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MammyShirl Wed 14-Jan-04 17:58:24

Just wondered when everyones where born,, at 34, 36 weeks? what did they weigh?

zebra Wed 14-Jan-04 18:13:32

Does conceiving through IVF make it more likely that twins will be premature? Anyway, in our family, the ones I know for sure, non-IVF twins were born at 34 weeks (induced, almost 4 & 5.5 lbs) and 38wks+4days (spontaneous, 4.5 & 5.5 lbs). My dad & his twin were supposedly 2 months premature in 1942, but I'm rather convinced it's a fib my grandmother has propagated... either that, or they really did walk at 7 months old. I suspect they were at least 37 weeks (spontaneous, obviously not IVF!). My grandfather & his twin couldn't have been *too* early; born in 1898 I don't think premies hardly ever survived back then if born before 34 weeks.

You do hear stories of twins going past 41 weeks, too!

zebra Wed 14-Jan-04 18:14:18

OH, and now I think about it, all of the 4 sets I just talked about were, indeed, boys!

hana Wed 14-Jan-04 18:16:58

a friend had twin boys 3 weeks ago (but were concieved naturally) and they were born by c-section at 37 weeks. 8.6 (yes not a typo) and 7.5. Her waters broke naturally.

carriemac Wed 14-Jan-04 19:01:26

Mine were 5.5 and 6.5 llbs at 37 weeks, ivf, one Born naturally (boy)and one cesearaen (girl(!

josiejump Wed 14-Jan-04 21:03:03

Mine were 7.2 and 6.9 born by c-section at 38 weeks ( I think given the chance they would have hung on to 40 plus! )

MammyShirl Wed 14-Jan-04 22:01:24

wow - well done mammies - i cant imagine having such a weight inside!!! your backs must of ached, my one dd was 7.11 and my belly was big!
its nice to hear of good healthy weights even though some are as early as 34 weeks, my sister in law is quite worried about them coming too early, she is naturally a very skinny person, her tummy is MASSIVE, she is 29 weeks this week. we are all just hoping they stay in as long as possible.

Levanna Wed 14-Jan-04 23:37:33

Hi, I don't know how relevant this is, they were a set of twins, though boy and girl, and not concieved using IVF. They were a generation back in my family (my husbands aunt and uncle) and the due date given to their mother was Christmas day, and they were born on the 10th Feb following! (One just under 7lbs, and one just over!) ............And some of 'us' feel overdue if we go 2 weeks over!!

throckenholt Thu 15-Jan-04 09:11:06

Anything from 26 weeks to 40ish weeks is likely. Most seem to make it to over 33 weeks. Weights - anything from 1lb to over 7lb. If your sister in law wants more information - tell her to wander over to - lots of people there, all with twins or more.

I don't think ivf has any relevance to how long the pregnancy will last, unless it makes the consultants more twitchy and more likely to induce. I got the impression they don't like inducing before about 36 weeks unless they really have to.

josiejump Thu 15-Jan-04 20:16:45

When I reached 28 weeks the obstetrician told me that this was a particularly dodgy point, apparently there is a blip at 28 weeks and many twins arrive then. He told me to take it easy, so from that point on I started to have both a morning and an afternoon nap. I don't know if that is a possibility for your sister-in-law but I would highly recommend it. After all she'll not get the chance again once the little blighters arrive

suedonim Fri 16-Jan-04 11:37:21

People I know with twins were told that 37 wk twin babies are as mature and ready to be born as singletons at 40wks. I've no idea if that is true, though, or whether it's simply that the average twin pg only lasts 37wks.

Paula71 Fri 16-Jan-04 21:07:59

My boys weren't IVF and they were premmies (36 weeks.) Weighing 5lb and 5lb4oz their estimate weight was 7 1/2lb each!

kizzie Fri 16-Jan-04 21:08:27

I had the 'blip' at 20 odd weeks and had a short stay in hospital to avoif early labour - then my boys decided they werent moving. Had a caesarean at 38 weeks because one transverse and one breech.
Weighed 5'14 and 6' 11.

triplets Fri 30-Jan-04 22:12:16

Can I add one more? My triplets were born at 32 weeks only because baby number three had slowed down and they were all getting concerned, They were born by c section and Rebecca came first at 4lb 3oz, Thomas next at 4lb 7oz and James was 3lbs, none of them needed any real help as I had been given drugs to mature their lungs as triplets are normally delivered early. I had a brilliant midwife who made me rest every afternoon from week 24, I think the babies would have been alot smaller if I hadn`t taken that good advice. That was six years ago this week, they had their birthday on the 27th! Interestingly I weighed them last week, don`t often get the time to get around to doing those little things, and they all weigh 2 stone 7 pounds, even though Rebecca is alot shorter than the boys! I think if another person says to me it must be getting easier now I`ll scream, give me babies any day! I forgot to say they were ivf and I was nearly 46 when they were born!

MammyShirl Thu 19-Feb-04 15:32:55

hello - its me mammyshirl. just thought i would update you all on my sil, she is now 34 weeks pregnant and she had a scan this week, they estimated that her two boys both weigh an ounze under 6 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! my sil was so chuffed, two weeks ago one of them was 4.12 and the other 4.2 so the little one has really caught up. i wonder how accurate it is. i cant see how much longer she can go on. her tummy i think i has stretched to its max!

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