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Surprise pregnancy after twins

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daffodil71 Tue 12-Feb-13 10:11:51

Hi, Not sure where to post this but I'm in an utter panic. I have gorgeous 3.5 year old twin girls who are going to school in Sept. I work part time in corporate world v pressured but I like it. Life has been getting so much easier as the girls have got older, we have more time, more money and I'm thinking about going back to work more hours so I can kick start my career again rather than treading water with it IYSWIM.
However, I've just found out I'm pregnant! I am in denial if I'm honest so is DP. I told him 2 days ago and he hasn't mentioned it since, neither have I. I will be 42 in the Summer and feel too old for it ( although I'm not saying 42 too old to have a baby - just how I feel - I think I've aged a lot since having the twins!). I'm quite embarrassed to have an unplanned pregnancy at this age. I know the odds are around 50/50 as to whether this will turn into anything viable so I'm trying not to get too attached/worried/excited but tbh it's hard to concentrate on anything now.
We don't even have a car! I don't know how we'll cope with 3. I didn't really want to be pregnant again ( I've already had a m/c since the twins) . Relationship with DP can be rocky at times. I need to work but what will this do to my chances of continuing to work?
Has anyone had a singleton after twins? ( particularly anyone at slightly older end of the scale :-) ) How was it? How did it work out for your family?
Keen to hear any experiences. Thanks

Mandy21 Thu 28-Feb-13 12:34:47

Hi there, sorry for the late reply but only just seen your post. Similar position here although we had tried for Number 3 but for various reasons we'd been told it was "highly unlikely" and we'd need to go with IVF. We decided we couldn't put ourselves through that so agreed that was it. Happy with our family. Fast forward 12 months and we were on holiday and I realised I was late. Put it down to the stress of 2 x 3yr olds on the plane / so busy packing but did a pg test at the end of the holiday and it was +ve. Complete shock. Not unwanted though IYSWIM although DH was less than enthusiastic. I was 37 at the time, so slightly younger than you, but still getting on smile. The pregnancy itself was quite stressful (only because my DTs were prem and I was worried that it would be twins again and that they'd be prem again) but once I found out it was just one, it was fine. I also work in a corporate environment, and I think it was probably the final nail in my coffin workwise as it was seen as an indication that I was more interested in family life than work. The DTs were 4yrs and 1 month when she arrived – loved her from the start. Don't get me wrong it was hard work having little sleep and still having to deal with the DTs – if anything I wanted to spend more time with them because I felt they were now having to share me (my stock phrase became "just a minute"). Also more expense that we could have done without but she really completed the family and although on some days I think we must have been mad, she's perfect. Now have sibling squabbles x 3 rather than 2, but its all worked out really well. Number 3 starts school this year so we are almost through the baby stage again and I will (she says optimistically) finally get my career back on track!!

Good luck!

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