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Sleep and two and a half year old twins

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PrincessScrumpy Thu 29-Nov-12 14:56:26

When they wake what is it they ask for? Are they crying? My girls are 15mo and share a room, but they sleep well. dd1 was a nightmare and we had to do sleep training so I think we started off a bit stricter this time. I would do super nanny style putting them back to bed with little conversation. dd1 will sleep through dd2 waking but not the other way round but they do resettle themselves.

MrsB74 Wed 28-Nov-12 21:44:35

Oh god really? My two are a year older and still share a room. Our biggest problem is getting them to shut up and go to sleep at bedtime which is stressful enough! If they are waking each other up then I would definitely put them in separate rooms for the sake of your sanity! My two don't actually wake up each other up that often, but if they did it would be separate rooms without a doubt. That's not to say that they don't ever get up in the night, but the one that's awake comes and wakes me up, not her sister. That's a lot of waking up, 16 times? Why do you think they arw waking? What do you say to them? Do they intentionally wake each other up or are they really loud and it happens by accident? I've always been quite strict about sleeping, although maybe I'm lucky as only one of my girls tends to wake in the night. I just automatically take her back to bed with as little fuss as possible unless there's an obvious problem (toilet, sick, pain etc.).

duckturpin Wed 28-Nov-12 17:10:50

Any advice for sleeping arrangements for girl twins of two and half years old who haven't slept through the night since birth! Do you find they're better sleeping together in the same room or separately? How do you cope with each waking at least 12 times a night? We're getting a bit desperate!

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