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D'y ever wonder when it is going to stop snowing??

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Chopstheduck Mon 21-Jan-13 07:32:23

Morning girls xx

School is on thank goodness, but not til 10, and dh is wfh <sigh>

shabbatheGreek Thu 14-Mar-13 22:47:23

Mum is exhausting. She forgets to eat which makes her Alzheimers much worse. She goes from being totally OK to like a little scared girl. I look after her all day and take her afternoon visiting...then back to mine till 6.30 when my brother takes her to evening visiting. Last night and tonight she has decided that she wants to go to her own home and sleep there. It has improved things a lot because she is surrounded by her own things and with her own bed. She was sleeping at mine. She rang me twice tonight and said 'Where's Harry' I told her to get some paper and a pen....she can still easily read and write thank God. I told her to write 'Harry is in Bolton hospital, but coming home soon and is doing well'...then 10 minutes later she rings and says (very normally) 'Oh love it is your 35th wedding anniversary soon what would you like me to get you.'

Poor love - must be crap wandering in and out of the present xxx

triplets Thu 14-Mar-13 23:37:14

It is Shabs, I spent an hour y/day with my german friend, she is 72 and had dementia. She has gone from being a very smart, attractive, clever lady to a confused, crying shadow of her former self. She was agitated because she wanted to make a doctors appt but couldn`t remember the phone number. I dialled it for her and passed her the phone. She asked for an appt with her own gp ( who by the way is leaving in 2 weeks which is going to make matters worse) she was told there were no apts she would have to see somebody else. It was awful, she just kept crying and saying she must see her, she told them she had dementia and was also in alot of pain, she does suffer with her back. She was told to ring up ar 8am today to see if they could fit her in, well she will have forgotten to do it by then.So I phoned them back and spoke to a diff receptionist and said my friend was very upset and needed to speak to her own gp asap. Thats fine she said, ring us at 11am and she will be able to speak to her. There just seems to be very little empathy these days.

shabbatheGreek Fri 15-Mar-13 07:12:56

Morning girls xx

Oh Trips - your poor friend. sad I have kind of 'hit the wall' this morning. It has only been 6 days since all this started and this morning I feel like I cant keep doing it.....but I have to AND I WILL.

Im wandering about talking to myself and cursing that bloke called God!!! I am so lucky to have Tom because it means I HAVE to get up - I HAVE to help organise him for his day - I HAVE to support him. Im so way beyond tired.

Head up, shoulders back, pin on my smile and lets get the day going.

triplets Fri 15-Mar-13 14:16:00

Its hard Shabs, very hard, but you can survive this because you have suffered much much more. Well you know how worried I am about my brother with the heart problem? Late last night I went into St Thomas`s website and emailed the surgeon who did his bypass three years ago. To my amazement he has mailed me back, saying its a good job I contacted him and he`ll see my brother in London on Frid 5th April!!!! So hope they they can do something for him, I just phoned him and told him and he was shocked! I can`t sit here and just wait for him to have that heart attack, he is only 62.

shabbatheGreek Fri 15-Mar-13 19:24:32

Hope they can do something to help him Trips xxx

Well Harry is on his way home from hospital. grin I love my Mum with all my heart BUT she has reduced me to a quivering nervous wreck in just 6 days. IF I get Alzheimers I will be 'bumping myself off this mortal coil.' Its a revolting horrible thing. I am exhausted. I haven't lost my temper with her but it is the constant, constant, questions....Oh God I take my hat off to anyone who nurses elderly patients. I wanted to just cry in front of her and shout at her to just shut up. BUT I didn't - and she is happy that she is going home with her hubby. x

bubby64 Fri 15-Mar-13 20:45:02

Trips - I am so pleased you have the appointment with the cardiologist, what a shock to get yet another thing on a list to worry over, but at least this appointment may help.
Shabs- I know exactly what you are going through with your mum, it is very frustrating. Mine has got to the stage where she no longer remembers who I am unless I keep reminding her, but she gets fixated on one thing, last week it was a pack of pens, taking them in and out of the case, and on Mothers day it was the envelops of the cards she got, but took little notice of the cards themselves.
I am glad Harry is on his way home, MacMillan and Marie Curie so work together if the need to, and hopefully there will be a good care plan in put in place for both your mum and dad. You really do need some support for you tho darling, or you will collapse and be of no use to anyone.

Sokmonsta Fri 15-Mar-13 22:30:39

Shabs, I'm so glad your dad is going home. I know it will be a bittersweet time for you. Your comments about the miniatures did tickle me.

Trips, hope all goes well for your db. It's good that the consultant was so good as to see him without jumping through hoops to get him there.

We are all trundling on quite nicely at the moment. Joshua and Jennifer are so amusing. They keep swapping dummies at the moment. But it is wholly deliberate and a game they play.

triplets Fri 15-Mar-13 23:29:55

Having trouble with my laptop, its just taken me 20 mins to connect, any techno phobes out there? Shabs such good news, it changes things once you get them home, you feel more in charge and they are more comfortable. Take all offers of help Shabs, and try not to be there 24 hours or you will won`t be able to sustain kind to yourself xx
Well I am on the bed settee, dh has been very ill all day, he has had terrible pain in his stomach around the hernia site. He spent most of the day on the bed, but is getting spasms of pain. At 5pm I wanted to call a doctor but he said no, scared he would end up in hospital. So in for a long night I think, just hope it doesn`t all end up as an emergency. What a time we are all having. xx

shabbatheGreek Sat 16-Mar-13 02:21:00

<<waves a feeble hello>> Have been to my friends for a couple of hours. Have drunk 2 pints of cider and feel so drunk and then realised I have not eaten properly for about 6 days. You can hear the silence in my house....NOT ONE phone call....not one text message. Yes I know the battle starts now BUT nobody needs me to do anything. My lovely Dad said 'When stuff settles down will you help me plan my funeral? Im not going anywhere yet but I know you are good at this kind of stuff?????? I dont want any religious crap but IF you think you can would you plan my service and maybe even organise it. I am sure you will be able to conduct all of it. I happily agreed. When the time is right we will celebrate the life of my Dad. xxx

triplets Sat 16-Mar-13 07:59:32

Goodmorning Shabs and ladies..............hope you are still tucked up in your bed Shabs and having a lovely sleep. If Dad isn`t religeous think about a humanist service...........I went to Teds and it was so lovely and far more meaningful. I wish I could do something if only to light a fag!
Well slept eventually down here, H did not come down so am hoping he is much better and whatever casued the pain has gone. It will be a battle this morning as Thomas says he is going to the woods wih his bb gun and madam says she is going to Canterbury. It is absolutely throwing it down out there and blowing gale.

shabbatheGreek Sat 16-Mar-13 08:26:35

I got up at 6.30 because I thought it was Friday - it took me over an hour to realise it wasn't hmm

bubby64 Sat 16-Mar-13 15:16:55

Trips-hope DH is feeling better today, but, if it happens again, please do call the GP, as it may be that the hernia has got twisted in the pouch or "strangulated" which is a medical emergency.sad
Shabs- how are you today? And I agree with Shabs about the humanist funeral, although I am a Christian, I have been to several of these, and they are lovely.
Big trouble here last night, boys were really squabbling last night, and being really nasty too each other. i was trying to sort it out, and then R came in and went abdolutly ballistic, I have never seen him so angry,sad sad. I really got worried as he looked and acted like a madman looming over both the boys and me, his face red, eyes bulging and fists clenchedsad sad . M grabbed the cleaner pipe to defend us, and J threatened to ring the police.I eventually got him to leave, but it took a good hour to calm the boys down.
Later, after isolating himself in the other room for the evening, R came in in tears and said what a shit father he is. I'm afraid, I couldn't disagree with him at that point, as he has totally over-reacted to the situation, yes, the boys were arguing, but I was dealing with it, it didn't need him bursting in like that in such a threatening manner. It was about this time last year we had this problem with DH and his temper before, I can't go through it againsad sad sad

bubby64 Sat 16-Mar-13 19:08:02

sorry shabs, I meant I agree with trips about the funeralblush

triplets Sat 16-Mar-13 22:36:12

Oh Bubby that was awful.....whats wrong with these men? Well dh has been fine all day, I think he got blocked and I think it was field mushrooms of which he had several the night before. I am choked up with a cold, was fine at 2pm and full of it by 3. No much sympathy coming my way......bit diff when the boot was on the other foot! When I get a cold I get one, hate the things!! Night all............xx

triplets Sun 17-Mar-13 07:08:15

Morning........rough night, sore throat, sore nose.............lovely!

bubby64 Sun 17-Mar-13 08:27:30

Morning - Having to take boys off to a Young Farmers competition day today, all day at agricultural collage getting cold and wet, fun eh!

shabbatheGreek Sun 17-Mar-13 08:33:48

Morning girls xx

Sokmonsta Sun 17-Mar-13 11:29:55

Morning. Spent most of it so far shouting at the older 2 hmm Have told them I am furious with them for tipping over my baskets of sorted and folded laundry, that I was glad James was going to nana and granddad's today and I couldn't wait until it was time to take him, Emily was lucky if she would be allowed to go to a party this weekend. They even managed to give Joshua a bloody nose by arsing about and pulling the activity table away from him. Utterly diabolical behaviour from me and its entirely due to DH being weekend on for work and me having got myself worked up about it. So I'm now trying to take some time out with the big two while babies sleep.

triplets Sun 17-Mar-13 13:54:29

Then I hope you have your feet up, cuppa and cake.............not catching up with the I used to!

shabbatheGreek Sun 17-Mar-13 21:05:01

my great niece Grace

This is my nephews little girl Grace. She loves ELO and her mum videoed her singing in the car today. It is one of the first things I have smiled about all week. Grace is the first female in our family since I was born 56 years ago. She is delicious xx

triplets Sun 17-Mar-13 22:26:54

Aww priceless Shabs, what a doll! Made me smile too! God I feel and look rough, when I get a cold its all in my head. Hot itchy nose that driving me insane...............hate colds! Night night all xx
<<Trips wonders if the trolley will come round about midnight to top up her paracetamol and dose of Night Nurse>>

shabbatheGreek Sun 17-Mar-13 23:32:55

<<drags in the trolley>>

<<lays out the entire contents of the pharmacists cold and flu remedies>>

For some reason I am craving crispy bacon butties with brown sauce on...NO silence any pregnancy thoughts LOL.

<<butters some thick white bread and puts brown sauce on and very crispy bacon>>

<<offers Trips one, sees her reaction and scoffs that one as well>>

shabbatheGreek Mon 18-Mar-13 06:44:26

<<wakes up lying on the settee....freezing cold>>

Morning girls x

Chopstheduck Mon 18-Mar-13 07:51:08

Morning girls x

Hope you are eating better, shabs?

How are things with R, bubby? I know what that's like, have had problems with dh and his lack of patience. He has been a LOT better since the last time we had a big blow up over it.

I am fed up with this constant rain! Had a very dull weekend.

shabbatheGreek Mon 18-Mar-13 09:02:08

35th wedding anniversary today.....both sat here knackered....neither of us have bought the other cards or gifts. Both just said 'lets leave it till next weekend and we will celebrate then!!' AND they said romance is dead grin

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