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Twin Insurance? Anyone got info?

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talicat Mon 11-Feb-13 01:49:49

I remember looking at this when I found out I was pregnant - I think Boots used to do it- I wasn't eligible as my dad is a twin ( which is why I looked at it anyway..and yes I did have twins!) but I don't think the payout was huge anyway - maybe about £500 for a £100 policy..
Hope all going well with the pregnancy x

remnant Sat 26-Jan-13 23:49:59

I've been trying to get some of this insurance, but the only provider seems to have withdrawn the policy.
I've been wondering if bookies would gives odds hmm

Randomkath Sun 20-Jan-13 13:58:35

My parents in law had twin insurance 30 odd years ago, as father in law's sister had just had triplets and they were all a bit freaked by it. Had all singletons though. They suggested it to us, but there's no history on my side we didn't see the need. Was a complete shock when we found out. Retrospectively probably would have been worth it, but like you say the cost is so high if there is a strong history of multiples - the insurers never lose!

Cacks81 Sun 20-Jan-13 06:32:56


I've only just found out that I'm 5wks. Thrilled.

Parents are obviously thrilled too, but they did mention one thing that was interesting and I wondered if anyone had any info about. Twins run in my mum's family and when she found out she was pregnant with twins, the midwife asked if they had taken out insurance against it! Apparently some insurers will offer you twin insurance and pay out to cover the extra costs.

When I looked, it's mighty expensive as there is a history of twins.

Has anyone done this or know someone who has? I laughed when they said it, but trust me, they wished they had had it.


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