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Return to work/ breastfeeding

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Janberryxx Wed 10-Oct-12 03:41:51

Hi, l'm returning to work in mid-November when my twins will be a week short of 11 months old. I 'll be doing two consecutive 8 hour days a week. My twins are breast fed and on 3 solid meals a day. I think I'd be at work over 2 breastfeeds a day. So my quandry is what to do about these feeds? Should I/ can I be bothered to express twice a day at work? Should I quickly drop feeds etc?
They both have quite bad eczema so maybe breastmilk helps or does it aggravate eczema by delivering any foods I eat that may trigger flare-ups?
The babies are due to have patch tests done to see if they have any food allergies / sensitivities.
Other things is I've never really got into the whole expressing/ freezing/bottle feeding thing and it fills me with dread. The babies never took to a bottle and tend to spill most of the water in their sippy cups so I can see them chucking my precious breastmilk about!
But also I don't want to have to bring the breastfeeding to a hurried end just cos I have to go back to work. Am getting really stressed about it all!

MamaChocoholic Wed 10-Oct-12 06:14:24

I went back to work when dts were 12mo months, 3 days ft rising to 5 after a couple of months. I just fed as normal when around them, didn't express, and they had cow's milk at nursery. Was lucky on 2 counts: I was a little uncomfortable not feeding but it passed really quickly, and they were happy to eat at nursery (they didn't eat much at home). I did have to bf on arrival at nursery though in the early days, they were too upset for the journey home.

Good luck!

MamaChocoholic Wed 10-Oct-12 07:31:53

Ps, dt1 has eczema, but it doesn't appear affected by dairy.

Janberryxx Wed 10-Oct-12 08:24:48

Thanks Mama, that seems really straightforward!I guess I can experiment with it before I start back at work to see if I get uncomfortable enough to need to express at work. Maybe it's a lot more simple than I've been imagining! smile

DW123 Thu 11-Oct-12 02:29:10

Hi - my DTs are 18 months. I haven't gone back to work but on days when we are out eg the weekend the boys have happily skipped their post-lunch pre-nap feed since around a year old. My guess is you will be fine. Congratulations on the job - good luck!

toomuchpink Sat 13-Oct-12 21:59:29

I can understand you getting stressed about it, but it will work itself out in the end. You will try different things until you find a system that works for you. I would be tempted to introduce the changes you want to try first a couple of weeks before you go to work. That way it will not be new for you or them. Experiment by switching one b'feed for a sippycup of formula and see if they drink it and if it affects their skin, for example. Or, if you would rather give the expressing a shot, get into the habit of expressing at the same time each day so that your body is used to it and you have a stash of milk built up in the freezer.
For what it is worth, I gave up breastfeeding in stages a couple of weeks before returning to work. I find the twins love formula in their sippy cups and only start throwing it around once they have drunk what they want. They don't have excema though, so I didn't have to consider that.
In my experience children can refuse food/ milk when they first enter childcare almost as a form of protest. It doesn't last long, but at least if you have tried new approaches to your milk feeds ahead of time you will know it is a response to the new situation, rather than a reaction to the way the milk is served, if you see what I mean!
Hope it goes well.

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