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Were you denied an elective C-sec??

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mrsdaisaku Tue 13-Nov-12 21:22:08

Just looking for some thoughts about this... Since about 18weeks with MCDA twins I knew that I would want a csec. I had a third degree tear with my first daughter and had to do it on my own (I was quite young too). It left me quite traumatised, but obviously not put off the idea of having more children.

However, I never accounted for the fact I would fall pregnant with twins. Discussed the prospect of a csec with my midwife who completely understood and saw no reason after the birth of my first why they would deny my request. I saw my consultant once and he at no point said that I couldn't have a csec and all other clinic registrars that I had seen after that gave the implication that I would be delivered by csec too (and would also tell me differing information on when my consultant would want to deliver my babies, which in itself has been frustrating and stressful). At 30weeks I still had not had a definitive date set for a csec and had not seen my consultant since about 22 weeks. We had to fight to see him and when we finally managed to he said that there was no medical grounds for a csec. It obviously came as a shock to us and accepted the second opinion he offered. It just feels that we were given no indication that our request would be denied and I'm now frightened of the prospect of the birth because I never had the opportunity to come to terms. I just wish we had been told categorically from earlier on, it may not be such a shock and disappointment now and I would have had time to research a birth plan and complications with twin births.

Has anyone else encountered this, got a second opinion and managed to still have a csec? Or am I being melodramatic? Any advice would be very gratefully received. Happy for some home truths if I am being unreasonable.

bonzo77 Tue 13-Nov-12 21:32:57

I thought it was very much dependent on the position of the babies. I think if twin 2 is breach there is a high risk of cord prolapse so vb is not advised. Anyway, don't the NICE guidelines say if you want a CS and your consultant says no they have to refer you on till someone says yes?

mammmamia Sat 17-Nov-12 22:00:42

How are they positioned OP?

Vivalebeaver Sat 17-Nov-12 22:04:20

How many weeks are you?

If you want a lscs you should be able to get one. You say you accepted his opinion so I guess as far as he sees it you've agreed to a vaginal birth. But it sounds like you feel railroaded into it. If you want go back and see him and be firm and say that you've thought about it, you're not happy and that you want a lscs.

Vivalebeaver Sat 17-Nov-12 22:05:53

RCOG guidelines for twins say that even if both twins are cephalic the risks to the second twin aren't well researched/understood however recommendation is for vaginal birth. So you can say you're not happy. with an uncertain risk.

mrsdaisaku Sun 18-Nov-12 12:23:00

Thankyou for your responses, I'm now 33weeks +5days and was supposed to hear about a second opinion from a consultant sonographer (Is that normal for the second opinion?), which I haven't heard about yet nearly a week on. Obviously time is getting tight.

Thankfully both babies heads are down so lessens the risk of cord prolapse with the other twin. I do feel rail roaded, but can't help feeling that perhaps I am being a little sensitive about the whole thing. But I will be alot firmer with my view the next time I see someone.

DreamingOfPeace Thu 29-Nov-12 21:34:52

Hi mrsdaisaku, I had a third degree tear with my first birth. I had an elective CS with my twins (and it was great!).

I stated that I would attempt a vaginal delivery if they were below 35 weeks gestation (as I was told outcomes are better for the babies then) but I would not be induced and I would want an EMCS if I went into labour after 36 weeks. I had my ELCS as planned.

Stand your ground, I think you've got a good reason to argue your case, and the outcomes are no different for the babies whether they're born VB or CS if they're near term, it's recovery for you that may be harder for you after a cs (wasn't for me after a traumatic induction/third degree tear the first time).

My consultant was surprised shall we say that I wanted a CS not VB as my twin 1 was head down, but in the end agreed. My friend had twins and didn;t get a date til she was 36 weeks I think(had them at 38 weeks). Luckily we know one of the consultants who I bumped into in the antenatal clininc at 32 weeks or something, and even though she wasn't actually doing the antenatal clinic she booked my section for 37+6 then and there.

addictedtolatte Thu 29-Nov-12 21:43:56

I was denied but I stood firm and refused to be ignored. I argued my case and finally got a csection

ceeveebee Tue 04-Dec-12 20:12:36

I was told that if twin 1 was head down they would not do a c section. However twin 1 was breech and twin 2 transverse so c section it was

I thought the NICE guidelines changed recently so that all women could request an ELCS now?

kchivs Tue 04-Dec-12 21:56:14

I would definitely stand your ground and ask for a c-section if that is what you want. I had a traumatic first birth too.

My twins were breach at 32 weeks and I was booked for c-sec there and then. They remained breach at 36 wk scan and I turned up at 38+3 for my planned c sec. My consultant scanned me to see their positions in prep for the op, twin 1 had gone head down, she pushed and pushed me to let her break my waters and have a natural birth. After much guilt and soul searching we decided on the c sec as planned and she was so rude to us. The surgeon who delivered the twins said it was lucky we continued with the c sec as twin 2 had the cord round her neck and I would have ended up delivering twin 1 vaginally and twin 2 by emergency c sec!

Normally your personal instincts are right, I would ask for an urgent appointment with another consultant, good luck.

mrsdaisaku Wed 05-Dec-12 15:56:34

thankyou ladies, I have been waiting to hear back about the second opinion now for three weeks. Perhaps I should pester, trouble is the twins are showing signs of coming hopefully within the next few days... So perhaps too late now sad

kchivs Good call on persisting with the csec, what a close call. How are you twins now?

DreamingOfPeace Wed 05-Dec-12 19:37:05

Pester even more then if you want it on your notes that if you go into hospital in labour you want an emcs.

ceevee the guidelines don't mean anyone can demand and get an elcs I think, but do pave the way if you've a good reason to I think.

How many weeks are you now mrsdaisaku?

How sad the consultant was rude to you kchivs, why do they think we would want a big operation without having done the reading, endless discussing and soul searching etc?! Insult to our intelligence (though I'm sure there are some who aren't well informed, a lot of us are) .

Good luck mrsdaisuko!

PrincessScrumpy Tue 18-Dec-12 22:16:49

I had similar first birth experience with dd1 so with twins I actually had a consultant agree to cs before I conceived, twins then both breech so was fairly "lucky", but at 24w I was in a different hospital in a different county. They only had my current notes (my copy) and not the full story, but a bolshy mw told me "oh well you wouldn't be too posh to push in this hospital, WE wouldn't give you a cs!" I replied, "well as a consultant made the decision based on my previous birth I doubt it would be your call" - thank goodness I no longer live in Kent.

It doesn't seem right to me.... oh I did break down in tears in front of the consultant which I think helped smile

mrsdaisaku Wed 19-Dec-12 17:19:27

princess Thankyou... As it happens I gave birth to my twins on the 9th December naturally. I never got my second opinion and the labour was so quick (2hrs 46mins) there was really no chance for a csec. Both babies came naturally without pain relief (just gas and air). I'm very lucky, all the midwives (and on call doc) were very surprised that I didn't tear again. So goodness knows what my consultant was on, but he obviously knew something I didn't. Still not happy with my treatment by my consultant and his registrars, but very thankful that everything turned out for the best smile

LaVitaBellissima Thu 20-Dec-12 23:36:58

Just wanted to say Congratulations thanks

mrsdaisaku Fri 21-Dec-12 20:47:38

Thank you very much smile

DreamingOfAWhiteChristmas Thu 27-Dec-12 22:52:40

Hooray, congratulations!!!

Sounds like a good birth, well done you thanks

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