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Mrs. Stevo are you here?... and Cake and Silverangel?!

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twinnies26 Fri 28-Sep-12 13:47:37

Hi ladies!

I just stumbled upon a message that Mrs. S left a few months ago! and am wondering how you all are?

All the girls are one now yes?! Hope it has been a wonderful year full of joy!! smile My girls are one on Thursday smile

Mrs. S suggested finding her on facebook - i can't find you! There are too many with your name? Do you remember my name?!

Love to get back in touch and here about all the little beauties!

Much love to everyone and happy belated birthday to all the little ladies! xxx

silverangel Sat 29-Sep-12 12:40:57

Hello! I'm heresmile Mine are 14 months now - hard to believe it! Its been a great year (albeit the first four months or so are a bit blurrysmile). Girls are thriving, almost walking and into everything. We had a three week holiday in France which went really well, apart from the girls being afraid of the beach.

I'm back at work 3 days a week and am really enjoying it, feel like I've gained 'me' back again.

Did anyone watch the OBEM twins and triplets special? We did and it actually made us realise what an ordeal we had. And how very very lucky we are.

Happy birthday Twinnies to your two for Thursday - are you having a party or anything?

Cake and Mrs S, hope you're doing well too.

Lots of love xxx

twinnies26 Sun 30-Sep-12 21:11:55

Hi Silver!

Can't believe your girls are almost walking! That's amazing smile We have two bum shufflers in our house. They are starting to pull themselves up to stand now so i guess walking will be on the cards in the next few months!

3 weeks in France sounds amazing! We didn't take a big break away for various reasons, but we did get around the country for a small break which was nice. I also went to Belgium for a work/pleasure trip for 3days which was nice! smile

I'm back in work - it's working out well now as i don't work a 9-5 job and it's really only about 4 hours a day. Have some rehearsals and tours in November so that will b a real test. Also playing away in UK so will have to leave the girls for a little while, but they will be in good hands! DH is amazing with them and well able to cope!

I did watch the OBEM episode. As the episode unfolded i wasn't sure if i would keep watching as was getting abit emotional about it all!Stuck with it anyway. We are all so blessed to have our little girls!

We're having a party for the girls on Sunday - and it's a big party! We decided we would have a big celebration after the dreadful pregnancy and the hectic year! Turning one is a milestone for all of us eh?!

Hope we find the other ladies!
If you find Mrs. S on facebook will you PM me a link? Maybe as you are in UK it will somehow search more effectively.. Disappointed to have lost her if we now have sad

Hugs to the girls form my two little monkeys!


CakeForBreakfast Sat 27-Oct-12 21:51:07

Well Hello you!!!!

How lovely to hear from you both twinnies and Silver. I do find myself thinking about you and wondering from time to time if that old thread might ever be needed by anyone else. I hope not.

Hasn't time flown?

My girls are just over 13 months and I still don't think there is a single day where myself and dh don't feel lucky to have them. The fun in the house raises the roof, especially as they follow their older brother and sister about wanting to join in their games (apparently no puzzles in particular can be played without them being thoroughly involved, they think all puzzles are theirs and will advance as a team).

They both crawl at speed and pull up and cruise. I think life will get more manic interesting when they are both walking.

They are great sleepers and really good with their weaning and food. They are just really not dainty with the table manners, it is normal for us but I notice it when we go out and wish they wouldn't fling their noodles at eachother and steal off eachothers trays!

Oh yes and we did a holiday in early summer. Holiday was excellent but Easyjet with 4 small kids, 2 of them babes in arms - not so wonderful!

Twinnies How was the party??

twinnies26 Sat 27-Oct-12 22:03:26

Cake! YAY....we found you!! smile So lovely to hear from you smile Sounds like the girls are thriving and so happy.

Isn't life with twins great! I am enjoying it all so much more now that the girls are bigger and stronger. Nothing can prepare you for such tiny babies.

We are the same as you both, constantly feeling so lucky and blessed to have these little girls!

The giggles are wonderful...although i could live without the biting (that's the new thing at the moment shock)

My two are also like a team but bum shuffling around. They tend to overwhelm other singletons (especially those with no siblings!)The girls are very tactile and friendly, sometimes babies don't know what to make of them! They get great confidence from each other i think.

The birthday party was wonderful smile We had about 40 friends and family and lots of kiddies, then 11 people for dinner afterwards - mad but wonderful day!

Hoping Mrs. S might notice this sometime...she was looking for us a few months ago!

Anyone found her anywhere? I still can't on facebook, think me being in a different country is making it hard as too many people her with the same name!

Love to all XxX

MrsStevo Sat 26-Oct-13 23:03:22

I'm here now!!!! Little bit late to the party grin

twinnies26 Sun 27-Oct-13 22:03:54

better late than never!! smile

Mrs. S have you heard or seen Cake about here lately?? I found Silverangel (or she found me - can't remember) on facebook.

Are the girls dressing up for Halloween? We were at two parties yesterday, they were butterflies and were super cute smile X

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