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Did you know it was twins?

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shabbatheGreek Sun 27-Jan-13 01:57:35

First pregnancy....In 1981.....felt so poorly. Morning/afternoon and night sickness right the way through. Have never felt so poorly before or since. Already very overweight. Every midwife appointment was told I needed to lose weight etc etc. No routine scans then.

Got to about 36 weeks and admitted to hospital with pre eclampsia. Yep I had all the awful headaches, swollen fingers and ankles...and flashing light migraine type headaches. X rayed me (think they had run out of ideas) and the young girl doing the x ray said 'Have you got a history of twins in your family????'

Yep I was having twin sons. Delivered them at 38 weeks. Very, very sadly the smallest twin died when he was 7 months old due to congenital heart defects.


shabbatheGreek Sun 27-Jan-13 01:52:09

Amazing.....wonderful post - made me smile - your family sounds wonderful xxx

amazingmumof6 Sun 27-Jan-13 01:43:53

first of all congrats!!

your belly will pop out sooner with 2nds (3rd etc) pregnancies, simply because the uterus and tummy muscles are not as taut as they used to be!

you want to hear my inklings? buckle up ;

1st pg - I craved all things salty, very sick etc. I thought it would be a boy, even just touching pink things felt wrong - had a boy (9lb 2)

2nd pg - I craved all things sweet, very sick, lost loads of weight in 1st trimester, I was convinced it's a girl - had boy (9lb1)

3rd pg - I was very, very sick for first 4 month and last 2,5 months, lived on kitkat and fanta. had no idea what baby would be - had a boy (9lb 6)

4th pg - craved sugary things again, was sick again a lot, had ELSC and literally couldn't decide if I should put a pink on a blue hairband on as symbol of what I predict.
chose the blue as they were wheeling me in - had a boy (8lb 5)

5th pg - I really wanted twins this time, very weird, but sadly had MC at 12 weeks. I know it was a girl...

6th pg - (still here?) I craved beer and curry and black pepper on anything, burgers and chips, parma ham, asparagus, loads of mayo - never ever had cravings like that before! very sick again, but was absolutely convinced it's a girl.
I was so sure it's a girl I actually spent over £100 on Ebay on girl's clothes and grobags.... - I put on hardly any weight and I knew it would be a big baby - had a boy (9 lb 14)

7th pg - I was sick only twice, craved beer and smoked salmon. I thought it would be a girl, but then thought that I was wrong twice before, so probably a boy.
my tummy was not as heavy, so I kept on saying to myself it will be a girl if it's a smaller baby, coz my boys are fairly big! MW though it's a girl based on heartbeat.
but I kept on saying it's probably a boy anyway...which would have been great too!smile
for the first time DH thought it's a girl - we had a girl (8lb 3 - I was right, much smaller!)

huh, it was a fun trip down memory lane...hope you enjoyed it!smile

btw I knew I was pregnant straight away with DS4 and DS5,

ThroughTheRoundWindow Sat 26-Jan-13 21:45:32


I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and absolutely convinced that it is twins. Not just twins, but twin boys. There is no good reason for this, the idea has just got in my head and stuck. And now whenever I picture the future with my new baby there are two of them! Crazy, right?

Pregnancy does feel different this time - I have feeling sick whereas I didn't at all before, and I'm definately bigger this time. I don't remember showing at all at 8 weeks last time but now I have a very definate bump. But that doesn't add up to twins!

So, just wondering if any of you had an inkling before the 12 week scan? (Or whether I'm just being a hormonal fool!!!)


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