its just pants but I let them watch TV and eat biscuits when they are ill. They soon get bored of it wgen they are well again. If I'm ill and they are well its touh but I try to get out in the morning and then stay in the rest of the day. Great advice above especially fleece blankets and sleeping in the shower. I have also put towels on our bed when they are in with us.

toomuchpink Mon 11-Mar-13 21:08:32

Thanks guys. Telly watching certainly increased in my house during the last couple of weeks.

superbagpuss Sun 24-Mar-13 19:05:10

Hi all
Glad to see this thread, I am a new user to this site and this was the kind of advice I need. I have 3.5 old DT, and one is ill with the other being grumpy, it is so hard to manage both, especially when one wants medicine (never the ill one) - any tips in managing this other then getting in laws to help? I fear I am asking too much of them as well but this cold thing doesn't seem to be gping away and now I've got it too! I hate just sticking the telly on for them but any other activity ends in fights or tantrums.

Mabelface Sun 24-Mar-13 19:08:34

If they're poorly, having the telly on during the illness isn't going to do them any harm. I'd also just say head down, get on with it and wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Vomiting triplets wasn't fun.

toomuchpink Mon 08-Apr-13 21:13:43

Madlizzy I salute all parents of triplets. You deserve for your children never to get ill.

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