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shuz Mon 03-Dec-12 13:19:03

My 19 month old twin girls will be starting nursery in January, I really don't know where to start, where should I buy their clothes and what should they wear, would love to hear from you....


Mandy21 Mon 03-Dec-12 20:54:25

Presumably you've got places and you're asking about the logistics of it all? I found that they adapted to it v well - I think with being constantly surrounded by another child (as twins are!) its not that much of a leap to nursery - I think its probably a bit overwhelming if they've been at home with you until then (my twins didn't start nursery until they were 2) but they were more than ready for it. Ask if you can have the same keyworker so you only have to speak (at length) to one lady each morning / evening otherwise the drop off & collections take quite a while, dress them in different clothes (I would suggest) so people who don't know them can tell them apart if they're alike, I'd also be inclined to maybe go with a theme - Twin A will always be in purple or something, Twin B will always be in pink - would that work? At least to start with. Nothing too expensive as it will usually get trashed! Just comfortable clothes and trainers / doodles etc.

Randomkath Thu 06-Dec-12 10:38:49

Hi. Mine started at 12 months old about 5 weeks ago and have settled in really well and seem to be thriving. I would agree on asking for the same key person, mine had different ones to start with and it was so anoying waiting around to speak to both to here most of it just repeated. Both my girls seemed to really take to one of them anyway so we asked to swap and much better now.
Clothes - cheap, comfortable, e.g. leggings and tops, that you don't mind getting covered in paint etc, they get so messy! Send them with at least one spare set each. Also, if your twins have cuddlies, make sure you have a spare (or two) as these often come home filthy too and no time to wash before bedtime. My nursery also like to take them in the garden as much as possible so they need warm coats, hats, mitten and wellies if walking. Also asked us to supply own labled cups and bottles.

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