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Graco duosport

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Aspiemum2 Mon 19-Nov-12 00:11:47

I'm so sorry if the pushchair questions have been asked and answered a million times! I did do a quick search but didn't find too much info.

We are looking for a new pushchair for our 6 month twins (as grandad couldn't figure out how to collapse old one and turns out brute force was not the way!). Anyway, I'm a skinflint at heart so not wanting to spend a fortune and this graco one looks good, I like the single handle styles.

Does anyone have one? I'm just wandering how they are size wise as well, we have a reasonable size 7 seater (galaxy). Also I do quite a lot of country walks and this is what is putting me off, the wheels look tiny

Would it be better to spend a little more for a more all terrain style? If so what would you recommend that folds small and is lightweight?

Thanks in advance and apologies again if this is an ongoing style thread on MN

homeaway Wed 21-Nov-12 17:24:28

why dont you try posting in the puschair section as you might have more answwers there ?

Aspiemum2 Wed 21-Nov-12 17:31:59

I didn't even know there was one blush I ended up going for it and I'm delighted, it's just so much easier than my old one and managed today's country walk okay too grin

Thank you for replying though smile

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