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Random, but - taking twin pram to Disneyland Paris? Advice

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gumbo611 Mon 15-Oct-12 19:28:49

Hey all, random I know, but just sat here discussing with DH what we need to consider for our trip, and thought I could ask you all.
Due to take DD to Euro Disney soon, the 4 month twins are coming also. My question is, how will I fare with my double pram around the park, but mainly in the restaurants? They are two young to go into a high chair, and will need somewhere to "be" while we eat, but just had a vision tonight of being asked to leave the double pram outside!! Would i be better with two single buggies? Or do all such things have to be left outside? Any one been in the same situation ? Any advice greatly received. Sorry I know this is a bit random, but wanted a specific answer from some multiple mums if pos.
Thanks everyone.

3in2years Tue 16-Oct-12 21:01:37


We took our twins to eurodisney at 4 months in a maclaren.

I don't remember it being a problem. We didn't stay for an evening meal in a restaurant but all of the cafes were big enough for us.


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