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D'y ever wonder when it is going to stop snowing??

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Chopstheduck Mon 21-Jan-13 07:32:23

Morning girls xx

School is on thank goodness, but not til 10, and dh is wfh <sigh>

bubby64 Fri 01-Feb-13 14:10:22

Glad you found us sassy, well done t1, helping mummy like that.grin.
soks - glad to see you back.
shabs - my two desperatly need a haircut, but they don't want dad to take them, as he joked one day about telling the barber to give them a haircut like his ( number 2 and bald on top!).
wilderness hope DS feels better soon. I know what you mean about the help of soft lighting and a slight wine haze, I need that permanently the moment, as DH trying so hard, but he is not a natural house husband! grin
Trips you need wine and thanks
Washing machine went up the spout this morning, we can't afford to buy one, soni have gone down the rental route, new machine to be delivered Monday, £12 a month, 6 month contract. Hopefully, by then, we may be able to afgord one ofbour own then!

Chopstheduck Fri 01-Feb-13 15:56:18

Oh God, that was horrible. Just had to call someone and tell them their cat had died. The cat I found on Monday, a poster went up today. It looked exactly like him, and I texted and asked about the collar, not mentioned on the poster - def the same cat. So I called her to break the news. sad

I feel awful, she got all hopeful when I was trying to determine if it was the same cat, then I had to tell her he'd died. <sigh> I hope the vets still have his remains for her.

shabbatheGreek Fri 01-Feb-13 16:33:50

Oh Chops that must have been horrible.

Trips - Last week Tom said that he needed some coloured fineliners for Graphics......I dont need to tell you how chuffed he was when he opened your package. He loves stuff like that and they are perfect. He says to say thank you very much - he loves them xxxx

triplets Fri 01-Feb-13 17:12:17

He`s welcome Shabs, I always buy that make for Rebecca only when they are on offer, the ink seems to last forever! She is brilliant at graphics, hope she will make some sort of career out of it.

triplets Fri 01-Feb-13 17:18:42

Chops.........poor you.......reminds me of my Ollie xx

shabbatheGreek Fri 01-Feb-13 17:38:30

Been meaning to put this on here for ages. Its Tom from the group Mcfly on his wedding day. I started to get tearful when it had been playing for about a minute. Its just lovely xx

Tom Mcflys wedding speech

bubby64 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:47:32

shabs - that is sooooooo lovely! had me in tears tho.blush

bubby64 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:51:26

chops - so sorry about what you had to fo, but at least the poor lady found out what had happened, trips - I feel for you, I too would hate not to know about my cats, it the eorst thing, being in a sort of limbo, thinking the worst has happened, yet still hoping that it hasn't. sad sad

Chopstheduck Sat 02-Feb-13 06:20:47

Morning girls x

to be honest, trips, it was thinking of Ollie that made me take that cat to the vets on Monday. Couldn't leave him there after hearing what happened to Ollie.

Will have to watch that speech when I get minute. Everyone else is still in bed for now, got up early to get the comping done!

shabbatheGreek Sat 02-Feb-13 08:45:53

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Sun 03-Feb-13 06:22:32

Morning! I think I've finally caught up.

Bubs congratulations on your new puppy. I'm a cat lover myself and our family have had run-ins with the cats protection league about re-homing. They wouldn't let my mum have any as she already had a cat. This despite some of their adverts saying 'sociable and in need of feline company'. Mum was a sahm at the time too, although their excuse was she 'could get a ft job'. Does make you wonder sometimes whether they want to successfully re-home pets. Hope your foot is on the mend and dh/dc's are getting into the swing of all things domestic.

All of you! I have two boys and two girls. None of you are filling me with confidence at surviving the teenage years wink. Emily is 4 going on 14 at the moment. She has picked up on my 'over the top of my glasses' look when they are being naughty and perfected it herself. James, well... He's a little Tasmanian devil. Although spent half of our week away being clingy/asleep/ill. So I know he can be a cute little 2 year old when he wants.

James did manage to clear the lagoon pool on our last full day, barely half an hour after he started enjoying being in the pool. Poor sod hasn't been for a poop for 3 days and clearly relaxed a little too much. Whoops! Although as we were all vacating the pool, one mum conveyed her sympathies with a "my son did that last year. But in the main pool..."

The twins had a lovely time. Joshua loved being in a swimming pool. Jennifer was not quite so happy until we found the hot tubs and the lagoon pool. The main pool was just too cold for her I think. I find them chilly myself. Jennifer was quite happy being bobbed around in one of those inflatable seats, even managing to fall asleep!! She has also cut her first tooth while we were away. Finally something she has done before Joshua.

Our first night there, my friend and I had booked a spa evening. It was wonderful. I could feel myself relax and it lasted until the next morning, when I had to get up to squabbling children. But I enjoyed it so much that dh and I are booking to go back.

Chopstheduck Sun 03-Feb-13 07:01:35

Morning girls xx

Glad you had a lovely time Soks, it sounds like great fun!

triplets Sun 03-Feb-13 08:33:14

Goodmorning............bit of a blue sky out there, at least there is no snow or rain! Sokky was it CP you went to? Sounds as though it did you the world of good, we went to Elvedon last year and had a free spa day because our villa was so dirty when we arrived, must say it was a real treat. Not much news here, kids all behaving for a change. Was very prouud of the boy on Frid night, they are both cadets in the ATC and it was their Annual Awards Night. They both were awarded their DOE bronze badges and they both won individual cupssmile See Sokky there are good bitsgrin Still looking for a holiday, think I am getting there, I like a bargain! The air fares since we last flew (2007) have quite shocked me, mind you we are talking America. But we have had quotes for 5 flights at just under £5000!! I came across Netflights, brilliant website, phoned them and spoke to a really nice lady who offered to phone me back because the call was taking a long time! Anyway atm she is holding a two week flight for us, and two weeks at a Disney property The Dolphin all for £5500!! She is looking at other options and going to ring me tomorrow. Thats still alot of money but for 5 more or less adults, 2 weeks and to stay on site is very good. Can`t believe we have a chance of going back smile

shabbatheGreek Sun 03-Feb-13 08:44:58

Morning girls x

Sok sounds like you had a great time. Nothing like a holiday to 'recharge your batteries!!'

Trips if the 3 of us went to Greece on a package holiday it would be £2,500 for two weeks - so piggin' expensive. Its only because we rent the room with Takis that we save money. That sounds a really good deal. Neighbours of mine are going with their 3 children to Greece for ONE week - they are going half board and the cheapest they have been able to find it has come out at about three and a half thousand pounds. Grab it Trips - grab it and start looking forward to it xxx

Chopstheduck Sun 03-Feb-13 08:56:26

that sounds like a really good deal!

If you are still looking for comparisons, the one I booked with is Ascot Travel House here They are local to me, but we did do most of the work via email and they take payments via phone, so it might be worth asking. They were def the cheapest quote for us. Came in at about £4,800 for flights, car hire and 5 nights hotel.

bubby64 Sun 03-Feb-13 13:42:14

Soks - sounds like you had a good time. My James cleared the main leisure pool at Colchester when he was little. They said why wasn't he wearing a swim nappy, and I said he was, it was just a massive "nappy explosion" event, no nappy could contain it!!
Trips - go for the holiday darling, you deserve it.
Waiting gor FiL to arrive atm, he is trying to show his current ladyfriend what a good father he is, visiting before Rs birthday. Considering he would normally never bother, it sticks in Rs craw a little, him playing "happy families". it will end up with R getting angry as FiL usually manages to get some snide remarks in about something whilst here. The boys love him, but they are also now aware that he tells lies and upsets their dad, and are almost as jaded about his 2-3 monthly visits as we are!!grin

shabbatheGreek Mon 04-Feb-13 06:46:05

Morning girls xx

Chopstheduck Mon 04-Feb-13 07:49:48

Morning girls xx

Didn't go to bed til 4, Zzzzzz!

rubyrubyruby Mon 04-Feb-13 08:51:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chopstheduck Mon 04-Feb-13 10:12:38

It was very good, and had some lovely game food. There was a power outtage at the stadium though, so rolled into bed at 4. I was cheering on the Ravens and they won!

Prob going to go for a nap in a bit, then I need to go to the train station and pick up the car. The insurance on his car has expired now and we're trying out managing with one car since he commutes by train anyway. dh took it today but I'd forgotten dd has cheerleading and needs collecting from school later! It's a run day (week 5, day 2 grin) so will jog over to get it.

thegirlinthesassyspace Mon 04-Feb-13 10:24:38

soks wow love the sound of that break! fantasise about the time when babies will be bigger and enjoy stuff / be active etc (while me and dh lie around reading paper and drinking actual caffeinated coffee hehe)
last night the babies actually slept all night!! of course I woke at 2am which is when they usually need a feed,and lay there wondering what was going on til they woke at half 6 full of beans....i never realised they would just become good sleepers like obviously not counting my chickens, but I will stay positive for another good night tonight heheh!
must go and get them for their feed, although is v tempting to let them carry on napping FOREVER haha
have a fab day all...
hope the weather stays nice for you, is nice and warm here, not even put the heating on yet,

inthewildernessbuild Mon 04-Feb-13 18:14:05

ooh all this talk of holidays. Feels like an impossible dream that it will ever be spring and sunny!

Soo cold today, and Dh is doing his evil heating Scrooge impersonation (just because he wears cordoroy trousers and thick shoes). I went to bed in the end in the smallest room in the house as it was the only room that I could warm with a blowheater hmm

Ds1 has been learning the literary importance of Jane Austan(sic) and Jane Eyre (that wellknown novelist) for Literacy. Cue us watching several clips of tousled heroines and Matthew McFayden in the rain. Why did they borrow the music from Little Women for Sense and Sensibility Trailer (for those of you who remember they were both back in 1994 or thereabouts) Strange anomaly fr American market?
He has now gone to football as has ds2, who is determined not to do any homework. He spent 5 mins on Literacy then scarpered saying he had done his best [ha ha]

I am still knackered though. Did some money counting in church this morning which was v taxing. I cannot add up anymore let alone in multiples of 50's 10's, 2pences. Some food in fridge. Kitchen tidyish. Upstairs stll hideous after weeken.

We are trying to work out how to make our house more organised and whether taking a sledgehammer to it might help, getting builders in etc, but I'm not sure whether it wouldn't tip us all over the edge. So will possible soldier on with present inadequate arrangements, hey ho.

inthewildernessbuild Mon 04-Feb-13 21:26:29

something strange... a bit like platform ...3/4 in Harry Potter. Why is this thread not appearing on threads I'm On, or Threads I'm watching, or even in Multiples Section? I have had to track it down through Advanced Search.

Is it hidden from general muggle view for some reason?

rubyrubyruby Mon 04-Feb-13 21:30:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbatheGreek Tue 05-Feb-13 06:18:38

Morning girls xx

According to our local weather report we will have a 'dusting of snow' - it has snowed all night and we have a couple of feckin' inches on the is still snowing...dusting of snow my arse bum!!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Winter??? hmm

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