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Twins Club 5! All welcome! :-)

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mandasand Mon 24-Sep-12 00:35:44

Hello! I was a relative newcomer to the last Twins Club thread. I thought I should start a new thread as the last one I filled up with a bit of chatter towards the end. The last thread was really useful to learn from others also carrying multiples and to get the benefit of recent 'graduates' (when they had a minute between sleeping and feeding newborns!)

I'm 37 and 16+5 with twins. I live in Oxfordshire with DH and these are our first children!

Be lovely to get some chatter going on the thread so please come and introduce yourselves :-)

LookAtHerGo Sat 05-Jan-13 19:43:14

Gosh manda, what a worry that must have been yesterday morning. I hope you have no more worries. Glad you got it all checked out though.

I had a lie down with DD this morning and woke with belly ache and some ?BH and when DP came in to get DD I said I might need to go and get checked out, anyway after I had been sat up for a while it went away, so I concluded I must have been in an awkward position in bed with DD. Nada since! It might be like this for the next few weeks!

Frates Mon 07-Jan-13 20:23:03

Hello All

Sorry for wading in so late. I am a first timer 27 weeks MCDA Mum to be!

Getting to the stage where it's all getting a little too much, so is great to find you all....

Look forward to some replies, but guess the majority of you have got your hands full by now!

LookAtHerGo Thu 10-Jan-13 06:13:08


2 boys, born at 35+1 weeks. 5lb 13 or 14 and 5lb 15. Both doing well. Vaginal delivery, both head down and both with too too much fluid!

All doing well, born last night at between 9 and half past.

Will update more later as phone battery low so I'm keepin it brief.

Hope everyone else is well.

gardenpixies32 Thu 10-Jan-13 08:37:44

Huge congratulations Look! Such wonderful news. Very exciting!

Lovely weights. How are the babies, did they need any time in the SCBU? Do they have names yet?

smile smile

Frenchfamille Thu 10-Jan-13 12:43:26

Congratulations Look on your 2 little boys. Well done for having a vaginal birth too. How exciting for you. At 37+3 I am patiently, or rather impatiently waiting. But having woken up and somehow spring-cleaned the downstairs, done 2 loads of washing and about to waddle around my favourite shop (the sales in France started yesterday) I am hoping that this is a "sign"!
Enjoy your 2 little babies - we have 3 boys and I cannot imagine what it is like to suddenly have two babies at once! Look forward to hearing the names too!

mandasand Fri 11-Jan-13 16:43:41

LookATHerGo, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That is excellent news! So, those BH from Sat were a little warning, eh?! So happy for you - well done! Did you decide to go for vaginal delivery from the start, or did it just happen that way because they were a little bit early? What great weights!

I ask because I discussed birth options with obstetrician at 32-week appt on Tues. We had thought for a long time that it would be CS because I may have had a uterine perforation back in 1996 but the hospital in question couldn't find my notes. Because of the risk of uterus splitting along scar they said it had to be CS. However, Leeds found my notes over xmas and it wasn't a perforation that caused the haemorrhage so I can try for vaginal birth if I want. Though a CS has been approved if I want one. I am at a loss as to what to do now.

Has anyone on the list been given the choice of vaginal or CS, and how do you decide with twins when chances are you may need some kind of intervention at some point during the labour?If it was singleton I'd really want to try for active birth yoga, mindfulness meditation, water birth etc, but they say I will prob end up having epidural and a lot of monitoring. I don't really want to labour on my back. Any help/advice appreciated! Feel I'm coming to my birth choices very late!

Hello Frates!

French it sounds like you are definitely in the 'nesting' phase! I am in the head-stuck-in-the-sand phase, working a lot and getting some double-glazing work scheduled for the end of the month! Bought double Nipper pram on Tues after hospital appt. Feel quite sorted now tho hospital bag isn't at all packed!

LookAtHerGo Sat 12-Jan-13 07:12:07

Dammit I just posted a big message and it's been eaten! And it's feeding time now so I can only send a bit of it now. As I'm using the app I keep copying and pasting so I can go back to see what's been written and do I have a bit I copied but I wrote the rest without copying!

Sorry I'm not able to answer all questions yet, only using app and so I have to keep scrolling back. But I'll answer ones I remember.

Manda- I decided on vaginal from the beginning do long as twin 1 was head down, yep I think I was given the option, I think it's a fairly standard choice to be given the option for either if you want/babies in the right position. I had had a vaginal delivery before, so that helped me decide. Re epidural I didn't have one, I did it on tens and gas/air. However I did labour on my back, but that's because of twins positions if I moved it squished them and one of their heart rate dropped, they needed to monitor both. But an epidural isn't a standard, I really didn't want one and had it in my head I could do it without (based on my previous birth) and I did do it without. grin

mumto22ontheway Sun 13-Jan-13 10:30:53

i m having mcma twins which was all going fine but now we have to be scanned every week and visit the professor at birmingham. they wont to deliver me between 32 and 34 weeks which seem scary. x

Frenchfamille Mon 14-Jan-13 20:56:03

I am pretty fed up ladies. Week 38 now. If nothing happens this week I have to go in on sunday night to start things off. Here in France it is Wk 39 maximum for twins. I am hoping that my dreadfully snappy mood today means that there is a huge hormone surge and things are starting. But it's more likely to mean that I'm just at the very fed up stage! Still, a week today and they'll be here IF NOT BEFORE!

Hope everyone else is doing OK.

Frates Tue 15-Jan-13 10:59:57

Hello All,

mandasand thanks very much! Sorry, no advice on the birth plan - never done this before. I am going for the 'head in the sand' approach too dressed up as 'the plan is there is no plan...' hope all goes well for you

mumto22 Hello. MCMA - and I struggle going every 2 weeks with MCDA... well, you do what you've gotta do eh? All worth it to see them on screen.

frenchfamille can't imagine how you are feeling, good luck, it can't be long now!

lookathergo Big congratulations! You have given me the confidence that I don't have to have an epidural (as suggested to me at the hospital). Although still not sure... Anyhow, enjoy your babies!

x smile

gardenpixies32 Thu 17-Jan-13 22:25:36

Any more babies born? I keep checking for news. Mrs and Festive please put up photos of your munchkins smile

LookAtHerGo Fri 18-Jan-13 08:21:10

Dammit. My messages aren't posting for some reason.

Just quickly. Birmingham women's is great, the professor you will see is very good and the mcma twins I know we're born here. I can't fault their antenatal (and postnatal) care of me.

LookAtHerGo Fri 18-Jan-13 08:22:02

That message was for mumto2.

French. I hope you go into labour naturally soon.

Frenchfamille Fri 18-Jan-13 17:35:21

Still waiting but husband and 2 of 3 boys had sickness bug last 72 hours so have disinfected everything in sight and now hoping I don't go into labour for a couple of days so my last boy has chance to get it or hopefully miss it, and me too. Due to go in sunday night to hospital and start things off monday. C'est pas facile!

mandasand Sat 19-Jan-13 08:33:36

Hello everyone! Don't know where this last week has gone but it's the weekend again and I'm a bit behind with your news.

Lookathergo thanks for sharing about your birth plan. I guess the decision was easier because you had already given birth before, so you knew what you were in for (x2!) Brill you managed without the epidural!

Everything is so unknown that I'm a bit terrified but I'm hoping I will chill out when the time comes. Planning on doing a bit more mindfulness birthing reading/meditation in a week or two and friend from NCT class is offering me some hypo birthing CDs … but it may be too late for that, I don't know! DH and I have been talking and have decided we don't like the idea of an induction, so will try to avoid that. If I get to 36 weeks without going into spontaneous labour then we will probably chose CS for the following week.

Still with us, French … but are you in tomorrow to get things going on Monday? Thinking of you if so. Good luck! Hope you've not been feeling toooo uncomfortable. Though this past week for me has really notched up in the discomfort stakes. Bump is so heavy, babies are definitely bigger and stronger, etc.

Oh, and I've just taken delivery of 'Why French Children Don't Throw Food' as I am always amazed how beautifully kids behave in restaurants in France. Looking forward to learning all about le Pause! Any tips?!

Frenchfamille Sat 19-Jan-13 21:02:29

Yes, still here! But going in tomorrow night and things starting off monday hopefully. We are all up in the air here as we never dreamed I'd get to 39 weeks. I hope you enjoy your book - I think the only difference is that in France the culture is to take children with you so they get used to eating out at an early age. Also family eating is big here, so there's a lot of eating together at lunchtimes. Our boys have learnt, I think, to enjoy food a bit more and there's definitely something to be said for eating together to stop fussy eaters and help children eat more. Also the cantine at school offers 3 course meals (basically everything except the wine!) and lunchbreak is 2 hours - so children have ages to eat! I was surprised when my 4 year old came home telling me he'd had the smiley fruit (worked out it was melon slices!) and a starter of grated carrot and beetroot. Not normally what I'd serve up but can't knock it! P.S French kids still have a sweet tooth and boulangeries often many very tempting sweet snacks - so we're not perfect!

LookAtHerGo Sun 20-Jan-13 20:59:01

We came home from hospital yesterday smile am sat here breast feeding both boys at the same time smile

My boys are Ernie (officially Ernest) George and Hector Stanley. Ernie was 5lb 13 1/2 and Hector was 5lb 15 1/2. Both are back to within 1oz of their birth weights grin and are doing really well.

We had a long stay in hospital due to jaundice which impacted on their feeding, but they've done really well smile

My DD says their names quite well, especially Ernie and had a huge smile this morning when she saw us as we came home after she was in bed last night.

mandasand Sun 20-Jan-13 23:13:11

I don't know if you will get this while you're in the hospital, French, but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and hoping the birth of your babies goes smoothly. Looking forward to hearing your news soon smile Really interesting to have your perspective on the French way of managing children and food! I've heard about the three courses at school - very civilised! Proper chefs, too, I believe?!

Lookathergo - congratulations on bringing the boys home! How does it feel? I guess having already got a DC having newborn babies isn't in itself a terrifying thing … as it is for DH and me! Bet you're so pleased with their progress smile

34 weeks on Tues and heavy, uncomfy and a bit glum. Belly often looks like it has ferrets in there now. Big numb patch where belly button used to be. And, yes, I moan quite a bit of the time! Not long to go tho! xx

DigestivesWithCheese Mon 21-Jan-13 02:18:00

Hi everyone - and hello to the newer people!

Congratulations LookatHerGo - good weights, well done grin

Just a quick update to say we are at home now and have been for two weeks tomorrow. DT's are doing well, we're getting used to life with four children and it hasn't been too bad so far. I'm up doing a night feed at the moment, DH is back at work tomorrow so this is my first night doing all the feeds on my own. They are taking it in turns quite nicely at the moment - one usually wakes about 10 mins before the other so it works out well most of the time.

I will try & put some photos on soon, they look lovely when they are snuggled up together in their bed.

Manda - not long now! It's such hard going at the end isn't it? It will be worth it soon enough though.

FreeButtonBee Mon 21-Jan-13 10:41:00

Hi guys

Sorry I havent checked in much but we moved house last week and have the builders in so all a bit manic.

Twins now estimated at nearly 6lbs each at 36wks. No wonder I am exhausted! bad news is twin 1 is now also breech so unless they do some speedy flipping I am looking at a section. Bit gutted but was always a risk with twins so trying to stay positive!

Managed to build the buggy with DH yesterday without starting WW3 which was also a bonus.

Congrats on all the new babies. It's so good to hear of people doing well and meeting their babies.

I am still paranoid that one isn't going to make it - not sure why. I am trying to stay positive but it gets harder as you get bigger and less comfy, doesn't it?

mandasand Mon 21-Jan-13 11:53:42

Hello Free and hurray for being home with your twins! Bet the older two love having them around? Thanks for kind thoughts re being close to the finish line. I had such a rough night last night. I kept waking up after about 20 mins sleep, and dreaming that I had actually slept a lot longer! It was a bit punishing, but I was too tired to get up and do something useful! Putting it down to anxiety. Thankfully DH on futon (as he has tended to be on 'school nights' for the last week or two … ever since the monographer asked him if he'd been doing nights … er, no - just sleeping next to my uncomfortable and huffy-puffy wife!)

Digestives, wow - I thought we were a bit crazy for our recent decorating spree, replacing the boiler mid-winter and having two-thirds of the house double-glazed this coming weekend! Hope you're happy in the new house. 6lbs is a great weight! Ours were around 4lbs 5oz at the 32-week scan and my belly is stretching (quite painfully sometimes!) so they are still growing. Or at least I hope so. Like you I have paranoia that one isn't doing so well - Baby 2 is head down and tucked in a bit more, I think. And all their legs are roughly in the same area. With anterior placentas it's even more difficult to tell. But although I'd love a 34-week scan I just have to trust everything is a-okay. Re buggy - that's precisely why I said yes when the man in the shop offered to build it for us, to avoid WWIII!

mandasand Mon 21-Jan-13 11:56:57

Ha - pregnancy brain or what?! I got Free's and Digestive's names the wrong way wrong. Sorry, ladies! Indicative of my state of mind at the moment!! blush

Also, *sonographer.

Thewhingingdefective Mon 21-Jan-13 16:29:07

Hello, can I join in?

I have 7 year old boy/girl twins and 2 year old boy/girl twins. First set born at 35 weeks (induced due to per eclampsia), second set born at 37 weeks. Natural birth both times with my girls (both twin 2) breech.

Congratulations to all expecting and to new mummies.

Thewhingingdefective Mon 21-Jan-13 16:32:09

Pre eclampsia. Not per.

paolocee Tue 22-Jan-13 07:50:42

Hi, DH newbie comes in peace.

My girlfriend, 39, been TTC for 5 years. We had two unsuccessful IVF cycles and one horrendous chemical pregnancy last year (during which time the lovely people on this site were immensely supportive). Our last IVF cycle, however, was successful. Doubly so.

We've only just moved to Sweden and have been very impressed with the treatment here so far and Donna is 14w5d. Nuchal done - 1:1776. Both of the wee bairns were ahead of schedule when last we checked. And that's it. Count us in, please.

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