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Twins Club 5! All welcome! :-)

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mandasand Mon 24-Sep-12 00:35:44

Hello! I was a relative newcomer to the last Twins Club thread. I thought I should start a new thread as the last one I filled up with a bit of chatter towards the end. The last thread was really useful to learn from others also carrying multiples and to get the benefit of recent 'graduates' (when they had a minute between sleeping and feeding newborns!)

I'm 37 and 16+5 with twins. I live in Oxfordshire with DH and these are our first children!

Be lovely to get some chatter going on the thread so please come and introduce yourselves :-)

mandasand Tue 18-Dec-12 16:33:54

welcome french! lots of lying down over xmas for you! fingers crossed babies stay nicely tucked up for a while longer.

off for my whooping cough jab now. had flu one last week which didn't affect me at all but I hear that WC is a bit of a meanie...

Frenchfamille Tue 18-Dec-12 20:31:33

Thanks Mandasand. I see you are 28 weeks - good to get to that stage I remember thinking. Still, you need some rest at that point too so not too much cooking over xmas for you! Can you answer me a question as I can't find the answer on here . . . . to read replies do you just have to log onto the site and then look at the threads you are watching? There's not an automatic way to know if somebody replies to you? Sorry - twin brain is struggling with even the simplest things at the moment. My eldest, 11, showed me tonight how to play a new card game and I had to get him to explain it to me 3 times. Thankfully he is patient! Regarding those big kicks etc, they get more and more and as I balance my laptop on the bump the twins are rightfully kicking it off them! Do you know what you are having? We are apparently having 2 girls, non identical, which will make a change from 3 boys that we have (although I love boys). So quite a bit of pink creeping into our house!

mandasand Tue 18-Dec-12 21:38:06

Hey, French! Yes, I feel at a really good and confident stage now - and today I hit 29 weeks! It's all getting a bit real now, though, crikey! I'm leaving all list-making and bag-packing etc until I have some head space over Christmas, though there's no denying the babies will be here (all being well etc) in no more than eight weeks time!

We don't know the sex - DH prefers it that way and I'm happy to leave it a surprise too. Also has been remarkably good in confounding our Mums who didn't know what colours to knit smile We're pretty sure they are no-ID, though, as they are in separate sacs, and all the measurements are different (not sure if that last thing is an indicator).

34 weeks must be very exciting, although with three boys already you are probably less daunted than us first timers! Those boys are going to love having two little girls to dote on! Must be very cool to have bilingual kids.

Thankfully we're having a very quiet Christmas. My side of the family came down to visit last weekend and MiL is coming this weekend, so it will just be the two of us (for the first and last time!) in Christmas week and we're quite pleased with that as it's been a very busy few months decorating the house etc.

Yep, you've got it: there's no way of knowing if someone has replied to one of your posts in a thread apart from compulsively checking. But if someone sends me a private message (PM) I get an email telling me - I think you can adjust this in settings.

FreeButtonChristmasTree Wed 19-Dec-12 11:44:33

Yes, been having regular scans which have all been fine. Another one tomorrow.

The twins talk was very helpful and gave me a better idea of what to expect and what to question. EG first birth (if going VB) should be treated as a normal Midwife led birth, not in a theatre, just in a normal birthing suite. Second baby, doctors take over to ensure position is okay etc.

Also only 50% of their twin mums have an epidural which was quite encouraging in terms of being allowed to manage the process, rather than being told what to do.

FreeButtonChristmasTree Wed 19-Dec-12 17:11:31

Useful info: I was also told that at 31 weeks, I should have my hospital bag packed! I am about 70% there now which is better than I was last week!

I've also just been in touch to ask for their hospital guidelines/protocol for multiple births. They are happy to let me have them but want someone to talk me through them. Luckily I have an obs appt tomorrow so they are sending someone down to the clinic with a copy of them for me. Worth asking your hospital if they can do something similar - I got in touch with the antenatal education dept. A lot of it for me is knowing the range of what to expect - it's not that I want to wave them in front of anyone; I just don't want to be railroaded into something unnecessary or based on eg a bnak midwife's keenness to finish her shift...

mandasand Mon 24-Dec-12 09:56:47

FreeButton, sounds like you got a lot of useful info there. We had a special twins session at the hospital with about ten other parents-to-be of twins and it was great. Sad, though, that we're not allowed to labour in the midwife-led unit with all the water baths etc!

Anyway, that's all a bit academic now as I've just found out that for medical reasons mine will be CS. I'm okay with that as have been expecting things to go this way for a while.

Everything looked good at the 28-week scan/appts and now looking forward to 32-week scan and consultant appts early in the new year.

Now it's the holidays we are going to finish decorating the nursery, get all the furniture made up (all but storage units from family and friends - feel so lucky!) and then I can start on washing and sorting the HUGE amount of baby clothes we've also been given. Also will start thinking about hospital bag ... crikey!

30 weeks tomorrow and the babies are probably moving a bit less overall but when they do the movements are more powerful, bigger and sometimes more complex. My bump is getting to that unfeasible stage now where it's a wonder gravity doesn't pull me over! I've gone from size 12 to size 24 (over-the-bump) knickers in a matter of a few months. Bit nervous as M&S don't seem to do size 26!! I will have to cut the sides a little to give a bit more room...!

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. I was just checking in to say Happy Christmas everyone! [fmsile]

gardenpixies32 Mon 24-Dec-12 13:58:06

Mandas glad all went well with your scan. Nearly time now!
M&S do sexy full pants in a 26 & 28, I wore them blush

Twins are now 12 weeks and 2 days old and smiling away. They were 5 weeks prem so didn't smile at the usual 6 weeks, got our first smiles at week 10 and getting loads now. Pediatrician said to not worry if they are a bit behind now, they will soon catch up.

The sleepless nights and lack of social life I have watched tv three times in 12 weeks is definitely worth it for the gummy grins. They are heart melting smile

mandasand Mon 24-Dec-12 16:32:03

Garden, awwww gummy grins! I didn't know babies grinned so early! (I have so much to learn!) Woooo, excited (erm, sort of!) to learn about size 26 and 28 in M&S!! Will see if I can get them online. It's crazy the rate I'm growing now. These pants are getting eversoslightly tight already. (I can't do under the bump as what was my belly button is now all turned out and v.v. tender to the touch and I can't bear fabric moving loosely against the area.) Aw, bless him, DH is sanding the nursery door right now as I tap away at a bit of work smile

LookAtHerGo Tue 25-Dec-12 19:50:23

Welcome to eskarina and French famille.

Eskarina I'm 33 weeks and my DD is 15 months old! Lol.

Well I hope you all had a good day today.

My fluid levels are dropping grin which is good, another scan in 2 days to check they've dropped some more, I think they have judging by my bump size and shape. Bump appears to have dropped shock back and hips are agony so on better painkillers, I reckon I might need crutches in a week if it carries on, or else bed rest, I can barely walk at the moment, I do hope it's a flare up and not how the last few weeks will go.

Anyway happy Christmas.

Frenchfamille Wed 26-Dec-12 11:39:12

Thank you for the welcome and answers re. posting on here. Hope that Christmas day passed well for you all - I had to have an hour's sleep at 11am to get me through to lunchtime! 35 weeks now and to be honest I can't really walk or do anything so trying to shut my eyes to the mess. Never felt like this with the 3 boys but then again, I am older now!! My goal was to get to xmas day, done that, and now it is to get to 31st December - we'll have to see. That's 36 weeks for me and I can't see myself being able to get past this. But one day at a time......

LookAtHerGo Thu 27-Dec-12 19:28:54

French I'm hoping to make it to 2013, I'll be 34 weeks on New Year's Day.

Had my scan today, fluids levels are now normal for both twins, so I'm off the meds. smile baby 1 is head down (low) and baby 2 is breech. I am however on crutches for severe pelvic girdle pain with me nearly being admitted for bed rest/ pain management. That's not really what I wanted with a 15 month old at home, but it's still on the cards if I'm no better in a few days.

mumto22ontheway Fri 28-Dec-12 15:13:14

hello i new on here but am 19+3 with mcma twins has anyone else had mcma twins??

LookAtHerGo Fri 28-Dec-12 15:16:27

Welcome mummyto2 I'm not, but I know a lady who had mcma twins, they were born at 33 or 34 weeks and just had their 5th birthday. grin How are things going for you?

FestiveDigestive Fri 28-Dec-12 20:16:41

Hi to French, Free, Eskarina, and mumto2!

To everyone else - hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are feeling well grin

I am 35+5 now and have completely run out of steam. I was admitted to hospital for a few days last week because I was out of breath and my oxygen levels are a bit low (I have asthma but I think it's having my lungs squashed that is actually causing this!) & the consultant wanted me to stay there until I was "better" but I don't think I will feel actually feel "better" now until they arrive! I discharged myself on Sat & am just lying on my bed at home waiting for my c-section date. If I'm going to lie around then I think my own bed is a nicer place to be.

Poor DH is exhausted because he's been running around after our 2 DC all the time.. It's got to get easier when they arrive! 11 days to go now so I am just counting down every day & saying to myself "It will be worth it when I see them, it will be worth it when I see them" smile

lookather - That sounds like good news about the fluid levels at your scan. I sympathise with you on the pelvic pain, I had that with my last pregnancy and it was awful, I was on crutches all the way through & was terrified when I found out about the twins, because I thought I would get it again. I found an osteopath this time though who has worked miracles (the NHS physio the last time was useless) as he puts my pelvis back into place every few weeks. So there is hope, even if it doesn't clear up right after the birth.

mandasand Mon 31-Dec-12 07:21:02

Good news about fluid levels, Look. Hope the back and hip pain eases for you as it would be miserable if this was it for the next few weeks.

I've been lucky in that I've had a touch of every pregnancy malaise going (apart from vomiting, weirdly) but each week is different than the next and nothing has got really bad. At 30+6 I can still walk a very slow mile, just about, with a sit down in the middle. It takes me an hour in total, so walking speed is now 1mph! Takes some getting used to - I'm normally a v. fast and rushing-about sort of person! I've really missed a wintry walk this year too…

Hope everyone has had a good chrimble and has nice telly and sofa things planned for tonight. We were supposed to go to our lovely local last night for a quiet hour but I'd missed my afternoon nap (!) two days in a row and I was a sobbing mess by 8pm (I am not usually like this - it's a pregnancy thing!) so DH sensibly put me to bed. Determined both to have my afternoon nap today and to get out to the pub for an hour, but we'll see. It's half a mile away so just within the range of the possible, in terms of walking (we don't have a car else I'd drive!)

French you're doing really, really well. Hang on in there, one day at a a time. 36 weeks would be a great gestation. Saw the community midwife the other day who said they might let me go till 38/39 weeks but everything I've heard from hospital has said no longer than 37, and I've been keeping that in my mind as my goal! I really am getting to the stage of wanting my body back now…

Welcome mummyto2 and other new faces!

Happy NY to one and all smile

FestiveDigestive Wed 02-Jan-13 12:23:37

My twins are here! Born on New Years Eve when I was exactly 36 wks. My waters broke and then I dialated to 6/7 cm within 2 hrs. I was rushed to theatre & had a emergency section. My little girl (5lb 2) is fine but her brother (6lb 2) was not breathing when he was born. He got taken straight to high dependency for assisted breathing & he is still there.

All a bit of a shock because at 36 weeks I wasn't expecting either of them to really struggle. I feel guilty because i was so fed up of bring pregnant & I kept saying i wanted them out sad. The Drs have said that it seems she was ready to come (she broke her waters with a very strong kick which I felt!) but he wasn't. We have been given a family room at the hospital & are taking it day by day, I just want to be able to hold him & have both my babies together.

I hope you are all doing well, hang on in there smile

mandasand Wed 02-Jan-13 14:37:29


Festive this is very exciting! Sorry to hear your little man is needing an extra bit of support, but it sounds as if he is on the right track and getting the care he needs and it's v. nice you have a family room at the hospital so you're close by. Can you stay as long as you need to?

Was the CS an okay experience? Hope you are recovering well.

Take care, and please keep us posted smile … congratulations again!

LookAtHerGo Wed 02-Jan-13 22:19:16

Congratulations festive I hope your little boy is better very soon. Don't feel guilty, you did nothing to cause it, I'm bloody fed up too, and have had enough of pregnancy, it's natural to feel that way, it's tough being 'doubly pregnant'

Have you got names yet?

I saw the physio again this morning, pelvis was out of line do she tried so manipulation which put it in the right place, but it's sore since, she did yank my leg strongly though. My DP has managed to get annual leave next week and parental leave until paternity leave starts, which I'm hoping will be in 3 weeks time. Getting ever closer now. I just can't do anything at all now. Hobble on crutches, can't carry things, dealing with DD is difficult so it's v good that the pressure will be off me.

Had a few odd slightly painful braxton hicks but usually after I've moved around in bed.

Scan tomorrow to double check fluid levels are still at a normal level.

mandasand Wed 02-Jan-13 23:31:29

Anyone else get a really hard bump sometimes? I don't mean BH tightenings, which I do get here and there but which last only a few seconds before they ease, but today my bump has been really, really hard and I've barely felt any movements from the babies. Normally sugary stuff sends them a bit bonkers but no amount of hotchoc would shift them today. (They did wake up a bit whilst I was watching One Born, though!)

I think I'm just being neurotic. The other day I ate some 'fresh' pasta which had been lying around half opened in the fridge since before xmas and it tasted a bit off, then remembered it was cheese I shouldn't have as well. I had some scrapings of pesto with it then when washing out the jar I noticed - too late - there was a bit of mould at the top! This is possibly the worst meal I've eaten all pregnancy (I wasn't having a good day and just needed some carbs urgently!)

I've got my 32-week growth scan on Tues so I will just hang on for that (unless someone tells me otherwise!)

Are you about 35 weeks now, Lookathergo? Not long now. Good luck with scan tomorrow.

Congrats again, Festive smile

LookAtHerGo Thu 03-Jan-13 09:23:45

Manda, if you're movements are weird (as in not usual) and bump is hard it's worth a call to triage, I get a hard bump. But know its BH as it goes off, I'm no mw so they could tell you best, are the babies moving normally this morning?

I'm 34+2 now... Really really feeling it.

Weighed myself, put on 22lb so far, but then I was a chunk before so really don't need to add extra weight.

FestiveDigestive Thu 03-Jan-13 09:46:35

Manda - I would second the 'be neurotic' advice! I'd been over for monitoring several times in the few weeks before birth, saying that I was worried by the lack of movement from twin 2. The trace was always okay but as he was born not breathing, the Drs have now been asking me about his lack of movement & are waiting for the cord gases to see if he was in trouble before was born.

Also, my waters broke when I was actually in hospital because I'd gone over to have some tightenings checked. The Dr did an an internal examination & said "you are not in labour & there are no signs that labour is imminent. Your cervix is long & closed & you can go home". Five minutes later my waters broke and 2.5 hrs later I was in theatre, fully dilated with the Drs rushing to get the section done! It was stressful enough, but if my waters had gone at home it would have added an extra half hour to our journey & I don't know that they would have had a team ready in time.

What I'm trying to say is - trust your own instincts! Everything is probably fine but you can't be too careful with twins. I'd been to the hospital so many times that the midwives used to laugh & say "It's you again" when I walked in blush but it meant that I was there when I needed to be.

Frenchfamille Thu 03-Jan-13 13:49:34

36 weeks +3 and not really able to do much. Suddenly the tiredness has kicked in again and I hauled myself out of bed at 11am today and 4 hours later feel the need to go back!

I'm not now seen until next friday - 37 +4. But don't think I'll get there! Having said that, all the back-aches, BH, start and then disappear so whilst things are warming up, there's no more than that. I'm surprised that I'm still here as my goal was 36 weeks to enable me to have a birth at the nearest, local hospital.

My poor children keep saying "when are they coming?" and I'm getting a bit fed up of people ringing/emailing to see if I'm still here!

Re. being neurotic, I'm going to turn up for monitoring next monday at 37 weeks just because it feels too long to go til the 37+4. Here in France they are big on monitoring and doing lots of extra tests etc. so it won't be a problem turning up. In the last couple of weeks I think sometimes you just need a bit of reassurance that things are OK. As my 2nd twin has gone transverse (naughty girl) it would also be reassuring to know that she is back down ready again.

I must admit I thought that getting to 36 weeks would be it, but I scared myself a bit by looking at some twin forums which were saying that you shouldn't hope/encourage them out at 36 weeks, as sometimes they still had health issues. I was completely wrong, if that's the case, because I thought that 36 weeks was a real mile-stone. So, rather than do the big nesting thing, start cleaning etc. I have reverted back to resting as much as possible which really is all I think my body can realistically cope with anyway. These last days seem very long though!

mandasand Thu 03-Jan-13 19:10:12

Hey ladies - thanks so much for the advice re bump. Yes, the movements are different now. Less frequent. Bump v. hard. And lots of tightenings (prob BH) this afternoon. I've just been saying to myself that they have changed position and are getting too big for the space. But I admit I have been in half a mind to pop into the mat. assessment unit tomorrow when I'm in the hospital getting bloods done (left it too late to do them at docs in advance of Tuesday's high risk clinic appts).

Normally I'm v. worst case scenario but DH has a very scientific mind and tries always to reason things out to a more optimistic position, so I've been quite calmed by his confidence that everything is okay, despite the changes. But I've been into the MAU once before when things didn't feel quite right (everything was fine) and they didn't mind at all.

That's interesting what you say about your boy, Festive, and the docs asking you those questions afterwards. Makes me feel it prob is worth popping in… But bloody hell, that's a bit dramatic re the completely fine examination and then your waters going! Thank goodness you were in the hospital. I'm amazed it all happened so quickly for you. Must have been really, really stressful… Makes me want to get my bags ready and by the door.

French rest up as well as you can. I too thought that 36/37 weeks would be fine (based on zero experience of childbirth!) because so many twins come at that stage, but it wouldn't harm to keep them in a bit longer, especially if you're getting regular monitoring to check they are doing well?

Thanks for support everyone. It's nice to have a twin-specific thread. My due-in-March thread is ace, but there are peeps on there with much trickier things to deal with - and one baby has escaped already at 29 weeks! - so I don't like to moan that much (even when I do!) In any case I get the sense that twins are a different experience anyway, especially in the later stages.

LookAtHerGo Fri 04-Jan-13 17:26:03

Wow festive that's bloody quick! How is your boy doing now, what is the short term plan for all of you?

french every time I speak to my sister she asks if I've had any twinges! Yes off and on, but mostly after I've moved in bed and most probably related to my pelvic pain.

manda did you got to the MAU?

Had a scan yesterday, fluid levels a little raised. but doc not worried, back in 2 weeks to check position of twin 1 and if still head down, induction for as close to 37 weeks as possible will be booked for a vaginal delivery. twin 1 has been head down for a long time now, so I can't see it changing, fingers crossed though.

mandasand Fri 04-Jan-13 19:00:15

Thanks, Lookathergo - yes, I went in this morning and was in for seven hours! I called them before I headed to the hosp for my bloods this morning and they said that it was prob nothing to worry about but as I was coming in anyway they would check me out.

MW said tight, hard belly and different pattern of movements were prob normal for this stage and stuck me on a monitor for an hour … after which she said one baby had failed the criteria, was sleepy and not moving as much as it should be. Sent me away for two hours. DH came out from work to be with me, which was great as I was flummoxed and upset to say the least, and then we had to wait for an hour or so to get seen again. Then could find a machine that worked, then MW no.2 (much, much nicer) had to sit holding the things in place, and eventually learnt that both babies passed the test.

Having a good look at my notes now. This morning 'CTG did not meet x 1 twin after 60 mins'. At 4pm 'both met criteria'. They have included in my notes a Sonicaid Centrale - FHR Analysis Report which tells me that the criteria they were testing for was the Dawes/Redman criteria and it involves measuring the BPM and how many accelerations and decelerations within a chunk of time. The report from this morning gives reason for failure as 'No episodes of high variation. No moves and less than three accelerations … [other stuff] … and significant deceleration' - but they say this is nothing to worry about since it later passed the test.

So, it was both good and not good going in. The things I was worried about weren't worrying, but then one sleepy caused me a lot of extra worry! But overall I'm really, really pleased that they both seem to be okay. Knackered tho!

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